Toy Manchester Terriers
Featuring Ch. Saint Lazar's Indiana Jones

"INDY" wins "Best of Variety" at AMTC District 2 Specialty at Winston-Salem, NC Dec. 10, 2005 - See below.


Our photos of "Indy" have proven so popular that we have decided to devote a separate page to him. We will update it regularly as he matures.

Indy is the only survivor of a litter of 3 born 12/14/04 to Rocket and Lance. The first, a very large female, was born dead. The second, a small male, survived a couple of weeks. Indy was normal from the beginning. For some reason, Rocket ceased producing milk when Indy was about 4 weeks old. Wanda begin to hand feed him, using mostly goats milk, so naturally we became quite attached to him. At 8 weeks of age, I took him from the puppy bassinette, and placed him in a pen in the kitchen, with a size 100 Sky Kennel as his bed. So he has been raised right with us, underfoot all the time. I started taking him outside at about 12 wks old, and he soon learned to urinate in the pine straw. At 4 months he is very reliable about urinating, and getting fairly good about pooping. I took the pen down when Jim and Pat came for the Perry, GA dog shows, and he has been sleeping in the office bedroom in a 200 Sky Kennel since 4/13/05. He has the run of the house most of the time, and we try to take him whenever we go anywhere if it's convenient. It's been a long time since one has grabbed my "heart strings" like this little guy.

Saint Lazar's Indiana Jones, "Indy" - Born 12/14/04 - A Rocket/Lance pup -Shown above on 3/24/05. Over the years we have had dozens of Toy Manchesters, male and female, that we have dearly loved. Among our all-time favorites were "Sadie" and "Jade" (who is with us now). These gals were/are of supreme intelligence and affection. From maybe 6 weeks on, it just seems that they pretty much understood "English". I now number Indy among the very special ones. This guy is an absolute delight. If I started from scratch writing a specification for a companion dog, I wouldn't change this boy one iota. He has a beautiful coat, and perfect markings. At 3 months he is well on his way to being housebroke. We took him to PetsMart, with some others, 3 weeks ago when he was only 10 weeks old. He had never had a show lead around his neck, so just for a lark, Wanda put a lead on him and put him on the floor. You would have thought he had 2 months of training. He took off with Lilly, Ellie, & Ryder, and proceeded to wow all the visitors at the Conyers, GA store. I couldn't believe it, everyone there wanted him! He is for sale, price is $20,000, cash or certified check.

I just discovered this photo (and the one below) taken 1-16-05. I thought this was Jeri Hobbs stacking Indy, our breeder friend who was visiting at the time, but she informs me that this is my wife Wanda, as evidenced by the ring. What do I know? Indy is 1 mo and 2 days old here.

This is our first Grandchild, Krista Rogers Ferguson (age 25, and who has 3 of our 4 great-grandsons), shown with Indy Jan. 15, 2005. He was 1 mo. and 1 day old. We wouldn't take a million bucks for these pictures!

Toy Manchesters are "playing fools", they go till they drop. Here is Indy (left) heckling Ryder, who is about twice his size. At the time I took this photo, 3-24, they had been out playing hard for about an hour and a half, and were still going strong. Both of these boys are great guys, very affectionate, but definitely not milquetoasts!

got "cabin fever" this week and he made us take him to the Home Depot Garden Shop in Conyers, GA this morning (3/26). He wanted to look at what had come in so far for this Spring's planting season. After shopping for a bit, he settled for a flat of nice yellow marigolds of the size shown in the right photo. However, he made it plain that he needed to come back for more shopping next week. He says he needs Azaleas, etc. I stayed pretty busy fending off his numerous admirers so he could shop. It's awful being a celebrity.

We took Indy with us to the Perry, GA dog shows, 3/14-3/16. He was a big hit with everybody. After showing each day, several of the Manchester exhibitors gathered together at Lani Miner's motor home. Lani is a very gracious and outgoing gal, who owns a Saint Lazar female. Our close breeder friends, Jim Burrows & Pat Mackesey, stayed with us for the show weekend. Jim is one of the best dog handlers in the country, and we co-own several Toys with he and Pat. Jim is shown above giving Indy some training on how to "stack" on the table. We will start showing Indy when he becomes 6 months of age, and of course he will need to know the "ropes"

Thursday's 3/14/05 show at Perry, GA was indoors, but outside the wind was very gusty, and the temperature was in the high 60's, but it felt cooler at times. Here is a big gust hitting Carolyn, Wanda, and Pat. Indy wants comfort in someone's lap.

More show training for Indy. We were sitting around chatting in the living room after dinner 4/15, and Jim just couldn't resist "stacking" Indy some more.

Pat is packing up for his and Jim's trip back to Baltimore, Sunday 4/17. Indy thinks he wants to go.

