Ch. Saint Lazar's Amethyst - Born 6-25-06, this gal is a Jade & Alex puppy. I simply can't say enough about her. We have never produced better. Sailed through to her AKC Championship. See below.


Champion Saint Lazar's Diamond Lil AOM - Lil was born 5/6/04 out of Ch. Saint Lazar's Lance and Ch. Saint Lazar's Jade, two of our very best show dogs and producers. Lil is one of the best "moving" toys I have ever handled. "Elegant" is the word that comes to mind when she is in the show ring. She became an AKC Champion 4-30-05, by defeating one of the strongest entries in recent memory in the Southeast. AKC Judge Nancy Fingerhut told me, as she handed me her "Best of Opposite Sex" Rossette, "She is absolutely stunning!". Every pup in her litter is an AKC Champion! Awarded a "Certificate Of Merit (ROM) at 2005 AMTC National Specialty. Whipped the nations top bitches at the 2006 National Specialty by going Best of Opposite Sex.

Saint Lazar's Black Opal - Born 6-15-06, she is the littermate of Diamond Jim. This beauty is naturally a Jade/Lance girl. Opal now resides with our co-owner.


Saint Lazar's India Ink - Out of Indy & Rebel on 3/28/06, littermate of Zorro, and a wonderful girl in her own right. This beautiful girl easily picked up her "majors" in quick order. At this posting, 12/30, she only lacks a couple of points being finished. She is on the right.



Ch. Saint Lazar's Diamond's R Forever  - Born 8/7/07 from our Ch. Saint Lazar's Serena & Ch. Saint Lazar's Alexandrite. Amethyst is her Aunt. A small girl, but totally correct to the Breed Standard. Her first time in a show ring at age 7 months she trounced the competition by going BOV over keen competition, including a "Professionally" handled Special, who failed to show up the next day. I don't blame them after that kind of whipping under one of the best Terrier Judges around.



Saint Lazar's Raisinette (Raisin) Born 9-11-05 out of Peach Pie and Striker, she is our house dog. A beautiful girl, intelligent, affectionate, and tough as nails. Shown only occasionally, she has had some spectacular wins, and one of these days we will get a Championship on her..


Ch. Saint Lazar's Serena BBY - One of the very best, Serena is an American Manchester Terrier Club Brood Bitch of the Year. An award that Saint Lazar has one many times for our gals producing numerous Champions. Serena tied with Clarice the year she won, the first time a Breeder has had 2 Bitches tie for this prestigious award. Shown here on 4/23/10.

Ch. Saint Lazar's Garnet - A fine girl from Amethyst & Luke. She has a head that most breeders can only envy. But of course she is "line breed" from a carefully planned mating. Most of her siblings are also Champions. We don't "role the dice" at Saint Lazar, that's why we have such consistency of quality and superior temperaments.




Saint Lazar's Sahara - A full sister to Diamonds R Forever, she might as well have been cloned. She is shown above a five months of age, and it appears she will be a little smaller than Diamond. I love Diamond, and I whipped Butt with her over Specials and "Handlers" but Sahara has a bit better temperament. She make her show debut in May, 2010.




Montage by Gene Caron

Garnet's mother is our Ch. Saint Lazar's Amethyst pictured above, one of the most beautiful girls we have ever produced. Garnet is a slightly smaller, more perfect version of her mother, with a better rear and totally correct Terrier movement. She has her Dam's and her Sire's affectionate nature, and the outstanding intelligence of both. She has the fully correct "dark" eye that the "Breed Standard" requires, which is so lacking in many TMT's (not Saint Lazar's), and a magnificent head with perfect ears. Her coat is the dense, slightly hard type as required by the Breed Standard, and her color and markings are "by the book", as you can easily see above (the photo is un-enhanced). Does all this mean she will be un-defeated, no. Twenty years ago, maybe, when AKC Judges had to demonstrate a knowledge of our Breed Standard. Even the most jaded Manchester Terrier exhibitor can not maintain, with very few exceptions, that Judging of our breed doesn't stink. Garnet and Topaz were born the same day, and their Moms are half sisters, Jade babies!