Montage provided by Ilona Cerna - Czech Republic

Several years ago we developed a friendship with Ilona Cerna in the Czech Republic who is an outstanding breeder and exhibitor of West Highland White Terriers in Europe. Ilona desired to obtain a quality Saint Lazar show quality female, but for various reasons we have not been able to get one to her. We did send her our Ch. Saint Lazar's Cory on loan to show. Ilona did so well with him on the European continent, that we gratefully extended a co-ownership to her. She subsequently obtained Toyleen, an ETT from Norway I believe, and the two beautiful pups pictured above, Awerill & Arrigo are the result of bringing Toyleen and Cory together. They are magnificent pups and are a compliment to Ilona's knowledge, and also to the Norwegian genes. Ilona took Cory to Championships in the Republic of San Marion (Europe's oldest Republic), Poland, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, and of course International Champion. See Cory page. Thanks a million Ilona!



Montage by Gene Caron

Am. Ch. Saint Lazar's J.R. Ewing, now owned by Paige Sanders, Yurrugar English Toy Terriers, in Australia, has started off toward his Australian Championship with a "bang" and his first points. He took "Challenge Dog" and was Runner UP Best of Breed, which in AKC terminology is Best of Opposite Sex.


We just received this very nice photo of Saint Lazar's Charlie who we sent to the Gerard Maurice family in Valentigny, France last Fall. "Charlie" is a pup from Ch. Saint Lazar's Annie Oakley and Ch. Saint Lazar's Zorro. That beautiful, correct head is a product of both his dam and sire. You can see Ch. Saint Lazar's Affinity in the right corner. Affinity has been bred to Charlie, and is expecting anytime. This is an excellent planned line breeding, and we will be keen to see how the pups turn out. Wanda and I are so appreciative to hear regularly from Gerard about the progress of Charlie & Affinity. Merci beaucoup Gerard!

Valentigny, France

Here is Ch. Saint Lazar's Affinity with her pups born Tuesday evening, 7/22.  There are two females and one male and you can see how nice and healthy looking they are at age 4 weeks. They are obviously all "Terrier", notice the little guy gnawing his mothers rear leg. Saint Lazar's Charlie is the proud sire. We are very appreciative of our friendship with Gerard and his family, and particularly for the regular news that he sends us. Merci mon Ami!


Several months ago Mike Marchand, who lives in Pruniers, France, contacted us as a referral from our good friend Gerard Maurice of Valentigny, France. Mike, and his wife, Pascale, wanted to get on the waiting list for a good "show quality" small male. As luck would have it, we had been watching "Duke" who was born July 4th out of Ch. Saint Lazar's Rebel, and Ch. Saint Lazar's J.R. Ewing. Duke turned out to be what we thought they wanted, and sure enough, the Pascale's have written that they are well pleased with Duke. We sent him off on Delta on Monday evening, 10/27, and he arrived in Paris a bit late, Tuesday morning. Perhaps if we had sent him via Air France, they would have been on time. Mike is a retired Air France Captain, and I had to apologize for sending Duke via Delta, but that was the best schedule to coincide with the Marchand's trip to Paris. Pruniers is about 400 km from Paris, so it is a long drive. We can see above that Duke seems quite happy in Solene's arms. See Mike and Pascale below.


Click on the thumbnail photos above to see full size pictures of Pascale and Mike with "Duke", and Duke making himself right at home with a new toy. We give thanks again to our LORD for continuing to provide such wonderful families, like the Marchand's, for our Saint Lazar Toy Manchester Terriers. Looks like our next overseas placement will be "down under" all the way to Australia.


Here is a magnificent photo of Saint Lazar's Orion sent to us last week by Elisabeth Lang in Switzerland. They don't get any more handsome than this boy!

Another "Orion" photo of him running Agility with his owner Elisabeth Lang. Elisabeth reports that Orion loves Agility and has taken some nice wins. She also reports that she has entered him in Conformation Shows as a small Standard Manchester. Unfortunately, the European system does not allow for "naturally erect ears" on a Standard. Here in the USA, the Standard Manchester can have cropped ears, button ears, or naturally erect. Non the less Elizabeth reported "He was everybody's darling and the judge liked the little American very much". This is a great photo Elisabeth! Note: We have Elisabeth on the list for a "show quality" Toy male.

Regular visitors to our web page will know that we recently sent Ch. Saint Lazar's Cory to Prague, Czech Republic to visit with our friend Ilona Cerna, and to be shown by her in some European shows. We have received Ilona's report of Cory's first show in St. Gallen, Switzerland. It just so happens that we sent a Cory littermate brother to Elisabeth Lang in Switzerland back in 2003. Ilona is pictured above left holding Cory, and Elisabeth has Saint Lazar's Orion on the right. We had let Elisabeth know Ilona's show calendar, and it is obvious that they were able to get together. Orion is a good bit larger than his littermates, and is a "Standard" Manchester. See Cory's page here.

Shown above is Saint Lazar's Affinity, an Aurora/Marshall Dillon girl born June 29, 2005. Affinity traveled via Delta Airlines on December 19, 2005 to the Gerard Maurice family in Valentigny, France. Gerard has graciously sent me several pictures of he and his family, plus the just received photo above of "Affinity" exploring her new home. Gerard says she is quickly picking up an understanding of French. Nous vous sommes extrêmement reconnaissants, Gerard!

Those who visit this site regularly will recall that we sent Saint Lazar's Affinity (above on Gerard's lap and laptop, pun intended) to the Gerard Maurice family in Valentigny, France December 19, 2005. Gerard has very graciously given us an update on Affinity's progress from time to time. He showed her once a while back and she did well. They were in Metz, France yesterday, Sunday, 11/5 and Affinity and Gerard did very, very well in a show there. See more photos and Gerard's email below. Again, we are so grateful to the Maurice family for the wonderful home they have given this beautiful girl. Thank you LORD!

