JAN. 1, 1999 - FEB. 12, 2010


PHOTO 9-15-07

Our beloved Champion Saint Lazar's Jade MCOM went this morning, 2/12/10, to that special place that our LORD has for those wonderful canines that he has allowed to be with us for a season. Jade went on September 15, 2007 to live in the best home a TMT could have, with Margie & Ron Ferguson of Atlanta, GA. Margie & Ron had given Jade's mother, "Peanut/PJ" a home for a number of years, and Jade just fit right in. See photo of her and Peanut below on her first day there. Margie & Ron are the "most special" of friends. Jade had been ill for a while, and Margie had been giving us regular reports, so her passing was not a surprise, even though she was still a "young" dog. Jade made more of an impact on Toy Manchesters than any previous Toy Manchester Bitch on this Planet. There was her litter that produced Ch. Saint Lazar's Diamond Lil AOM and her sister, and Westminster Best of Variety Winner, Ch. Saint Lazar's Habibi Sagi. Lil produced the only TMT puppy to ever take a Best in Show, BISS Ch. Saint Lazar's Topaz. Jade's last litter gave us our current super producing stud dog, Ch. Saint Lazar's Alexandrite COM and his sister, Ch. Saint Lazar's Amethyst, who will be delivering a litter in about 2 weeks. Jade produced Ch. Saint Lazar's J.R. Ewing COM whose owner, Paige Saunders, tells us that "his progeny are taking Australia by storm". Then there is her boy, Ch. Saint Lazar's Diamond Jim, who is now making a tremendous impact on UK and European TMT's/ETT's for Witchstone Kennel. Regular visitors to this web site know that there is no finer honor from Saint Lazar than to be described as a "Peanut/Jade dog". There are many others, but this brief listing is sufficient to say once again, THANK YOU LORD JESUS FOR JADE AND ALL THE OTHERS THESE MANY DECADES!

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Jade with her mother, "Peanut" on her first day with Margie & Ron Ferguson, Atlanta, GA

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My last photo of Jade on the day she went home with Marge and Ron. This is in our backyard on 9/15/07 with her in Ron's lap.

Beautiful montage by our friend, Gene Caron.


Charlie and Wanda,

Just a few world wide comments of Jade from my memorial posting on Face Book
I'd like to share with You and Margie and Ron
She was loved the world over.
I will send more as they come in.

The Legendary Champion Saint Lazar's Jade MCOM, has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. It is a Very Sad Day in Manchesterdom!

Jennie Saunders

Traralgon, Australia

Very sad day reading this news.
A little bit of your heart goes with them when they go.
What a truly wonderful bitch and ambassador for the breed world wide.
Your son JR here in Australia is carrying on your wonderful attributes
Hugs to you Gene and of course Wanda and Charles.

Paige Saunders

Traralgon, Australia 

RIP legendary Jade. I feel very blessed to have your son JR and may your great legacy contiune on in your wonderful descendants.

Sarah Leigh

Wiltshire, United Kingdom  

So sorry to read this this. xx

Gene Caron

She was the Best of the Best, bar None! A Champion, an Angel, producer of Mutiple Champions around the world and one of the finest Manchester terriers to grace this Planet.

Jennie Saunders

Traralgon, Australia 

I don't think you will get much argument about her credentials Gene.

Pat Hall

sad news.

My deepest sympathy goes to all that loved Jade.

Without her I would not have Topaz

We will all meet up with our beloved dogs one day.

Pat & Cliff

Lyndsay Kruse

Sydney, Australia

that is so sad to hear

Sian Gordon

Wales, United Kingdom

We must take comfort from the fact that she has had a wonderful life xxx

Michelle Wild

Rochdale, United Kingdom

So sorry to hear this news, run free little one over the rainbow bridge.

Catherine Davies

Pontypool, United Kingdom

o sorry that is so sad xxx

Tove-Inger Olsen 


I am so sorry.

Fee Field Lincoln, United Kingdom

Sorry to read this sad news xxx

Marianne Ona Hansen 


Oh Gene, is so sorry for you and others around Jade!!!!
Sad news.

Dena Calivas Jacksonville, FL

Gene, so sorry for their loss.