Indy catching a few "rays" Sunday, 4/17/05, in front of the garage door. He was wore out from assisting Jim and Pat with their packing.

As you can see, the grooming table is leaning, and Saint Lazar's Blackberry on the left, and Indy on  the right, are not standing exactly like "show dogs". We took Indy with us to Lake Waccamaw, NC 5/1/05, for two dogs shows. Of course he was a big hit, and one of the Judges wanted to take him home. He's still too young to show, but come June, we will see how he does. The lady on the left is our long time breeder friend, Barbara Dillard of Henderson, NC. We co-own Blackberry with her. In 1980, Barbara won the AMTC National Specialty with her great Standard Manchester, Ch. R-Ways Spotlight. Spot went Best of Breed, and our great Kassandra went Best of Variety Toy that year. Kassandra went on to win 13 Best in Shows. Those were the days! At 4.5 months of age, Indy is now getting into the "leggy" stage. He is comparable to a "gangly" teenager.

Grrrr! Don't touch my Pink Pig. This shot made 5/20. He's getting so grown, like a teenager, he doesn't have time for getting petted. However, come bedtime, he wants my lap.

After chasing around the Kitchen/Den area for a while, Patches and Indy are taking a "breather". Saturday evening, 5/28. She hisses, swipes at him, and carries on, but I think she likes the chase. Of course if she moves, the game is on again.

Fresh from winning a 3 point major show for 4 consecutive days in PA, Dr. Roger Travis visited Saint Lazar 6-4/5, with his new AKC Champion Saint Lazar's Habibi Sagi. As you can see above, Indy is trying to eat this intruder on "his" couch. Seriously, they did nothing but play. Sagi has the typical wonderful Saint Lazar temperament, and she had a great time in the yard with some of the others, including her littermate, Ch. Saint Lazar's Diamond Lil. (That's Dr. Travis's knees on the left, he's a "big" guy.) (This is one of the first photos out of our new Canon EOS 20D - the 10D now goes to our son, Martin, who is becoming quite an accomplished photographer)

Fooling around with the new Canon EOS 20D, I couldn't resist this shot of Indy on the back of the living room sofa 6/5. He's spoiled rotten, but I love him so. He is now occasionally sleeping in the kennel without complaining, but I like him in the house when it's convenient.

Well, Wanda's lap is much better than the back of the living room sofa. (6/5)

Indy turned six month old this past week, 6-14, so he is  ready to start a show career. We are not in any hurry, I think he needs to mature a bit more. He loves to "show off" as pictured above, but he needs more "table" training. He is like our older Grandchildren, he's too busy for petting (6/19).

This is Indy (left) and Jeb Stuart begging for a treat from Wanda. As you can see, Indy is a "small" male. He is probably going to be under 10 lbs when fully mature. But remember, he is a "Rocket" dog, and a brother to "Ruthless", which means he doesn't give ground to anybody, he is all terrier (of course he gets his posterior whipped from time to time) (6/19).


Indy made his show debut in Baltimore, MD on 7/7/05. He was entered in four shows beginning on Thursday, 7/7, and continuing through Sunday, 7/10. Prior to entering Indy, I had argued with Wanda that he was still too "immature" to show at this time. However, as usual, Wanda prevailed. Indy had exceptionally strong competition from our own "Ryder" and "J.R.", both experienced show dogs who have almost completed their championship requirements. Also entered, were several other outstanding males shown by our friends, most of whom have Saint Lazar in their pedigree's. The first two days Indy took a "wait and see" attitude, showing good, but not outstanding. The best we could do Thursday and Friday, was to take "Reserve Winners Dog" with J.R. and Ryder. However, come Saturday, Indy decided he did indeed like showing, and he turned on the charm and "strutted his stuff". There was no contest, he went "Winners Dog" Saturday and Sunday, thereby achieving both of his required AKC "major" wins. He is the typical "teenager", a real "pill" at times, but LORD we love him.

We drove to Jim & Pat's home in Baltimore on Tuesday, 7/5. This is a 13 hour haul, and we had Indy, Ryder, J.R., Ellie, and Rebel entered in four shows. Plus, we had Aurora and her six pups, and little "Rush" with us. Everyone traveled without complaint, mostly. Ellie was in full heat, so the boys were somewhat discommoded. We had Wednesday free, so we lounged around in the backyard and let the dogs relax. Our good friend, Lani Minor, from Jacksonville, was also staying with Jim and Pat. Show above are Indy on the left, Ryder standing over him, and J.R. loafing in the right background. Ellie, despite being in heat, took super wins also on Saturday and Sunday, by going "Winners Bitch", "Best of Winners", and "Best of Opposite Sex", thereby giving her the required two "majors" toward her AKC Championship.

