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After 21 years of residency in Stone Mountain, GA (Atlanta suburb), we moved from a two story, 5 BR brick home, to 22 acres in Jasper County, GA. Our mailing address is Newborn, which is just a "wide" place in the road. Newborn is about 50 miles east of Atlanta, and it used to take Wanda about 1.5 to 2 hours to drive to work in the Lennox area. Praise GOD, she is retired now and doesn't have to deal with the "crazies" on I-20 anymore. Charlie retired in 05 after 40 years as a traveling Sales Engineer.  We just "blundered" into looking at manufactured homes, having the same mistaken idea that most folks do, i.e., that they are "mobile homes". Nothing could be further from the truth. The modern "quality" manufactured home, such as the Fleetwood "Chadwick" series is really excellent. We always welcome visitors.

House.jpg (39820 bytes)

Here is our new Fleetwood home arriving July 1998 - 2000 Sq.Ft. 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, dining room, great room, Jenn-Air kitchen, fireplace, drywall, stippled ceilings, we love it!

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Here are both halves in place on our 22 acres. Deer abound and are a nuisance. I counted 6 eating our rye grass in the front yard the other night.

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While the house was being installed, Charlie lived in our daughter's 40' horse trailer, shown at the left, with 21 dogs for 4 weeks. The garage went in the middle.

Well2.jpg (19324 bytes)

Here the two halves have been joined and the siding and roofing are being installed. The truck in the right background is drilling a 400' deep well.

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Boy did we clap our hands when the Bullock Garage crew arrived to install the kennel and garage. Needless to say the dogs were glad to get out of the horse trailer. Pre-Fab is the only way to go, both for quality and price.

Kennelnow.jpg (25976 bytes)

Here is the kennel in early March 99. Six 4' X 20' runs each side. Son-in-Law, Kip Hunter (Holly's brother) did a wonderful job clearing and excavating the property, and Thanksgiving week getting the grass seed in.

Backyard.jpg (10961 bytes)

This is the backyard looking toward the 30' X 40' garage. We really enjoy the large deck and the sidewalks joining the buildings. Shown in March 99.

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The backyard looking from the garage toward the kennel. We planted the Jonquils Christmas week and they are really pretty (March 99). We now have a 5' fence around all the buildings and house, about 800' worth, and the dogs can run loose from time to time. Being Saint Lazar Manchester's, naturally they are required to "get along" with each other when they are out of the runs. You would not believe how big the oak in the center is now, 6/05.

Housenow.jpg (25050 bytes)

This is the same view as above (showing the horse trailer) but was taken 3/10/99. Lake Jackson is only about 30 min. away, and is a great bass and crappie lake. We planted a lot of "stuff" shortly after this was taken. Compare this photo to the one at the bottom 7 years later.

Roses planted Spring 99 shown Aug 99. Obtained from Jackson & Perkins and Witherspoon, they are a pleasure.

Here are the roses on 4/30/04.

Our roses around the property are magnificent this year, 2005. These, as you can see, are by the kennel. You may notice one of the guys in the background admiring them. I am particularly fond of our yellows.

And here is the view on February 26, 2004. Believe it or not, the dogs love to run in the snow. Of course they don't stay in the kennel runs all of the time. We have 2 acres fenced around the house, and we let several out at a time, to get their petting, and to have the run of the property.

What a contrast to the snow scene. This photo taken in March 05. Wanda and I have planted shrubs all around the house. As you can see, our Indian Azaleas have flourished (I believe this one is a Pride of Mobile). Wanda's holding Clarice (taking a brake from nursing her babies), and that's Indy sniffing around at her feet.

This is our George Tabor Azalea by the deck in the back. This beautiful, and very popular variety, is only a year old. The grass is Meyer Z52 Zoysia, which I am slowly sprigging all around the house.

This photo was taken June 12, 2005. We have now been here for seven spring planting seasons. On the end of the house you can see an orange rose at the left corner, a blue hydrangea, a giant camellia, and then a nice Formosa azalea on the right end. The front is now covered clear across with shrubs, mostly various azaleas, but a couple of gardenias (one in bloom at the front left corner), two nandinas, and some odds and ends. The pine island is azaleas and mums. At the right edge is a nice tulip tree. The grass is Meyer Z52 Zoysia that I have been sprigging over the years. Of course I have to fight crabgrass and native burmuda, so I am a good customer of Home Depot and Lowe's garden departments. The big antenna on the roof brings in the Atlanta TV stations, all of which we receive in High Definition. The Dish at the back is DirecTV, and used to be internet also, but we now have an "always on" dish at the other back corner. Man, I tell you we live in the country, there's nothing to do but take care of the dogs, read, watch TV, work in the yard, and attend church. Going to the store is a big deal, the good one is 17 miles away. We are perfectly content, thank you LORD!

It's Rose time again at Saint Lazar 2006. This is our 8th summer here, and some of these were planted in 98. The center yellow, and the orange Tropicana to the right of it are examples. We planted 5 new ones yesterday in front of the drive fence. That's Saint Lazar's Abbey Road ambling down the sidewalk.

We have several nice butterfly bushes along the fence line, and they really attract the various types all summer. This handheld photo taken 8-24-06 with our Canon EOS 20D.