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We don't have a "blog", nor do we participate in Internet Manchester forums, so from time to time, I will use this page to offer my/our comments about Manchesters, or dog related topics in general.

Forgery Committed By American Manchester Terrier Club Board

Please read Muriel Henkel's email of 1-23-10 below this editorial comment. Muriel's email precipitated Zandi Spicer's response to the Official AMTC Forum, and it is pasted below for your edification. I thought the previous AMTC regime was the worst ever, primarily due to the personal persecution from them that Wanda and I had to suffer thru. But I have to say that they were novices compared to Brenda Gala, Judy Anderson, Roberta Berman, Kelly McClellan, Virginia Antia, James Burrows, and last and the worst of all, Peter Rank. Please Heavenly Father deliver us from these, .... words fail me.

January 22, 2010 

FYI...I was under the impression that you, the club membership, elected me as the AMTC Corresponding Secretary, in fact, as the only Secretary. I am sure that most, if not all of you, have already noticed that the Secretary's Report, page 11 in the November News Letter has my signature. The facts are, it was written, and signed for me by a board member, without my knowledge or consent.  Also, the Minutes For AMTC Board, 10/15/09 and 10/27/09, were not written by me and I am sure it has not escaped anyone's notice that the minutes are not signed.. by anyone...maybe there was a "ghost writer?"  

The only board meeting that I could not attend was the November, 2009 meeting. At that meeting the board members, in attendance, decided and approved, that all of my August minutes(I have written two August reports) and my October minutes(again, I wrote two reports) were to be rewritten and reformatted, and "sanitized" if you will by a board member.  Furthermore, a board member then chose to usurp my job(again) and send the October rewritten, sanitized minutes to the News Letter editor who was told to print them. Of course I had no knowledge of this covert, hostile takeover of my job, until it was a "done deal."  BTW..  The August minutes are as yet still unapproved because of a disagreement between Kelly and myself over something she says she never said, but my taped recording of that meeting, has Kelly saying exactly what I wrote in my minutes.  Kelly has chosen to ignore this issue, and she has never directly communicated with me re this issue,  so it remains unresolved, and the August Secretary minutes remain unapproved.  This is just my opinion, but I believe some board members simply do not want transparency and open/honest communication between board and membership. 

The President and the board members in attendance, when these decisions were made,  absolutely knew that they were in total violation of our By-Laws, and RONR. Please refer to, Chapter XI Section 41 Reading and Approval of Minutes) and (Chapter XV Section 47 Officers. 

Just thought you should know.  

AMTC Secretary

Words Of Wisdom From Muriel Henkel

I received today, from Muriel Henkel, the email pasted in below which was addressed to Zandi Spicer and myself. Muriel is the most knowledgeable person I know about the Operations of the AMTC. She also is an expert on the history of Manchesters. Her advice and remarks should always be given careful consideration. But I have to say Muriel, the present Management of the AMTC, excepting Zandi Spicer and Pat Hall, have no intention of following the Constitution and By-Laws and the only way to deal with them is in a court of law.

My copy of the November 2009 Newsletter was postmarked January 21, 2010.  Nothing like prompt Club information!!!!! 

Question - Page 12, Executive Session.  It has been my firsthand information that Charles Walker filed charges with a $25.00 check BUT he subsequently withdrew the charge BEFORE action of the Board.  Therefore, if that is true, it cannot be stated that "the charges were not sustained by the Board" and the $25.00 is Mr. Walkers - not  the AMTC's.  Reason - the Board was not given the opportunity to consider the allegations - unless you can prove you promptly sent a copy of the charges to each member of the Board. 

Also, pg. 11...Minutes for AMTC Board, 10/15/09.  It appears that the Board is conducting business by teleconference - not "telephone".  Is the Board that ignorant or unsure of themselves that a parliamentarian is needed?  According to RONR, the name of the seconder of a motion should not be entered in the minutes UNLESS ordered by the assembly.

Pg. 12 - Teleconferences:  This subject (for next meeting)t is not included in the minutes of October 27, 2009. 

RONR states "Minutes should be signed by the secretary and can also be signed - if the assembly wishes - by the president".  Are either one - or both - ashamed of the reporting?  Who wrote and submitted the minutes? 

Personally, the very little club business that has been conducted in the two meetings which total 170 minutes is ridiculous.  It is time that the Board attempts to perform in a professional manner, after all, we had pages of bio's to peruse prior to the 2009 election and few of the elected have shown leadership ability.  Text about personal life does not qualify an individual for leadership. 

Muriel S. Henkel

Puppy Mill Horror

We get a fair amount of puppy inquiries even in this time of economic decline. We normally work from a waiting list, but from time to time we may have something immediately available. Over the years we have had people call us who simply could not wait. These are folks who think all Toy Manchesters are alike, and all they need to be is Black & Tan and have an AKC registration. There are one or two TMT Breeders around who know different of course, though most don't. Temperament is the main factor for a pet home, and temperament is at least 80% genetic. You are welcome to your opinion of course, but my over forty years of breeding experience has proven the previous statement time and time again. We got a puppy inquiry call about 4 weeks ago, the Cherry/Zorro beauties had just been born, and we told the lady that one of them might be available, and that we would call her in a few days and let her know for certain. We checked our waiting list and called her about a week later. She could not wait and had gone to a puppy mill in Arkansas, who has a web presence, and paid around $600 plus Air Freight for a young male. The Lady then proceeded to ask Wanda a number of questions, and it quickly became apparent that maybe the pup had "temperament" problems. So today she calls us and questions us again, this time telling about the dogs terrible, terrible demeanor, and wondering what could she do. GOD bless Wanda, I heard her tell the Lady, "well you do get what you pay for". This is not like Wanda, she is not nearly as "candid" as I can be, but what she told the woman can be taken to the bank, it is absolutely true. There is nothing better than a quality TMT as a wonderful companion dog, but there is nothing worse than one out of puppy mill. Perhaps the President of the AMTC has learned this lesson the hard way too, but I seriously doubt it. Saint Lazar temperaments are without peer worldwide.