Champion Saint Lazar's Klay HOF SDY SMSDY
Born November 15, 1993, Passed to the LORD December 7, 2008

There has never been a Toy Manchester Stud Dog that has had the impact on the breed that Klay did. He is rightly an American Manchester Terrier Club Hall of Fame member, an AMTC "Stud Dog of the Year", and most especially he is the Sire of MULTIPLE Stud Dogs of the Year. He is the sire of dozens of Champions, we never keep count. He was intelligent, obedient, wonderfully affectionate, as are his progeny, and he wanted to be a stud dog right up to the end. He went out as a Terrier should, he limped out into his run to protect the kennel from guests coming down the sidewalk, and he literally fell over and passed into eternity. Thank you once again LORD for the fine, fine Manchester's you have entrusted to us over the past decades, there have been none better than Klay.

Wanda & Charlie


There once was a little man, who not many knew.
He went about his life, with little to do.
He achieved his Greatness and many Awards,
Through Planned Breeding and,  the help of Our Lord.
His offspring are many, all over this land.
To help us remember , this great little man.

For he was a great one, most all would say,
His legacy astounds many, to this very day.
He forever was and always shall be,
The Greatest Little Manchester, I ever did see.

We now mourn the passing, of this great little man.
God has called him Home to sit, at his right hand.

paws and kisses forever,
one of your offspring, Ch Burmack's Secret Klay Luna


Father of:

CH Saint Lazar's Ace Ventura SDY SSDY
CH Saint Lazar's Chase
CH Saint Lazar's Ajay
CH Saint Lazar's Asa
CH Saint Lazar's Jade MCOM
CH Saint Lazar's She's A Rocket AOM
CH Saint Lazar's Aris
CH Saint Lazar's Rave Reviews
CH Saint Lazar's Georgia Girl
CH Saint Lazar's Southern Belle
CH Fwaggle's Tapman at Burmack
Ch Fwaggle Hits The Highspot
Ch Splash's N Hvnhi Voodo Charm
Ch Fwaggles Spice N Up Kreuzritter

Grandfather of:

CH Saint Lazar's Alexandrite
CH Saint Lazar's Indiana Jones COM
CH Saint Lazar's Jasper Jeep COM
CH Saint Lazar's Lance HOF SDY COM
CH Saint Lazar's She's A Rebel
CH Saint Lazar's Serena
CH Saint Lazar's Tara II
CH Saint Lazar's Jeb Stuart
CH Saint Lazar's Andrea
CH Saint Lazar Strikes Back SDY COM
CH Saint Lazar's J.R. Ewing
CH Saint Lazar's Cory International. Ch., Ch, Czech Republic, Ch. San Marino, Ch, Poland, Ch. Luxemburg
CH Saint Lazar's Marshall Dillon COM
CH Burmack's Aurora At St Lazar
CH Saint Lazar's Diamond Lil AOM
CH Burmack Gaenja's Crusader st Fwaggle
CH Saint Lazar's Annie Oakley
CH Saint Lazar's Amethyst
CH Saint Lazar's Diamond Jim
Ch Ebet's Black Tie ROM

Great Grandfather of:

CH Saint Lazar's Zorro
CH Saint Lazar's Diamonds R Forever
CH Saint Lazar's Starbuck
Saint Lazar's Morganite
CH Spiceisle Song 'N A Prayer
CH Saint Lazar's Prissy of Tara
CH Splash's Moonlit Showgirl
Ch Ebet's Risky Business
Ebet's First Kiss
Ch St Lazar's Atom Ant at Ebet
Ch St Lazar's Old Glory at Ebet ROM, HOF
Ch. Spiceisle Heaven Sent To Fwaggle

Great Great Grandfather of:

CH Spiceisle Nite Rider
CH Spiceisle Rainy Nite in Georgia
AM and UK CH Spiceisle In The Still Of The Night at Sharex  "Nick



Hi Charlie and Wanda,
I was thinking about Klay today and wondered if you guys realized that he is the Father and Great Great Grandfather of the Top Three Toy Manchesters,(breed ranking, Dec. 2008), Jake, Cosmo and Jose!  So even though he is gone at 15, his genes are busy working their magic and influencing our breed. Klay has and is doing himself and you, as his breeders, proud. His legacy will always be remembered, in the history books of the Manchester. Thought this might bring a bit of a smile to your day.
Morning Charlie,
Since I know that Jake and Cosmo are in a dead heat to be the # 1 TMT for 2008, it occurred to me to check the Breed Stats.  I wonder and think it would be very interesting to know how many TMT and SMT pedigrees have Klay as close as the 1st generation and well past the 5th?  Talk about influencing the breed!!!  His reach is far and wide.
Of my current(active) owned or co-owned dogs, Klay is in Jacy's, Shana's, Bronson, Jackson, Jazlyn, Maria, Quincy, Ben, Blue, Penny, and Mason.

opps, forgot Ruby.  So basically every dog I currently own/co-own, except Kailee, have Klay in their pedigree somewhere.

