Toy Mancheter Terriers

Owner and Owner pictures of SAINT LAZAR Toy Manchesters

Undoubtedly, the most well known owner of Saint Lazar Toys is Microsoft Co-Founder, Billionaire Paul Allen (middle), and his mother Faye (left), who are pictured above during a visit to Saint Lazar. Paul's Aunt and Uncle are on the right, and Wanda Walker is holding the pups. The Allen's own two quality Saint Lazar Toys (see below), both of which now have their AKC Championships. Knowledgeable buyers come to Saint Lazar from around the world for the very best Toy Manchester Terriers.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of breeding Toy Manchester Terriers is making new friends all over the Planet, and then receiving photos of the guys and gals we send to new homes. The little fellow pictured above, was born on Wanda's and myself 47th wedding anniversary, that is Oct. 13, 2008. He is a Pris and Zander pup, and his name is Cooper. His new pal is "Diva". Believe it or not, the first two dogs that Wanda and I owned after we were married were Weimaraners. Mom and Dad were not breeding TMT's any longer, so I wanted one of these great dogs. Cooper & Diva are owned by Steven Friedman, of Saint Petersburg, Florida. Thanks Steven for this very nifty photo! See below. Diva passed to the care of the MASTER of the UNIVERSE, 3/24/10.


Champion Saint Lazar's Kirby - Owned by Faye & Paul Allen. First time in a show ring, whipped all competition to go Best of Variety! He is a Kasandra grandson.

Champion Saint Lazar's ______ - Also owned by Faye & Paul Allen. A beautiful small bitch.


Saint Lazar's Sapphire, "Sophie" aka, "Sock Stealer", pictured above, lives with Helen & Paul Baker in sunny Redwood City, CA. Regular visitors will remember that she lives with Sasha the Doberman. Helen writes that Sophie continues to be the "Boss". She is our Saint Lazar's Morganite's sister, and you can see how excellent she is. Margie, she is a "Jade" granddaughter, and there is no question looking at her. She is "show" quality folks! Thanks Helen & Paul for this nice photo.

Saint Lazar's Ain't She A Peach (Peaches) - Owned by Ginger & Toby Jones of Charlotte, NC, This beautiful girl is out of Jillian & Striker. This magnificent photo was made by Toby during their recent vacation trip to Yosemite and points west. Ginger & Toby will be showing her soon, and there is no doubt she is Champion quality.

Mackenzie, Taylor, and Emily Wrighter with Saint Lazar's Porter

Wrighter dogs, Gena, Porter, and Beethoven


This photo is of "Samantha" in Novermber, 2004 just before she passed away at age 15. Lucy Moye, Hillsdale, MI, purchased her from us in 1989, and she was dearly loved. Sam is resting in Lucy's father's lap, U.S.District Judge Charles Moye - Atlanta. Fortunately we were able to fill the void in Lucy's heart with "Banyan", pictured right.

Lucy was not sure she was quite ready for another pup after the death of Samantha, but when she came to visit Saint Lazar with Judge Moye, they took to each other immediately. We could not ask for a better home for this "show quality" boy. Thanks a million Lucy!"

Dr. Joe Payne's daughter's Mary Walker and Virginia, with Saint Lazar's Noel. They reside in Wilmington, NC

Saint Lazar dogs have a tough life - This is "TJ" with owner Karen Vivona of San Jose, CA. Karen also owns Saint Lazar's Jewell of the Nile.


This terrific photo was sent to us by Dr. Roger Travis of Las Vegas, NV. Although this looks like a terrible fight, it is only "play". We sent him Ch.Saint Lazar's Habibi Sagi, who is seen here dominating Roger's Dobe "Scudder". I wrote Roger that we have known of many homes over the years who own both Dobermans and Toy Manchesters, and I don't recall one where they didn't get along fine, and where the Toy did not "boss" the Dobe. Dr. Travis had no problem achieving Sagi's AKC Championship. Click on photo for larger image.

"Man there is nothing better than the taste of fresh Dobe in the morning if I can only catch him." Another great shot, by Dr. Roger Travis, of Doberman "Scudder" being chased by Ch.Saint Lazar's Habibi Sagi.