"Every knee will bow" - Romans 14:11

The past two Sundays our Pastor, Wilburn Hill has preached a couple of very convicting sermons. Two weeks ago, he preached on forgiveness, and this past Sunday his message was about anger. As a one who acknowledges Jesus Christ as LORD, I was stirred by HIS indwelling Holy Spirit as I listed to Pastor Hill's GOD given message. Concerning forgiveness, Wanda and I have waited months for Carolyn Horowitz to apologize for her unwarranted attack against us on the public American Manchester Terrier Club member Internet forum. No apology has been forthcoming, and based on Carolyn's response to the Moderator when it was pointed out to her that attacks would not be tolerated, we need not expect one. Then there is the AMTC President, Treasurer, and several Board members who have openly and flagrantly flaunted their continuing violations of the AMTC Constitution and By-Laws trusting that no one will bring them to account in a court of law. Well GOD'S word is very clear that they will be brought to account, if not in this lifetime, then it will be when they stand before the throne of the LORD Jesus to be judged. Ramblings of a religious fanatic, I don't think so, nor do millions of others gone before me think so either. I am determined to do as the LORD commands, "pray for my enemies". It will be the most difficult thing I will ever have to do, but I am determined that through the power of the HOLY SPIRIT I will do so. When Christ comes again, I will bow on bended knee, but in my case it will be because of love, devotion, and thanksgiving to him, not because of the unbelievable fear that the above mentioned will manifest when they realize HE is indeed real, and he is LORD. So I have removed the Editorial headline that has graced the top of our home page for many months. Unless Carolyn and the others repent and turn to the LORD, there is nothing I can say or do that will be anything remotely like what is in store for these miscreants for all of eternity. As much as we have been angered by these characters, I do not wish this upon them and as GOD has forgiven me, I forgive them. This does not mean that I will ignore nor fail to call them to account for their misdeeds, especially concerning violations of the AMTC Constitution and By-Laws.

AMTC Board Extends Middles Fingers to AMTC Membership

As regular visitors to this page know, for several years I have been the lone voice in the AMTC membership wilderness in respect to exposing the incompetence, meanness, cheating, lying, ballot stealing, flagrant disregard and violation of the AMTC Constitution and By-Laws, ad infinitum. It beats me why no one else is willing to take a public stand. Every thing I write here is documented and the truth. As noted in previous editorials below, I finally decided to make formal charges against the former AMTC Secretary for failing to produce the last election ballots as required by the AMTC Constitution & By-Laws, and against the current President for flagrant violation of the same. The process for doing this is clearly spelled out in the By-Laws, and a 3rd grader would have no problem understanding the procedure. Here is the email I received in response to the charges filed against Bradley (or whatever her name is this week) and McClellan.

October 20, 2009 

To Mr Charles Walker, Jr., 

The board decided by a majority vote, *5-3*, in the October 15, 2009 teleconference board meeting, to request that you send the Secretary, a check for $25.00, re the January charges you filed, before the board will hear either of the last 2 charges filed by you. That check will be sent to and deposited by the treasurer, re the January charge. 

*Judy Anderson, Ginny Antia, Roberta Burman, Jim Burrows, and Peter Rank voted, for the motion.  Pat Hall, Brenda Gala, and Zandi Spicer voted against the motion. Kelly McClellan did not vote. * 

The Secretary did advise the board that you had withdrawn your charge, before the board had an opportunity to discuss the charge, and accordingly, I had shredded your check, with your permission. My understanding of the By-Laws, Article Vl, Discipline, page 11-12, is that a check/s shall be held by the Secretary until.., "Written charges with specifications must be filed in duplicate with the Secretary, together with a deposit of $25.00, which shall be forfeited if such charges are not sustained by the Board or a Committee following a hearing." 

Please let me know what you wish to do, re sending the check, as soon as possible. 

Best Regards, 

Zandi Spicer
AMTC Secretary

The Board never heard the January charges because I decided to give McClellan one more chance (mea cupla again) and withdrew the charges before there was ever a hearing.  If you are competent in the English language, you can read the By-Laws which simply and clearly state that the $25 will only be forfeited if the charges are heard by the Board.

As you can easily read above, in spite of Zandi's pointing out to the Board that the By-Laws are clear, Judy Anderson, Virginia Antia, Roberta Berman, Jim Burrows, and Peter Rank, held both hands up to the AMTC membership with their middle fingers extended. This is vulgar I know, but these people have simply gone the route of the Boards of the past decade or so and said, "By-Laws" be damned, we will do as we please". Of course it makes no difference whether they hear my charges or not, it is obvious what they will and will not do. Prior to the last AMTC election,  I personally called Judy Anderson, mistakenly thinking from being acquainted with her for several years that she was a "decent" person, and asked her to accept the membership nomination for 1st VP. Mea Culpa, I have previously apologized to the membership for this horrendous mistake, and for the vigorous campaign I ran for Judy's election. I asked Virginia Antia to do the same, but I have to say I was warned she would do nothing. Gracious I should have listened to those who really know her. Roberta Berman has certainly more than shown that I was wrong in promoting her. Talk about wolfs in sheep's clothing. I have made some errors in my sixty-nine years, but standing up for these characters is a the top of the list. Of course McClellan, Burrows, and Rank are known miscreants, and there is no surprise there. Rank is the character that maintains AMTC members are not welcome to attend Board meetings because there is no rule allowing same. Poor Peter, a graduate of some Law School, and yet he maintains that there has to be a rule allowing member attendance, when our entire nation is run on the premise that unless specifically precluded, we have the freedom to assemble as we please. In Jasper County, Georgia, where we live,  it is against the law for the County Commission to meet in secret. What is this Board afraid of? Members will recall, our campaign was for openness with everything the Board does. Anderson, Antia, and Berman never spoke up during our campaign and said, "wait a minute, that does not apply to me". Sound familiar, our Congress is full of liars too.

Let me clearly state that Zandi Spicer, Patricia Hall, and Brenda Gala are not part of the "screw the membership" cabal. These are fine decent ladies, and are everything I said they were during the election campaign. Thank you Ladies.