Champion Saint Lazar's Klay HOF SDY SMSDY shown above with Wanda at the AMTC National Specialty in San Antonio in 1994. Klay trounced the competition both days taking 5 point Majors, and as you can see above, Alan seriously considered him for Best of Variety. He was only nine months of age, and of course still a puppy. Myrtle Klensch was there and had a fit over him. She had a Bitch in heat, whose name I can't remember, and she and Wanda tried to get Klay to breed to her, but he was still a bit young. I guarantee you he more than made up for it in later years, not just in quantity, but in unbeatable quality.


SAINT LAZAR'S PRIDE 'N JOY 4/15/93 - 6/19/08

The absolute most difficult task of maintaining our web site is the announcement of the passing of one of GOD'S dear TMT'S, it's hard to type for the tears. Our kids called the fine gal pictured above left, "Peanut" when she was a pup, and it stuck while she was with us. Several years ago she entered retirement with Margie & Ron Ferguson here in the Atlanta area, and they called her "PJ". She could not have been in a better home or with better people. Wanda and I are so grateful for their friendship and their love for their dogs. Peanut produced Ch. Saint Lazar's Jade MCOM, shown above right, who has been such a tremendous influence on TMT's. When we retired Jade last year she also went to be with the Ferguson's and her mom, PJ/Peanut. The above photo was taken at the Ferguson home on 9/17/07. Scripture tells us that GOD knows "when a Sparrow falls", so most assuredly he was with Peanut/PJ. What more could we ask?

SAINT LAZAR Toy Manchester Terriers

Probably the finest Toy Manchester Stud dog ever (Some will argue that it is Ch. Saint Lazar's Klay SDY, HOF - flip a coin). Champion Saint Lazar's Lance, Retired, American Manchester Terrier Club Stud Dog of the Year, American Manchester Terrier Club Hall of Fame Member, sire of dozens of Champions. Photograph made January 25, 2008 at age 6 years and seven months of age. There are very, very, few breeders who have the knowledge, or the necessary genes to produce a TMT that can even approach the quality of this fine boy. Thank you once again LORD for blessing us with Lance and all the others.


Champion Saint Lazar's Clarice, Retired, a Jillian and Chase girl. Born 11/21/02, shown here 4/15/03. As pretty a bitch as you could hope for, wonderful outgoing disposition, loves to show. Won big time at the American Manchester Terrier Club National Specialty in Des Moines, IA in Sept. 2003, beat only once by her kennelmate, "Serena". She produced the absolute finest pups.


Champion Saint Lazar's Jade COM Retired- A Klay & Peanut pup, pictured here with Wanda, when she had just started her show career. She is a dainty 9 lbs., perfectly proportioned, and was very outgoing in the show ring. Good judges generally will put up the best dog in spite of the competition using "professional handlers" who show dogs for profit rather than as a sport or hobby. Dominated competition at 2000 AMTC National Specialty. Beat once by kennelmate "Juno".


Champion Saint Lazar's Tara II  - Pictured above on 3/27/06, Tara entered honorable retirement on 4/16/06, and is now living in Florida in luxury in the home of Steven Hiller. A wonderful girl, intelligent, very, very, obedient and affectionate, and the mother of many Champions. We are keeping a female from her last litter born 1/29/06, sired by Lance, so her influence will affect our kennel for quite some time, the LORD willing. Thank you Steven for providing a wonderful place for this great gal. (Tara passed into GOD'S hands on December 28, 2006 due to complications of surgery earlier in the year. GOD bless Steven Hiller for the home and love he gave her in retirement)

Tara as a puppy at one of her first shows.

US & Canadian Champion Saint Lazar She's A Rocket AOM COM Retired - Klay & Ada daughter. Beat the nations top 22 class bitches AMTC 1999 National Specialty week to achieve AKC Championship, plus received coveted Aware of Merit, plus Medallion from AKC for earning all AKC Championship points from the prestigious "Bred By Exhibitor" Class

Forest Grove Sara of St. Lazar Retired - Sara, was purchased from friend Sarah Lansdell, and is a Saint Lazar's Action Jackson granddaughter. Shown occasionally, she has about 6 points toward the required 15 to earn a "Championship". She is the dam of Lance, our super nice male, and Serena.