Indy's first shows since Baltimore were this weekend, 8-28-05. He showed like a "dream", but was defeated by his "cousins". If you gotta get beat, then at least it's by dogs sired by a Saint Lazar stud. Indy shown here looking up at Wanda for "bait" at the Conyers KC show Sunday, 8-28-05.

Indy shown at ringside with Wanda 9/25/05. Photo graciously provided by our friend, and fellow Toy Manchester aficionado, Donna Young. (Taken by her husband, Jamie) Yuck!


In the above photo, Judge William Bergum is making his initial examination of Indy. He subsequently chose Indy as "Winners Dog", which gave the final points needed for Indy's AKC Championship. Judge Bergum is one of the most knowledgeable Manchester Judges in the U.S. He definitely did not get his Judges license at Wal-Mart, as is likely with the Thursday Judge. This photo also provided by Donna Young, taken by her husband, Jamie Young. Wanda & I really appreciate their providing this to us.

Well it did not take long to get Indy's AKC Championship. Indy, in spite of my protests to Wanda, started his show career in July. As stated above, I felt he was too immature and that we ought to wait a bit. However, after a couple of shows, he decided he liked showing, and really "turned on". He was defeated a couple of times, to my chagrin, but there were some other good dogs showing against him, mostly Saint Lazar bloodlines. One defeat was an absolute travesty, as is the case too often now days, the Judge put up the absolute worst dog entered. Indy took all  his wins from the "Bred By Exhibitor" Class, which will win him a very nice medallion from the AKC. Plus, it gets him an invite to some of the "by invitation only" shows. The next show for him is the American Manchester Terrier Club National Specialty show, and related District Specialty show, in mid October at Mt. Pocono, PA. We will be showing Ruthless and Diamond Lil, so in addition to some excellent competition from around the U.S., Indy will be up against some real quality from our own kennel. (9/25/05)

I have to tell you, it has been great fun watching this guy go from being hand fed by Wanda, growing into a beautiful, correct male Toy Manchester, and then finishing up under a Judge that we so greatly respect. Thank you LORD!

A Sterling debut for Indy as a "Special" 10-1-05

Indy made his debut as an AKC Champion shown in the "Specials" Class at Columbia, SC Kennel Club 10-1-05. He won Best of Variety over 6 other dogs, including our super nice girl, Ch. Saint Lazar's She's Ruthless. Ruthless won Best of Opposite Sex, and Tobby & Ginger Jones's Saint Lazar's Peaches, in her first show, won Winners Bitch for her first AKC points. A good day! Photo 10-2-05 (Dad Gum! I still get tears in my eyes when I work on photos of this boy, he's almost too pretty to look at.)

Indy showed like a dream at the AMTC District 2 Specialty in Winston-Salem, NC on 12/10/05. He went Best of Variety, defeating 12 Toy Manchesters, including 3 Champions other than himself. He is shown on the right under Judge Edd Bivin in the Toy Group. He showed beautifully, but did not get a placement, - this time. We could not ask for better showmanship than we are getting from this guy.


Indy's First Sired Litter
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Six weeks old today, 5-9-06, here are the Rebel/Indy pups on the deck for the first time. They have been in the puppy basinette up til now, but they took off around the deck like their Grandmother, "Rocket". Man aren't they cute, look at that pretty color, and their perfect "thumbprints!

Indy pup snoozing in the shade under the gas grill on our deck. He was 8 weeks old yesterday, 5/22. His siblings are naping elsewhere on the deck. They are playing fools.

Indy-Rebel Pups pictured 5-14-06


Indy showing off for the Judge in Asheville, NC. She put him up for Best of Variety over "Professional Handlers", rarely done anymore in the dog show "business". (Photo courtesy of Dennis Miller)

This is our new flower variety "Rebelatum Indicus Blacktanium, Genus Millus Puppiecus Unsocilatum". Patent Pending on this fully planned result of our modest efforts. In the meantime you can see two Rebel-Indy pups inspecting it's progress early in the morning, Memorial Day 2006. GOD bless our men and women in uniform.

The acid proof of a dog's quality is what kind of get (pups) he produces. Indy's first litter out of Rebel produced four beautiful puppies (of course Rebel had something to do with it too). We simply could not part with the two above, Saint Lazar's Zorro (left) and Saint Lazar's India Ink. Zorro won a prestigious five point major at the AMTC National Specialty weekend in Lincoln, NE in Oct 06. There are people who show all their life, and can't win anything at a "National", and here this guy does it at the tender age of 6 months and 8 days. At this writing, 12/30/06, both he and sister India, have their majors and only need a couple of points to be designated AKC Champions. There is no finer compliment to their dad, the "real" Indy.