So my fellow members there you have it. Another Board running rampant, doing what they please, when they please, and screw the rules. But this is nothing new, it's been going on for many years, and many maintain this is exactly what we deserve. Maybe so, but there is a higher authority to whom these "characters" will ultimately answer, and there will be no deceit on that day. 

Bradley Charged With Failure to Provide Election Ballots
Click here to read Charge

Bradley challenged me a couple of days ago on the Official AMTC Member Forum, to "Charge" her for not providing the ballots as required by the AMTC Constitution and By-Laws. She publicly stated she would pay the $25 filing fee if I would do so. The Charge is in the mail Kathy, please mail your payment promptly to Zandi Spicer so that we can get on with this. The shame of all this is that I am the only member who cares enough about the AMTC to take proactive action. Oh yes, those of you who received calls from me promising you a puppy or a free stud fee in return for your vote, please come on by and collect. If you need further information, please contact Jeri Hobbs, she obviously is the expert on that offer. Yes Jeri, PRAISE THE LORD JESUS, the Author of all that is good and Holy, and the provider of the outstanding success and blessings that Wanda and I have enjoyed.

Jeri Hobbs, your forum post is correct, I was "afraid" to go to OKC, I am just weak I guess. But I stayed busy at home with Flynn, Christian, and Gracie. Their sister, Tiara, went with Wanda to be delivered to our friend, Pat Hall. Oh yes, you probably didn't notice that Pat took Best of Winners with Ch. Saint Lazar's Topaz (the only Manchester Terrier puppy to take a Best in Show, and from the Puppy Class at that). And let's see, you no doubt missed that Dr. Travis took our Standard, Ch. Saint Lazar's Ring of Fire to Best of Winners under Bivin, for his second 5 point major at a National Specialty. I probably should also tell you that Saint Lazar took Brood Bitch of the Year again, with a tie between our Serena and Clarice (BOW at the 2003 National), this has never been done by anyone else. Then there were some Certificate of Merit awards, an additional to the Hall of Fame (there are so many now, we have lost count), and of course Wanda was awarded the AKC GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP MEDALLION. The problem with all this is that it was an "off year" for Saint Lazar, that's why I was afraid and ashamed to be there. The fact is that if you weren't like Horowitz, blinded by jealousy and envy, you might accomplish, with the  LORD's help and blessing, something yet in MT's. It's never too late to repent and turn to OUR LORD for forgiveness, he loves you just as much as me and everyone else he created. We love you too Jeri!

McClellan Charged with Abuse of Office
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The AMTC membership will recall that during the past election the candidates nominated from the membership at large ran on the platform of "openness", honesty, decency, and a commitment to the interests of all of the members of the AMTC. You choose to "apparently" elect some of those candidates who include current AMTC Board members Patricia Hall, Judy Anderson, Brenda Gala, Virginia Antia, and Roberta Berman. I say apparently because the former Secretary, Kathy Bradley, has not produced the ballots as required by the Constitution and By-Laws. Not one of these elected ladies choose to demur from the Platform we all ran on, that is they fully accepted every item and issue. If you have forgotten what those were, call or email me and I will post the campaign videos again on you tube.

Now comes the time Pat, Judy, Brenda, Virginia, and Roberta to meet the obligation to the membership that you agreed to when you accepted the candidacy. It is uncontested that McClellan, in one of the most selfish acts I have ever witnessed, put herself above every other member of the AMTC when she abused the Office of President of the AMTC by directing Donna Young to link her Breeder referral page listing to her personal web site. Saint Lazar, and every other Breeder Referral listing has been damaged, both financially and otherwise, by this unacceptable act of self interest. You must suspend McClellan from the Office of President failing her prompt resignation. Also you must insist that James Burrows recuse himself from any official action pertaining to my formal charge of Abuse of Office. Burrows co-owns dogs with McClellan and with myself, and can not, and will not act with impartiality. For him not to do so will expose the AMTC to another legal action.

I know there is a great deal of apathy amongst the AMTC membership about what goes on with the management of the club, but if you are interested in MT's to the extent that you joined the Club, then surely you should be concerned about the governance. Please contact the Board members and tell them you are not going to countenance this atrocious conduct by McClellan. You might also tell them that you expect them to call Bradley to account for the ballots, and if she doesn't produce them, then you expect a recommendation of expulsion from AMTC membership. Yesterday, 9/29, Bradley challenged me on the AMTC Official forum to formally charge her with ballot tampering, and she stated she would pay the $25 filing fee. I am going to do so within the next 24 hours. Hold your breath concerning her paying for it. PLEASE READ KIMBERLE SCHIFF'S EXCELLENT NOTE BELOW.


I got back on Tuesday from a two week road trip to the German Pinscher Nationals.  This small club has for the past 5 years has been bitterly infighting.  This year I attended a fun, well run, well attended, friendly show and annual meeting, etc…. how did the GPCA make this change?  They got rid of the people in leadership positions who were doing more harm than good.  It was wonderful to have good working relationships amongst all the attendees and we all had lots of fun together as a whole group.  I came home to find hundreds of e-mails from this AMTC list.  There’s so much garbage and discontent that it took me three evenings to just read it all.  I have gleaned the following:

1)      there is still a question about the election ballots and whether they were ever mailed… its not ever getting resolved cause they are either lost in the mail or destroyed.  Either you believe Kathy or you don’t believe Kathy but in the end its moot as the ballots are never going to be seen again.  Just remember whom you felt was telling the truth when the next election rolls around and lets move on.

2)      Kelly used her position as liaison from board to webmaster to have Donna put Kelly’s personal website on the breeders referral page even though the board had not voted to do so (only to add a box for it on NEXT YEARS renewal).  When caught and in an attempt to cover things up she used Aiko who should no longer have had access to the website to remove the link. 

3)      Kelly was supposed to inform Aiko that she was no longer webmaster or co-webmaster and did not.  Aiko was directed to make changes after the time when she had been removed by the board.  This deception has caused us to loose Donna as webmaster and the entire site is now in jeopardy of not being able to be maintained.


