Toy Manchester Terriers
Miscellaneous Photos

Wanda and I were privileged to have Dr. Tom McRaney and his wife Karen spend a good part of the day with us today, Friday, 10/9. If you look further down this page, you will see the photo and commentary about Tom and Karen losing their constant companion for over 13 years, their Manchester Terrier, "Cassidy". Tom has been particularly grieving as Cassidy and he were so bonded. As I said, many of us understand his emotions, as we have been through the loss of a dearly beloved Manchester. We let most of our guys and gals out of the kennel runs and to a dog, they all took right up with Tom and Karen, instinctively knowing what Manchester lovers they both are. It was apparent from the first minutes that the Raisin/Zander boy was likely to go home with them, and so it turned out. But the surprise is that they both "took to" Sexy Sadie, who Karen is holding above. I wasn't sure Wanda would part with Sadie, but we worked out a very good arrangement with Tom and Karen concerning Sadie. What is so nifty is that both Chance & Sadie have the same gene pool as Cassidy on her Sire's side. Now we look forward to hearing from the McRaneys as their new boy and girl settle in with them. I say it again. GOD has so blessed Saint Lazar with numerous friends all over Planet Earth, and now we are so pleased to count Tom and Karen McRaney, Picayune, MS as our friends too.

"Sorry Dog", AKA Saint Lazar's Raisinette gnawing Ch. Saint Lazar's Diamonds R Forever like a chicken bone. When you look at a "stop action" photo, it's hard to realize that this is just their every afternoon rough play. I assure you, Diamond understands Raisin is higher in the pecking order than she is. (Photographed at 1/250 sec, f/5.6, ISO 400, Canon 70-200mm f/4 L lens zoomed to 88mm, Canon 580EX II strobe for fill light, Canon 20D camera. Raw image file post processed in Adobe Lightroom 1.4, and cropped, resized for the web, and slightly sharpened (the Canon "L" lens gives wonderfully sharp images) in  Adobe Photoshop CS3)

#2 Housedog, Saint Lazar Taste of Honey about to die a painful, horrible death at the fangs of #1 Housedog, Saint Lazar's Raisinette. Knowledgeable dog people know that most Terriers are playing fools, and Toy Manchesters in particular. I got up before Wanda this morning and put these two out for their morning constitution, and then let them back in while I had my morning coffee. Immediately they began to do their "Manchester thing", which is to zoom all around the house chasing each other, running wide open with their numerous toys, and finally getting up on the sofa and chewing each other mercilessly. After about thirty minutes they powered down for a brief rest on my lap. Just a normal day's activities at the HQ of the #1 Toy Manchester Terrier breeder on planet Earth. (1-8-07)(For you photo buffs, this was taken with our Canon 20D, f3.5, 1/50 second shutter speed preferred mode. Lens is a Sigma 18-200, and ISO was set at 200. A Canon 380EX strobe was bounced off the ceiling. I lucked out in that it only took about ten minutes, and 6 exposures to catch their teeth. Raw exposure processed in Raw Shooter Premium, and slightly sharpened in Photoshop Elements 5.0)

It's a cold, rainy February 1st and we have kept a fire going all morning. A typical Saint Lazar future Champion, Honey is no dummy, she knows where to find the warmth. She was five months old on Valentines Day.

Lord here she is! Champion Golden Scoops Kasandra. Obtained from noted breeder Elsie Puleo at age 8 weeks, she is the foundation Bitch of Saint Lazar. Shown here in her "heyday" at age 2, the great Bill Pace handling. "Sandy" is generally acclaimed to be the greatest Toy Manchester ever, as all her Best in Shows came under Judges who had never judged her previously. She was never flown around the country taking win after win under "favorite" judges. (Gracious Bill, were we ever that young?)

I wonder if this lady has enough dogs? I can identify at least two Toy Manchesters, and  judging by their superb quality, they are no doubt of Saint Lazar heritage. There are at least a couple of Paps too, and who knows how many more off camera.

Sweeping the entry is nothing new for Saint Lazar. The above photo is from May, 1986. The Judge is Norman Patton, and he had just rendered a decision that Saint Lazar deserved it all, Best of Variety, Best of Opposite Sex, and Winner's Dog & Winner's Bitch. From the left, Judge Patton, Pam DeHetre, a long time friend, fine Professional Handler, TMT Breeder, and who is holding the great Ch. Saint Lazar's Monterrey Jack (whose ashes reside in her home), Val Skelton of Cornelia,GA, now with our LORD, Wanda Walker, and friend Sam Dickenson, who is no longer active in the breed.


Ch. Saint Lazar's Chase (right) tells Ch. Saint Lazar's Starbuck (left), "One more step Pal, and I'm gonna eat you, teeth, hair, and eyeballs". We have two gals in heat, hence the "sparing". Are these not magnificent guys! (6-28-06)


Saint Lazar Black Cherry Pie - Call name "Pixie" - Owned by Deb & Gene Caron of Atlanta, she is out of Ch. Saint Lazar's Black Berry & Ch. Saint Lazar's Chase. Shown above at age 7 wks. on 7/3/07 - SEE BELOW


Here is Saint Lazar Black Cherry Pie at exactly sixteen weeks of age, weight 4.25 lbs. I put the soup can in the photo to give her size a perspective. She is very small, but is just like a little "Swiss Watch". She has perfect markings and color, wonderful head and ear set, totally correct dark eyes, and she has a great temperament and is afraid of nothing. She went to a real TMT home with Debbie & Gene Caron where she will have plenty of companionship.


Another serious case of dog abuse. I guess we will never learn. I think it must have taken "Pixie" all of ten minutes to get used to Debbie & Gene and their other TMT's. Thanks a million folks!

Saint Lazar's Diamonds R Forever checking Luke for cavities 11/20. Luke, age 11 mo. is twice Diamond's size at age 3 mo., but he plays great with her and brother Saint Lazar's Thunderball. Typical of pups, they hardly leave him alone. Oh yes, his teeth are great.