Toy Manchester Terriers
Saint Lazar Toy Manchesters in Japan


We took Sonya (left) & Sakura (right) to the airport Tuesday night, 7/11, around 9 PM for a flight leaving for Tokyo early Wed morning. We just received word from their new owner, Shinji Odaka (pictured below) that they have arrived safely and he has them at his home. The paperwork involved is horrendous, and there was a six month waiting period after their rabies titer test before we could send them. Shinji waited patiently, and he tells us that it is worth the wait. See photos below.


Here is friend Shinji Odaka with Saint Lazar's Wald, who we sent to him in Dec 03. Shinji recently shared with me that he had his 50th birthday. I wrote to him that I wish I were that young again, it seems like it was only yesterday.

Pictured above are Sinji's Son and Daughter. Sinji said his son is now married and he is expecting his first Grandchild. Wanda and I know what a thrill that will be!

Here is Mrs. Odaka with her parents. What a beautiful garden! Perhaps Wanda and I will be able to visit Japan, we would certainly like to.

This is a "Wald" puppy. Shinji tells us Wald sired a litter of six puppies. What a beautiful young boy.

Saint Lazar's Elphin arrives safely in Japan!

Shown, 12/5, above and right, is Kiyomi Hamaguchi, who lives in Japan, holding her Saint Lazar's Elphin. Kiyomi  waited patiently several months to get Elphin. He is currently in quarantine for 14 days before he can go home with Kiyomi. She wrote that she visited with him for 9 hours upon his arrival, and that he apparently made the trip just fine. We are so pleased that Elphin is in this fine home, and we are hopeful that Kiyomi will be showing him, he certainly should do well in Japanese dog shows.



Finally after 14 days in quarantine, Saint Lazar's Elphin arrives December 20th at his new home with the Hamaguchi family in Nango, Chigasaki-shi, Kanagawa Ken, Japan. Mrs. Hamaguchi (Kiyomi) has been so gracious to keep us informed of his progress. Here is part of her recent note;

"I think Elphin had good training,as he offen sit down propery
when he want something.
He is kindly and little playful.
Thanks for offering that sweet baby to us."

You are certainly welcome Kiyomi, we are so pleased with the home you have given him, and for your friendship!

Here is Saint Lazar's Elphin at his first Japanese show, the Kanagawa Shonan Prefecture Club Federation. Kiyomi sent us this photo on 4/3/04. The Judge was very complimentary even though Elphin was very cold.


This is Saint Lazar's Wald, who is owned by Shinji Odaka in Japan. Wald is six months old, and is a Chase/Sara pup. Wald just got out of his 14 day quarantine a few days ago, and Shinji just sent these photos to show Wald is adjusting nicely to his new home. Shinji is a active breeder of Toy Manchester Terriers, and has some very nice dogs. He writes that Wald is "wonderful". Here is Shinji's web site

Here is a photo received from Shinji 5/18/04. You can see how nice, attentive, and "well balanced" Wald is. Shinji was very complementary about his progress.

This is Wald with his "handler".

Our friend Shinji Odaka. GOD willing, perhaps Wanda and I can visit our Japanese friends in the not too distant future.