Champion Saint Lazar's Juno (Now retired) - Shown enjoying the warm March sun, they don't come any prettier than this gal. A Jasmine/Klay pup. 

Champion Saint Lazar's Andrea (Now retired) - "Ada" - Daughter of Ace & Amber. Probably the prettiest bitch we have ever produced, she garnered many unsolicited compliments, and much praise from knowledgeable judges. Mother of top winning Champion Saint Lazar She's A Rocket.

Champion Saint Lazar's Jasmine (Deceased) - Shown 3/20/00. She and Ace produced the best Toys in the US.  She is perfect here at about 10 lbs. She spend her last days living happily with our good friend, Madonna Lee, in Cocoa Beach, FL.

Saint Lazar's Just Josie (Retired) - A Joseph & Jetta pup, shown on our waterbed at age 5 mo. She is now living with friends, Marilyn & Lucas Banks. She is quite small, going about 8 lbs. Very affectionate, and one of the "cutest we ever produced.


IN MEMORIAM 8/7/92 - 9/19/04

Champion Saint Lazar's Raisin Pie HOF, Son of the all time great Ch. Saint Lazar's Action Jackson, passed away 9/19/04. He was Sire of the #1 Toy Manchester in the U.S. ("Darien"). This outstanding Toy Manchester Terrier was an American Manchester Terrier Club (AMTC) "Hall of Fame" member, sire of Ch. Saint Lazar's Clay HOF, AMTC "Stud Dog of the Year", and numerous AKC Champions and show quality puppies. He was an elegant, supremely intelligent and affectionate dog, which qualities he passed down even to the fifth generation. One could not ask for a better dog. LORD we thank you for this wonderful boy, and we thank you for his peaceful passing.

IN MEMORIAM 5/13/95 - 1/24/05




American Manchester Terrier Club "Stud Dog of the Year" and "Hall of Fame Member

It was with great sadness that one of the finest Toy Manchester Terriers to tread this olde sod, was eased into the bosom of the LORD January 24, 2005. For about a month, Ace had been in severe discomfort due to injury/degeneration of some spinal vertebrae. He was under the excellent care of our Vet, Dr. Kristian Shriver, but for the past several days he had been unable to stand on his front legs, no matter his valiant efforts. There was no chance of improvement or recovery.

Ace's honors are simply too numerous to recount, he did Saint Lazar proud in every respect. He is survived by numerous AKC Champion Toy Manchester sons and daughters, and his Sire, Champion Saint Lazar's Klay, A.M.T.C. Hall of Fame member, also an A.M.T.C. "Stud Dog of the Year".  Currently residing in our kennel, are Ace's son's, AKC Champions Saint Lazar's Jasper Jeep, Jeb Stuart, Lance, and soon to be a Champion, J.R. Ewing, and his daughters, AKC Champions Tara II, Serena, and Burmack's Aurora at St. Lazar. All of these guys and gals are continuing to produce the finest Toy Manchesters in the world. Losing a dog that has been in your home and kennel for many years, is one of the hardest things that loving, conscientious breeders have to face. Their lives are all too short. Thank you LORD for the time together with this fine fellow. We love you Ace.
Wanda & Charlie

Here's a photo, circa 1996, of Ace (left) squaring off with his granddad, Pie. These guys were in their prime. JR Ewing, an Ace dog, is the "spitting image" of his Dad, so it's almost like we still have Ace..

This magnificent old fellow pictured above with Wanda, is Saint Lazar's Jazzman of Pamelot, born 7/26/89 - Died 12/9/04. Littermate to the all time great Ch. Saint Lazar's Action Jackson HOF, and Ch. Saint Lazar's Just Amber, two of the finest dogs we ever produced, Jazz lived with Marilyn and Lucas Banks in Atlanta for many years. He suffered a severe head injury from a vicious child some time back, so he was pretty shaky on his feet. Also his hearing was about gone when he came to visit not long ago. However, when Lucas put him down with some of the young girls, he thought he was a stud dog, and followed them all over the property. GOD bless him, he was a true Saint Lazar! He could not have received better care than he got from the Banks family, we appreciate you folks. Gracious, what I wouldn't give to turn out a few more litters like this before we hang it up.