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NOTE: There are some folks who have web pages that make a "big deal" about Von Willebrands disease which is a bleeding disorder. In the well over 4 decades of my experience with TMT's, I have never seen nor heard of a case. It is a moot point at Saint Lazar, we long ago tested our dogs and there is no genetic possibility of a pup obtained from us ever having this problem.

 We are planning a litters for late Fall 2009, and we already have show homes on the waiting list. We have experienced a number of inquiries of late and we have some new folks on our waiting list (7/9/09). But we are planning at least 2 litters for late Fall 2009, so we can accommodate others. We do work from a waiting list, and to be placed on that list, we require a $50 non-refundable deposit. See prices below. Also we will need to ultimately speak with you so that we may learn about you personally, your experience with dogs, and your facility for keeping a Toy Manchester before a purchase can be finalized. Please telephone us for more detail, 706-468-0220.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Most of our pups go to pet homes, and a high percentage are "show quality". By show quality, we mean that we have used our many decades of experience to determine that a particular show quality pup could be shown to an AKC Championship. Some might do it straight away, others may take a while longer. This is determined by the quality of the pup, the competition in your area, and of course whether you come under decent Manchester Judges. The AKC, in our opinion, is not too picky now days as to who they license to Judge Manchester's. The demand is not great for show pups, so this is why most folks purchasing a Saint Lazar companion pup, in actuality frequently get a "show dog". We treat folks on our waiting list as "first come, first served", subject to the following caveats. Because we are a non commercial show kennel, we get first pick in the event we are looking to keep a pup. Then those very few who are waiting for show dogs are served next. A typical wait for any class of pup is six to twelve months. It may be longer, it may be less, but we will not promise delivery at a specific time, this is simply not possible. We will do our best to fit your schedule, but the LORD determines when pups come, how many, and their sex.

NOTE CONCERNING SHOW PUPS: We only sell show quality pups to those who provide us with a written breeding plan. This must be a line-breeding plan using the well documented principles of the father of "planned breeding", Mr. Lloyd C. Brackett. If you are a legitimate show person, we are willing to assist you with your plan. We are not looking for "stud fees", but we are no longer willing to sell the finest gene pool on this planet to those that have no idea what to do with it. A contract stipulating that you will adhere to your written "line breeding plan" will be required. Our prices for show males/females are more than reasonable, and we welcome a conversation with you if breeding unequaled consistent quality Toy Manchester Terriers is your goal. We are very appreciative of those who understand how quality pups are produced on a "consistent" basis and have recently requested that we work with them. It is our privilege!

REGULAR PRICES: Toy Female Pups, Companion $1100+, Toy Male Pups, Companion $900+, For Show males & females, call for price. Pricing for Companion pups depends on several factors, including who is the Sire and Dam, the prices above are the minimum, and do not include shipping, and health certificate expense (required only for airline shipment). Naturally a pup from a Stud Dog of The Year will have a higher price, whether for show or companion. The Companion price is for a "Limited" AKC registration. This means the dog can not be bred nor shown. Pups can be picked up at our kennel, or when the temperature is below 85, or above 20, at time of shipping and receiving, we can ship via air cargo. Delta will take a pup anywhere in the continental US for about  $240. A crate is required and we have them available for a modest cost. Sometimes we have a "loaner" available. NOTE 8-21-09 - We have been shipping via Continental this summer and their handling of dogs is without peer. Not only do they give personal attention, they are less expensive that Delta. If you are served by Continental, we will be happy to ship your Saint Lazar dog with them.



 There have been fifty (7-13-09) new Championships of record earned by Saint Lazar, and Saint Lazar owners since December 2004, well over 200 the past 40 years, and there are about to be several more. Whether your interest is in showing, or you just want a quality companion dog, then you would be well served to talk to a show kennel, regardless of which breed you like. Show people who are members of the parent breed club, such as the American Manchester Terrier Club, are the folks to consult. Ideally, they will have a medium to large size kennel, as that is where you find the healthy gene pools, and the superior socialization.  Investigate carefully, be sure you are considering someone who has a "planned" line breeding program, and can show you their documented breeding "plan" for several future generations. Ask to see the kennel facility, and both parents of the pup you might be considering. Also beware of "newspaper" ads and the proverbial backyard breeders. Visitors are frequent at Saint Lazar, and you are welcome too.  (8-30-06: In the past 2 wks., I have received emails from folks who purchased TMT pups from non-show kennels, and whose pups have "issues". One seller was a multi breed "commercial" kennel". Remember - "caveat emptor" - Let the buyer beware!)

Montage by Gene Caron

All photos are original and unaltered except occasionally for contrast - what you see is what you get.

Jade/Alex girl (Champion Saint Lazar's Amethyst) born 6/25/06 and pictured on 8/31/06. If only we could have this one's temperament in every pup, wow!


Montage by Gene Caron

Every time our good friend, Gene Caron, sends me a new montage, I think, "this is it, he can't do better than this one". Wrong, he just gets better and better using the photographs I  take of our crew. THANK YOU GENE!

Jade/Alex pups born 6-25-06 pictured on 8-14-06 playing at my feet in the kitchen while I am cooking breakfast. Girl is on the left (Amethyst), and her brother on the right (Zander). The have superb temperaments, even at this young age, and they are fearless in checking out the house. As these pups matured, they easily became AKC Champions. Amethyst has produced outstanding pup. We predict Zander to be our next AMTC Stud Dog of the Year, that is if they don't change the rules.

Rebel-Indy pups loafing in the kitchen while Wanda cooks supper, 5-23-06, at 8 weeks old. The boy with the blue ribbon is a "keeper", and he is now Ch. Saint Lazar' Zorro. This drop dead gorgeous boy made the sign of the "Z"  at his show debut. His dad is the "real" Indy, and there is no doubt.


Clarice/Lance girl born 3/25/05 - Pictured at age 10 wks, and 4.5 lbs. This little girl is a prime example of Saint Lazar quality. She is in a home in Perryville, Ohio, they never showed her as they said they would.

This is Tara's July 4, 2002 litter. Armando Neves in Boston purchased the little fellow with the red ribbon on the right. See the photo of "Pixel", now all grown up, below. Armando sent this to us June 24, 2005. We are sending Armando a very nice Sara/Marshall Dillon male pup on 9/21/05.

Saint Lazar's Pixel - Born July  the 4th, 2002, and owned by Armando Neves of Boston, MA.

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Grandson Joel Rogers (age 12 in this 1997 photo, see below) with 8 wk. pups - Our pups are usually excellent with kids.

Here are Grandsons Joel, at age 17, and Carter, at age 6 months with Saint Lazar's Ajay (at 5 months), a Klay/Ada pup.

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Wanda with newborn Toy puppies, this was our first litter born at our new home, 8/23/98  - about a week old

Granddaughter Lauren Walker with Peanut and Jasmine Puppies - 10/99

Lauren with Peanut pup - I believe that this is Jade, who had a super show career, and was one our best mothers. She is retired with Margie & Ron Ferguson, dear friends. There is no greater compliment that I pay any pup than to refer to it as a "Jade" dog. This include Grandchildren.  If we could only keep one dog, it would probably have been her.