I am ashamed to be a member of this club.  I am disgusted with those in this club who have acted in ways that lowers the opinion of the dog world toward our great breed.  Shame on you Kelly.  Do the right thing… step down.  Donna, please consider staying.. we need you. 

Kimberle Schiff




For many months I have been asking the AMTC members who care to demand that Bradley (or whatever her name is this week) be held accountable for failing to send the last election ballots to the newly elected Secretary as specified in the AMTC By-Laws. No McClellan they are not to be destroyed, it is apparent you have never once bothered to make even a cursory read of the By-Laws. We know your problem, which is you know you were not elected, and now you realize that it is about to become apparent to the entire membership. One would have to be brain dead not to realize how unbalanced Bradley is once you have read her rantings on the Official List. Just go down this page to the March 3rd editorial and read the emails sent by Bradley concerning ballot impropriety. It is patently obvious she rigged the election. The Board is going to have to face the fact that someone is going to get enough of this crookedness and the Club is going to be faced with another law suit, which means bankruptcy. The only way this can be dealt with is to expel Bradley from membership, and to get McClellan out of office. How about it Peter, show us some backbone for once, you know right from wrong, after all you are an "officer of the court".

September 14, 2009 

Kelly McClellan,
207 Scott Orchard Road,
Taft, TN 38488

Subject: Abuse of Office, Circumvention of Rules of Procedure 

Dear Kelly: 

Congratulations! You have managed to do it again. I would like to have been able to call up Donna Young and instruct her to put me up exclusively as the only link to a personal web site on the AMTC Breeder Referral Page on the AMTC web site. But alas I am not devious, crafty, or underhanded enough to think to do that. No telling how many prospective Manchester Terrier buyers Saint Lazar and the others who paid their listing fee missed, because they went to you. I know you will do your usual song and dance, and deny you got any contacts, but hey, we all know that’s the “McClellan way”. 

Of course you being of mature age, the holder of an Engineering degree, etc., are not of sufficient experience or education for us to expect you to remember what the AMTC Board decided in respect to how the Breeder Referral Page links were to be handled, meetings that you chaired as the President. Never mind what Zandi recorded in the Board meeting minutes, we believe and trust that your version is the truth and you had every right to have yourself put up over every other paid member listing. After all, everyone knows some are “more equal” that others. 

I also admire your ability to rest well at night knowing full well you are probably not the legitimately elected President of the AMTC. If you had one shred of decency, you would utilize your position as the “maybe elected” AMTC President to compel Kathy Whatever Her Name is This Week, to produce the ballots or be removed from AMTC membership. But the AMTC membership fully recognizes your insecurity and understands you are not interested in the real ballot count. GOD forbid, it might have been that “nutcase” Charlie Walker, but it’s a cinch we will never know, at least on your illegitimate watch. 

I envy those contacts you got thru your selfish circumvention of AMTC rules and procedures. Wanda and I are worried to death, we have only received about a dozen solid inquiries the past two months or so, and we only have deposit checks in our waiting list folder for six show quality Toy Manchester females, no males. To add insult to injury, we only come up 3rd or 4th when one does a Google or yahoo search for MT’s.  

It was even worse for us this past Saturday when we could only beat you in the BBE Classes in Chattanooga, and went BOW with a 6 month old boy in the ring for the very first time. You whipped that boy good by going BOV with what is undoubtedly some of your puppy mill stuff. How great for you. When we got home Saturday afternoon, I sat down in the den and glanced over at the hearth where there happened to be a stack, almost 24 inches in height, of award plaques from the AMTC since 1975. This was not all of them by a long shot, many are in storage. It was so depressing to see so few Brood Bitch of Year awards, Stud Dog of the Year Awards, etc., etc. I know that no one else is even remotely close, even Burrows and Mackesey with their multitude of “purchased” wins, but surely GOD could have done better for us. Woe is us. 

But I digress; Wanda and I will just have to stick it out with our junk while you continue to run roughshod over the AMTC membership, who after all, has exactly what they apparently asked for. Only Kathy knows for sure. 

We wish you our very best in your future, uh, misdealing. 

Charlie Walker

Note: Click here for the lengthy chronology.

The latest shenanigan the President of the AMTC has foisted on the unsuspecting AMTC membership is that Kelly McClellan directed Donna Young to place a link to her personal web site from the Breeder Referral Page on the official AMTC web page. Donna should not have done this, but that is another matter. McClellan did this with the specific purpose of diverting visitors, who may be interested in purchasing Manchester Terriers, to her site so she could have "first crack" at them. There is no other possible purpose. I remind you that McClellan chairs the AMTC Board meetings, and has participated in every discussion and decision made by the Board pertaining to Breeder Referral Listings. She is an educated adult, a college graduate engineer as she likes to remind you, so she is totally without excuse. However, I have known her for years, and this is just one more page, out of many, in her book of aberrant behavior. She "stuck it to" her fellow members, including Wanda and Charlie Walker, who paid to have their listings on the Breeder Referral Page. She knew and discussed the procedures with the Board, but because she is "more equal" than every other member, she got the unsuspecting Donna Young to do her bidding. When she realized she was found out, she called Aiko Shinseki and had her remove the link. Aiko did this without any authority or right to access the AMTC web site, so as far as I am concerned, this makes her a willing accomplice to the heinous act by McClellan. I don't know about the other members participating in the Breeder Referral Listing, but Saint Lazar is not going to stand for this and I am going to formally ask the Board to discipline McClellan for abuse of office. I hope for once someone else who knows the difference between right and wrong, will join with me on the charge. I'm not holding my breath though.