Dear Wanda and Charly, (received 11-6-06)

Here are some news of Affinity

On Sunday, November 5th we went to an international show in Metz, France. It was a ‘special’, for our breed.
<>Affinity ended up first excellent in open class for females and best of breed. She got both her CACS and CACIB (see at the end). She got the exam to be registreted on the French book (LOF) and to obtain her French pedigree.</> The judge found her beautiful, petting it while asking me questions about her character. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to compete for the best terrier, our judge being late, we arrived on the ring after the winner had been elected.<> We are planning on going to one more exhibition so it can get a second CACS and then try the French championship which will take place in May.</> For the international championship we will look for some information to go to Switzerland or Germany or Italy. The exhibition’s public really liked Affinity. Many people came to talk to us and take pictures. Some knew the breed but were astonished that we’ve been able to find one. We gave them your website adress. We even may have some clients for puppies but we don’t know where we could find a male or some semen. Do you have any idea? We are very pleased with Affinity’s results at the exhibition but mostly we are glad for having her with us every day. She surprises us with her intelligence, and shows us a lot of affection. If we can we’ll keep on getting ETT’s. Here are some pictures, one of them showing how she helps me when I’m working on the computer.



This is a very nice photo of Affinity in the Summer sun in Valentigny, which is close to the French Alps and a little over 100 miles from Paris. The Maurice's have a lovely home and family, a beautiful area to live in. Click image for larger photo.


 Here is a picture of Affinity with her ribbon and trophy. I just wrote Gerard and pointed out her nails were too long and why it is essential to keep them cut back. If left long, it drastically affects a dogs gait. Here is a link to a site showing how to use a guillotine cutter, which is the way Wanda trims.

I have said here before, the Europeans know how to put on a dog show. They critique each dog in writing, and the certificates and awards are outstanding. I like the AKC system of competing against your own breed, I just wish for a higher level of Judge competency and the banning of adverting in order to influence Judges decisions. Probably won't happen until I come into power.


Saint Lazar's Nopsannallen - Call name "King", brother to Pris arrived safely in Finland 7/4/06 and his new owners, Sirpa & Markku Hyvarinen, have sent us an report today 7/5, on his progress, and it's posted below, along with photos of their ETT's (European name for Toy Manchesters) and their home. Thanks Sirpa & Markku!

Click on photos below for larger version.

This is Sella

Sella & 5 day old pups

Sirpa & Markku's home in Loppi, Finland

King gets a drink of water from Sirpa

King with Markku

King with ETT Lola

King being mistreated in Finland

Showing off their new Saint Lazar pup, King.

There is King is digging. King with our Sade(Nopsannallen Kyllikki Sade),

King playing and learning Finnish

King "struting his stuff" for the camera.

King with his kennelmate "ETT's" and a Papillon on the right. Markku write King shows great interest in "game".

Dear Wanda and Charlie (Received 7-5-06)

We are so much wonder about King, that until now we can write you and tell about King. Last night King sleep well togethet Sirpa in our room of guest. In the morning King ate well. He is still quite hungry and thirsty from the long journey. LUFTHANSA'S DOG SERVICE IS VERY POOR. We shall do inquery to Lufthansa how did they manage destroy some King's documents of healt. We do it here and could you do inquery there before they kill somebody's dog? King has been very much with us out and here is very warm now about 30 C. Afternoon we introduce "Lola", which has comen from Canada, to King. They were soon good friends and play each other and we went to out with them too. King will meet tomorrow other dogs. We think that it is better to new dog, after long journey, see his new home without hurry and pressure and after that he is better meet other dogs. We send you pictures of King and picture of Lola and picture, where is our student with toys. We think that King is beautifull and his character is very good. He is lovely boy. He is new nice boy... When King and Lola were along in our room of guest, they were reading Sirpa's book. We think that Lola has been longer in Finland wants to teach King to read Finnish book. :O) After King's troubles of jorney we have had everything good with King. We hope that co-working with you will be very good in the future too. We see from King that King has been taken care well and he has qrown with much love along people who had been with King. We shall contienue tomorrow.

Many thanks for you wonderfull dog and all good to you and your dog.


Sirpa and Markku



It is becoming almost routine for MBIS Ch. Saint Lazar's Sir Lancelot, owned by Diane Vendittoli, to win BIS wherever he is shown. THANK YOU DIANE, AND JUDGE DON WALLACE! Of course the Internet "pundits" are going crazy because they simply don't have a clue as to how to produce Sir Lancelot's quality, and that of his brother, Ch. Saint Lazar's Indiana Jones. All they have to do is read our "planned breeding" page, study diligently, and implement Mr. Brackett's principals. Of course one must start out with quality stock, and therein lies the rub. Lancelot's sire, Ch. Saint Lazar's Lance, has produced ten (10) "non kennel packed" Champions out of the twenty-six (27) we have produced since we started counting in Dec. 04.


Multiple BIS Champion Saint Lazar's Sir Lancelot - Diane Vendittoli Owner

Multiple Best In Show Champion Saint Lazar's Sir Lancelot went Best In Show May 5, 2007, Mr. Alan Bennett Judging
at the Club Canin du Bas-St-Laurent in Québec. Diane Vendittoli is his proud owner and handler. Lancelot's Dam is Ch. Saint Lazar's She's A Rocket, and his Sire is American Manchester Terrier Club Stud Dog of the Year, Ch. Saint Lazar's Lance. Naturally Sir Lancelot is a product of Saint Lazar's "planned breeding program", the only consistent method of producing quality Champions.