Here is a wonderful photo of "Nellie" owned by Carlo Smith, PhD, Associate Professor, University of San Diego. Carlo flew to Atlanta to pick up this nifty little gal. This is the back of Carlo's Condo looking toward Japan. He would have never got her had I known she was going to have such a rough life (joke). Thanks for a great photo Carlo!



Above, is Marney Boatwright with Ch Saint Lazar's Raz-A-Mataz  NA, NAJ, OAJ. Taz is six years old, and the only Toy Manchester ever to achieve an AKC Conformation Championship, Agility Title, and Flyball title. This is an absolutely outstanding accomplishment! I can't give Marney and Taz enough credit. Marney is quick to say, " it's in Taz's Saint Lazar genes to want to perform and succeed".








Our long time friends, Marilyn, Lucas, and daughter Katie Banks, shown with Saint Lazar's Just Josie. This lovely family has owned Saint Lazar Toy Manchester's since the early eighties. Their female recently died, and it worked for Josie to enter honorable retirement at their home. Josie is special in that she was the first pup born at our Newborn, GA home. See their longtime companion, "Jazz" on the "Great Ones" page.

Here is "Scout" with the Dean Sacco kids in Bloomfield, MI. So many folks ask how Toy Manchester are with kids, well here you are. Scout had only been there a day or so. Thanks for the photos Dean!







This little fellow is "Sammie" at age 11 months. We sent Sammie to Mona Freeman in California a couple of years ago, and Mona has very graciously kept us up to date on him. She also has "Angel", a Toy Manchester female, to keep Sammie company. Mona reports that Sammie has trained Angel real well.



We visited our friends, Jim Burrows and Pat Mackesey, in Baltimore the week of 7/4/05. We were there to participate in 4 dog shows. Also staying there was Lani Minor, our mutual dog friend from Jacksonville, FL. Lani is shown, left, speaking to some of the Burmack Toy Manchester's. Jim and Pat have a very lovely home and facility for their dogs. We had a great time, the hospitality was awesome. Thanks guys!


This photo taken June 23, 2005, is of Saint Lazar's Pixel, who is owned by Armando Neves of Boston, MA. Pixel was born on the Fourth of July, 2002, and his litter picture is on the "Pups for Sale" page. Amando has been so pleased with Pixel, that he has purchased a companion for Pixel from us. We are sending him a very nice Sara/Marshall Dillon pup on 9/21/05. We are excited to hear from Armando about his new pup, and how they get along.

Here is Tarren Cox of Cane Hill, AR with Saint Lazar's Miss Marmaduke, a Tara/Striker pup. Both are in training for a future "show" career. (10-2-05)

Two pretty girls! The pup is "Basil", an Annie Oakley girl, and Lindsey, Brenda & Kyle Christensen's 12 year old daughter. The Christensen's live in Murray, UT, and Basil made the trip to join their home last week. Click here to read their reaction to her.


Pictured above is "Snoop" who became a member of the Arian Deutsch family in Hamden, CT on September 21st. The top photo was received 11/2, and the lower one was taken here on 9/25. Snoop has the floppy ear, with his unnamed sister in front (we are keeping her). One can't help but notice the beautiful heads and ears, superb color, and the totally correct black eyes. Snoop could be easily become an AKC Champion had he gone to a show home. Saint Lazar produces the finest Toy Manchester's on the North American Continent bar none.


I put up our original Saint Lazar web site in December of 1996, so how appropriate it is to have received the above photo of Saint Lazar's Agatha Christie in a 2006 Christmas card from Patricia Pinskey and Earl of Bristol, RI (pictured above with Agatha Summer of 2006). The photos below were on our web site for a number of years because they were so popular. It's hard to think that Agatha is ten years old now. That's corn on the cob that she is mooching from Earl. We really enjoyed having Patty and Earl visit with us at Saint Lazar a few months ago. GOD has blessed us with so many friends worldwide through these delightful creatures he has given us. Thanks a million Patty & Earl!

The photos below are of Agatha Christie taken just after Patty and Earl received her in 1996. I put them up on our original web site, and they are among Wanda and myself all time favorites.