Probably many members of the AMTC have heard the rumor mill that there is going to be a lawsuit filed in the State of AMTC Incorporation, Washington, against the AMTC because of the failure of Kathy Bradley to produce the ballots of the last election as is required by the constitution and by-laws. Rumor has it will be served at the Annual Meeting effectively halting the meeting. I have made it clear here that I personally feel that election fraud has taken place, or why else would Bradley, or whatever name she goes by today, refuse to produce the ballots. Bradley has a written record of speaking about possible ballot tempering. The President, and the Board of the AMTC has failed to call Bradley to account, thereby failing to perform the duties of their Offices. This does not include AMTC Secretary, Zandi Spicer, who has made repeated efforts to get Bradley to do what she was elected to do. Pat Hall supports Zandi in her efforts, but it is obvious that the other Officers and Board members have failed in their duty, and I don't blame some members, other than myself, for being fed up. Now the Mea Culpa is that the AMTC membership is very much aware that I conducted an election campaign on behalf of the member nominated candidates. A prominent and repeated pledge by me was that each of the candidates was a "decent" and "honest" person. Not one of the candidates demurred from that description. I apologize to the membership because it is now obvious that at least three of the membership nominated candidates elected do not meet this criteria. Their continued failure to call  Bradley to account for malfeasance in office can not be called "decent" or "honest" by any stretch of the imagination. Then there is the failure to call to account the Treasurer who has the most documented record of violations of the AMTC Code of Ethics probably ever seen. Why in Heaven's name has the Board allowed the Treasurer to sit on the Committee that is revising the Constitution, By-Laws, and Code of Ethics. Then there is the failure to call the President to account for malfeasance in office by failing to take any leadership concerning Bradley's failure to transfer the ballots. What is she afraid of? It's obvious!  Further, there is the President's public admission of commercial transactions with a well known puppy mill. Every member of the Board knows that the AMTC Constitution & By-Laws specifically state in ARTICLE I, SECTION 2, (a) To do all possible to bring to perfection the natural qualities of purebred Manchester Terriers (both varieties). How on earth does public dealing with puppy mills meet this section? (e) To do all in its power to protect and advance the interests of the breed and to encourage sportsmanlike competition at dog shows and obedience trials: So dealing with puppy mills is protecting and advancing the interests of the breed? I know there is one of our major detractors who can, and probably will, write a thesis refuting/defending this atrocious conduct, but consider the source. I am sincerely sorry fellow AMTC members that I was mislead as to the honesty and decency of the candidates other than Zandi Spicer & Patricia Hall. If I am wrong, the minute they contact me and prove I am wrong, I will make a loud and public apology. But don't bother if you are going to say it's a matter of opinion, I know what honesty and decency is. WILL THOSE PLANNING THE LAWSUIT PLEASE CONTACT US, WE WANT TO MAKE A CONTRIBUTION, AND YOU CAN RELY ON OUR DISCRETION. THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONCERN!


Almost four years ago I wrote an editorial on the joys of being a consistent winner at dog shows, well nothing has changed. We still produce the finest and most consistent Toy Manchester Terriers on this planet. Okay so you don't agree, that's your privilege, but others who look carefully at the photographs we post on a regular basis and compare them to others would take exception with you. Those who for various reasons are incapable of producing quality TMT's on a consistent basis, just foam at the mouth when they look at our guys and gals, and see them in the show ring. They foam and rant and rave and attack Saint Lazar through sheer envy and jealousy, no matter how they may protest differently. They stop at nothing in their accusations/attacks, they include anything and everything one can think of. We are well aware that one of the most grating issues to these characters is our public acknowledgement of the LORD JESUS as the author and prefect of whatever success we have enjoyed these past decades. Does this mean that Charlie Walker is without sin? Not by any means, it just means he knows and trusts who is LORD and where his and Wanda's strength and success originate. Now it comes that Carolyn Horowitz has been unable to contain her jealousy and envy and has attacked Saint Lazar on an open AMTC forum (which I never look at, but our friends have advised us of the attack). What amazes me is that this attack did not run to the usual four pages of prose that Carolyn normally requires to make a point. In any event it is obvious Carolyn is so taken by our magnificent guys and gals that she can not refrain from frequent visits to our web site, and I don't think anyone is holding a gun on her and making her do it. Why is Carolyn not better spending her time railing against the AMTC President who is a self-admitted supporter and trafficker with puppy mills, which conduct flies in the face of everything the AMTC is supposed to represent? Why has Carolyn not called the former AMTC Secretary to account for failing to produce the election ballots as required, especially when many are convinced election fraud has occurred? How hypocritical that Carolyn is content to sit on a committee with the most documented and notorious kennel packer in memory, and yet I am told she wrote the proposed new "code of ethics". Based on Carolyn's continuing acquiescence to COE violations, that is like the fox guarding the hen house. No, unrestrained jealousy and envy has simply overwhelmed her, as she has not been able to, and never will even approach Saint Lazar's GOD given TMT breeding success. How sad. Wanda and I appreciate those who have rebuked Carolyn's unwarranted attack, these are the same few who came to our defense when Donna Brown & Jim Burrows made their premeditated false allegation against Wanda and I a while back. GOD BLESS you and thank you for your friendship and decency, but alas you are in the very tiny minority in the AMTC.


I had occasion this morning to speak with Zandi Spicer, Secretary AMTC, and during the conversation I asked her did the election ballots tally with the "count". As many viewers know, I supposedly lost the election for AMTC President by ten votes. This is kind of odd since the membership nominated slate was elected. To refresh the memories of our faithful viewers, and supporters of honesty and decency, I have pasted in the infamous email originated by Kathy Bradley concerning a previous election. Until it is proven differently by a look at the ballots, I am presuming that there has been election fraud perpetrated against the AMTC. The AMTC By-Law specifically say, "each retiring Officer shall turn over to his successor in office all Club properties and records relating to that office within 30 days after the election" (Article IV, Section 1, CLUB YEAR). Zandi informed me that she had written to Bradley reminding her of this requirement, and that Bradley has refused to hand over the ballots. I surmise that Bradley has no doubt destroyed them by now. I hereby publicly call on the AMTC Board of Directors to call Kathy Bradley to account, and to suspend her from AMTC membership pending her permanent removal from our ranks. This is beyond the pale, but not surprising from this character. Take a look at the convicting note below;




Well the "grapevine" says things are pretty bad, the previous regime has sat on it's hands, and it's going to take a bit to catch up on business that should have been attended to. So I am saying to myself, and others who care, be patient, the "good folks" have the majority and they will get our club straightened out.


Praise our LORD that the "Membership Nominated Candidates" now comprise a majority of the Board of the American Manchester Terrier Club. I am grateful for the small part I had in getting these very, very fine members elected. The bad news is that we now have a known customer of puppy mills as President of the AMTC. One can only hope she will do the "decent thing" and resign. She is outnumbered on the Board of Directors, and if these people stick to their guns, she might as well bow out gracefully. That would leave the "kennel packers" to deal with. The Board will now have the opportunity to determine if the "packer" is going to be held to account in respect to the AMTC Code of Ethics which specifically prohibits "kennel packing". It is obvious that a substantial number of members feel that kennel packing is okay, and whatever one must do to be able to claim having the #1 Dog is okay. Wow, we all know that all it takes is the expenditure of a great deal of money, but is this really what the AMTC is all about? I think not, but we shall see when the charges are leveled, and I am assured they are coming. Wanda and I are very grateful to have been part of the membership nominated slate even though we were not elected. The "membership nominated candidates" who were elected are Judy Anderson, 1st VP, Roberta Berman, 2nd VP, and Pat Hall, Brenda Gala, and Virginia Antia. Zandi Spicer, long time good friend of Wanda & myself, was unopposed as Secretary, but early on endorsed the platform of the "membership nominated" slate. I thought a while back, see editorials further down, that we had a decent AMTC Board last election, but was I drastically wrong. This time I am reasonably certain that I am right. Wanda gets on "my case" because I name "names" on the web page. Why not, everyone in the AMTC knows what is going on, at least those who take time to vote and keep up with events. There is no slander, just always a statement of the simple, and very well documented facts. Kelly didn't even bother to deny doing business with the Tennessee puppy mill, but "defended" her actions. Burrows & Mackesey don't even make a pretense of paying any attention to the ethics of kennel packing, and this has been documented by myself and numbers of others. So to our newly elected majority, it's now up to you to set the course of the AMTC. Same old stuff, or the cool refreshing breeze of openness in all the business conduct of the club, honesty, decency, good communication to the members, and most of all a concern for the welfare and concerns of the entire AMTC membership.


Yesterday, December 15th was the deadline for the American Manchester Terrier Club Officer election ballots to be received in order to be counted. The choices are very clear, there is no gray area. Our members either voted for the self-nominated customer of puppy mills, the notorious "kennel packer", who I notice was defeated severely in CA this past week, and others who have shown a flagrant disregard for common decency, or the membership nominated slate consisting of honest, decent, very experienced, members who have the betterment of the breed at heart. Some have expressed pessimism in view of how our nation expressed it's state in the recent national elections. I am not the least bit superstitious, I know GOD is still in charge, and he knows the beginning from the end, and what is good for those who acknowledge his LORDSHIP and dominion. However, if I was superstitious, I find heartening that some good folks tracked me down Sunday morning at the Atlanta airport on my cell phone to ask about getting their ballots in. They had moved and the ballots had just showed up in Saturday's mail. I told them it was too late, but they said they thought there was a postal facility open in their large city and that they were going to go there and send the ballots via overnight express mail. They shared that they were voting for the entire membership nominated slate and they didn't mind the expense. Perhaps this bodes well, but it's a cinch we will know shortly. This assumes we get an "honest" ballot count. If it were Illinois, Minnesota, or Ohio, that would be a pipedream.


It took the President of the American Kennel Club only 5 working days to completely vindicate Wanda and I from the false and malicious allegations brought against us by Jim Burrows and Donna Brown. The current "regime" of the AMTC couldn't/wouldn't do anything in 14 months. And you wonder why we use terms like "persecution" and "incompetence"? In the near future we will be posting copies of documents showing where Jim Burrows placed dogs "without AKC papers" in his own handwriting. The exact same thing he and Brown tried to charge us with at the AKC. This is the epitome of hypocrisy. All you going to feel comfortable with this character as AMTC Treasurer, self-nominated by the way?

The liars "lied", and the AMTC Officers & Board utterly failed in the performance of their duty, and perpetrated a heinous wrong against us, but GOD stood by us. Now the unrepentant ones, the ones who to this day have not had one contact with us, and that consists of the entire AMTC Board & Officers, excluding Elud Archeleta-Creesler, who finally saw the light, will have to answer to their maker. I honestly feel sorry for them, he is a "just" GOD. If anyone looking at the above is not aware of all the gory details, please go further down this page and be enlightened. Start reading from the bottom up. Please keep in mind many of these persecutors are expecting to be re-elected to office, please don't allow that fellow AMTC members. The link below will give you insight into what is at stake in the upcoming AMTC election.

Rebuttal to Kelly McClellan

I have the greatest of respect for you as a person, one who has pulled herself up by the bootstraps, obtained a fine education, and gone on to great employment as an engineer. Also I don't know of anyone who can train dogs better, or for that matter, show them in the ring. However, none of that qualifies you for the office of President of the AMTC. Your history of indecisiveness in the AMTC, and in the breed, indicates that you don't have the proven record of experience and knowledge that many feel is required of the next AMTC President. I have every right to express that opinion pubically, just as our current Presidential candidates do. If your record can't stand the heat, that is not my fault. The AMTC is in serious condition, and it is essential that competent, experienced members be elected to office. Members who will pubically state that they will conduct the business of the club openly. I think it is appalling that you would do business with a long time puppy mill, and then try to pass it off as helping a "Christian" woman. This in itself is indicative of extremely poor judgment. The fact that a Saint Lazar dog can be beat by a puppy mill dog means nothing. Anyone who has to win at any cost, can put a "professional handler" on a dog and purchase their wins, we all know that.
Concerning your leaving the AMTC, I am saddened to read about your family tragedy. However, from our viewpoint, Wanda and I have been through worse, and yet, through thick and thin, we have remained in the AMTC for over 33 years. We have remained even though only four members have supported us in respect to the fallacious allegations by Brown and Burrows. You claim to be Wanda's friend, yet you did nothing to demand justice. You have great qualities Kelly, but the emotional stamina required to be the leader of the caliber that the AMTC needs now is not one of them. This does not mean you are a bad person, you are not.
I will be happy to hear from your "lawyer". I have placed nothing on our web site that is not factual, and can't be documented, as you well know. I have the right as a member of the AMTC to question the competency of a proposed President of the AMTC. One who nominated herself. I have a photograph of your note that was placed on a Vet's bulletin board that reads: "Free to good home 3-18 wk old males Manchester Terriers Kelly 931.425. 6147". This was sent by a person who has talked to us about obtaining a dog from us, and could not understand why someone was giving away young MT's. Here is what the AMTC Code of Ethics states;  3) Not to sell, give, trade, abandon or in any manner transfer litters or individual Manchester Terriers to pet dealers, pet wholesalers, auctions, laboratories, raffles, pet stores, puppy mills, animal shelters, or any source for resale. I will not knowingly transfer ownership or provide stud service to anyone who intends to breed Manchester Terriers for any of the above listed purposes. I would be embarrassed too that this has been uncovered. I would recommend you take a copy of this note to your lawyer. You can probably save some money.
I don't see where the COE prohibits you from supporting puppy mills by purchasing from them, but I think the members of the AMTC need to be aware that you think it's okay. In respect to Haslam, I only remember one conversation with her, and so does Wanda who heard my side of it, and no harsh words were used. Haslam has tried for years to get her hands on Saint Lazar genes,  and she does not suffer rejection well, or our adherence to the AMTC Code of Ethics.. Christian or not, she simply lied about any conversation where supposedly "harsh" words were used. Also I have noticed through the years, that whenever I point out wrong doing, and call people to account who are incompetent, or express my First Amendment rights in any way, the very first thing they do is refer to my Christian faith. So you are in good company, no wrongdoer likes to be exposed to the light. Every Christian is obligated to stand for what is clearly right, and scripture says we will be "reviled" for it, and you can take that to the bank.  I am not flawless Kelly, but I have no problem sleeping at night.
I hope you will do the right thing, and have your name removed as candidate for President of the AMTC. This would put you in the league with Elud, seriously wrong, but big enough to eventually admit it and try to make amends.
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From: Kelly McClellan
Cc: ;
Sent: Tuesday, October 07, 2008 2:09 AM
Subject: FYI - Why can't people live and let live, as GOD would LOVE it to be, without knocking others?

I normally don't reply to those who attack me, but when I do - I like for everyone to hear the reply straight from me so that they get it first hand from me.  This will prevent any exagerations, email tampering, etc.
This is my response to Charlie about the ugly reference to me on His Website (excluding Wanda).  This email will hopefully reduce the amount of time those people who talk will discuss this topic.
The next section, as you can tell, is directed to Charlie:




Referencing me in a negative manner on your website better STOP!!!


I have done nothing over the years to you and Wanda short of referring people to you until others (in and out of the manchester world) have told me how nasty you were talking about me and you giving them ultimatums.  I did slow down on referring people to you when some that I referred called me back to tell me how nasty you were to them.  BTW: I appologized to the ones that called me back.


WHAT I DO IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.  I don't know where you get your information, but I have not given any young PUPPIES away other than swapping with other breeders or trying to help a breeder friend get started.  I sometimes place my older puppies/dogs (males) minimal or free of charge just to get them to their own forever/good homes. 


HASLAM STORY - ONCE AND FOR ALL:  I called Patsy Haslam after seeing her sweet website - looked like she loved her manchesters.  She invited me to come see her place.  She had a very nice/clean/heat/air facility for her dogs with running water less than 100 ft from her house.  After we talked for several hours, she asked for my help in educating her on the manchester breed.  I started educating her about showing, evaluating her puppies, health issues, etc.  She said that she wanted to do what was right for the breed.  She gave me her story from the beginning.  She had looked into showing and had called you (Charlie) to discuss the breed with you.  She had also gone to some shows to see what it was about when she had first got into manchesters.  She said the words that you used on the phone to her were unbearable/heartbreaking.  She said she didn't even know you, and she couldn't believe you were talking to her so harshly.  Her husband told her that he didn't want anything to do with people who were as nasty as you and the ones they met at the show (they didn't get their names).  I encouraged her that all manchester people weren't that bad.  When I evaluated her bitches (5 - I believe), I told her that she needed to find pet homes for a couple.  She did as I recommended to her.  She had everyone VWd' many years back.  We looked at her pedigrees, and she had some really nice OLD stuff.  I then told her that she needed to get her a nicer male - to place her current male.  She even understood why I couldn't let her use mine, due to the ugliness that I would have to endure.  She told me that she didn't want to cause me any hardship.  (This couple are the sweetest people anyone could ever ask for as friends.)  I told her that once I took a few of her pups and Championed them then we could start working together.  (I started showing a few of her pups for her, and her and her husband came and met some of the other nicer manchester folks.  I also not only finished the first pup that started our friendship, I had beat several top specials and took breed at Lexington, KY - large entry).  Things seemed to be looking up when another manchester person reached out to help with educating Patsy Haslam to the improvement of our breed.  She obtained a male from this person that had a wonderful attitude, but he turned out to be a nightmare to her.  His teeth was horrid and he has since died of heart problems.  She asked my advice about this male once she paid for him, and I told her that I would not use him in my breeding program if he was mine.  She quickly paid to have him neutered and sent him to a so called friend that placed him as a rescue (I do not know the facts to this whole story and it is not mine to tell anyway).  After a lot more nasty emails and ugliness, Patsy called to tell me that she was retiring to spend time with her young grandchildren. She said that if she didn't have all the new grandchildren that she would love to follow our plan that we had laid out.  She ask me to help her find good homes for her manchesters so she could go be with her grandchildren.  I helped her, and I contine to this day to have a wonderful friendship with the Haslams.  We talk on a regular basis as good friends should.


YES - I helped the Haslams (again - who are the nicest Christian people that I have ever met in my life much less in the Manchester world).  Mind you there are some nice people in the Manchester world, and I've had the luck so far to find a few.  I will always HOPE that there are many more that I just haven't met yet.  I like to think that if other AMTC members would take the time to help educate these other people outside our little circle, then we would have a much happier/healthier breed.


Back to your website, I don't understand why you continue to slam me on your website without even as much as picking up the phone to talk to me to see if your busy-body sources were feeding you correct information.  I have an appointment with my lawyer in the morning, and will initiate charges soon after if this post doesn't disappear off your website. 


On a personal note, how in the world can you slam and judge people on your website the way you do and claim to be a Christian.  If I had your current personality, I wouldn't be able to sleep at nite, and I definitely wouldn't expect to have many friends left.  I have always cared for you and Wanda both until you started this crusade against me.  I had ignored everything everyone had said about you until you started all this against me on your website.  I like to know people from my experiences with them, not what people tell me about them.  I have a mind of my own, I think for myself, I make decisions for myself based on my education and facts that I gather, and I make and spend my money the way I choose.  I ignore what people SAY about me, and I choose not to believe it until I am shown otherwise with facts.  For instance, when it is in black and white directly from you - I guess everything that I've heard you have said is true, allowing for exagerations through the phone lines of course.  I didn’t want to believe you could really be that hateful.  I have and will ALWAYS LOVE WANDA.  She is a very sweet and kind lady.  What happened to you over the years?  Where did you go?






To ALL again,

If you want to know what I'm thinking or want to say something to or about me, please call me (931.425.6147 - home or 256.679.3999 - cell).  I will tell you to the best of my ability what I feel, why I did something, or what my opinion is on something.  If you want to feed me ugliness about someone, I do not want to hear it.  My grandmother always told me that the more you stir sh-- the more it will stink.  Sorry for the old expression, but it really drives the point HOME.  It is always best to get to know someone face to face as opposed to what people are telling you about them.


P.S.  I would like to clear something else up that has been said about me since I have been back with the AMTC.  The main reason I quit the AMTC, several years ago, was that my grandfather shot himself in the head and killed himself cause he couldn't stand seeing my grandmother go to an Alziemers Home.  There were no indicators - he was still cutting peoples hair as a barber and cooking/cleaning after my grandmother.  They were in their mid 80's.  He had helped give our whole family a STRONG CHRISTIAN ROOT.  We were all devistated.  My dad and his 2 brothers chose me to go with them to admit her to the home the day after my grandfathers funeral/burial.  She clung to my hand while her sons were doing the paperwork asking me "PLEASE DON'T LET THEM LEAVE ME HERE."  On top of that, a month later, my immediate family fell apart due to other things that I wish to not discuss - family business only.  This went on for 3 years with my immediate family.  At that point in my life, I could not deal with the pettiness of the AMTC busybodies so I chose my family life over the AMTC.  I am BACK steady and don't plan on going anywhere other than doing what is best for the manchester terrier breed and trying to educate anyone who reaches out to me.


Thanks for caring enough to read this and take care,


More AMTC nonsense.

The following remarks do not include Elud Archeleta-Creesler, AMTC Board Member. Elud made a serious mistake, apologized for it, and tried to rectify it. We consider him a friend!

Take a look at the letter below, received in yesterday's mail, 9/26/08, from Bradley, Secretary of the AMTC. After a year and a half of persecution, this is what we get. No explanation, no apology, and we still don't know if the fallacious accusations by Donna Brown are laid to rest yet or not. In my entire life, 68 years, I have never seen, nor experienced, such absolute meanness and incompetence, as that manifested by the current AMTC Board. I expected it from Jim Burrows, because of the way we were treated by him in respect to the dogs we co-own with him, what a monumental mistake that was. But the others, what can I say. This simply proves the old saw, "you can't judge a book by it's cover". May GOD have mercy on their incompetence and meanness, they are going to need it.

A good man comes through, THANK YOU ELUD ARCHULETA-CREESLER!

To continue the saga of the persecution of Charles & Wanda Walker by the Board of Directors of the American Manchester Terrier Club (see other entries below), we received a copy of an email sent 9/16/08 by the Secretary of the AMTC to Elizabeth Treese and Karen Bristol, two fine members of the AMTC who are attempting to learn why the Board is continuing their persecution of us. Here it is cut & pasted below;

Elizabeth & Karen,
This is a matter before the Board, therefore, we can not respond at this time to your comments or concerns. This matter is being reviewed accordingly and we are following proper protocol as written in the AMTC Constitution and By Laws.
What many members of the AMTC fail to remember is an Ethics Complaint is totally separate from a Member Charge. They are two separate entities and handled in completely different manners. This seems to be where a lot of misinformation is being presented concerning this particular matter. The matter of which Mr. Walker is speaking is not an ethics matter.
The Board is well aware of what proper procedure is and will follow it to the letter as described in our Constitution and By Laws.
Kathy Bradley, Sec'y
Am. Manchester Terrier Club

Notice that Bradley is now claiming that there is no Ethics violation, but a "member" complaint. Also, I beg to differ with her, it's not that they can not be forthcoming, but WILL NOT. Why so secretive, what is it they and Brown are afraid of?  If the Board and Officers are following the Constitution & By Laws to the letter, then why the complaint by member Muriel Henkel. Why the discussion about this at the last annual meeting. Man, it is obvious that we need a "Sunshine Rule" in the AMTC so that these people are exposed. Here is Bradley's letter to us dated 8/28/08, that reads different about an ethics violation:

Bradley and the Board simply ignore the fact that the Code of Ethics only applies to a "sale" and not to a "gift" which is what the dog in question was. So if it is not an "ethics" violation, why does the above letter request us to "comply with the Code of Ethics"? What is up with this poor woman? What is up with the members of the Board, excluding Elud? Why are they so determined to "get" us, when we have done nothing to any one of them. I know they don't like me (Charlie), fine, but why the persecution of Wanda? LORD GOD this is worse than the three Stooges. I will say one more time, WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE OF AN ETHICS VIOLATION?

On a very positive note, we received the following letter today, via email, from Mr. Elud Archuleta-Creesler, and I believe it speaks for itself;

September 17, 2008 

Charles & Wanda –

The AMTC Ethics Committee received a complaint from Donna Brown against you. The Ethics Committee couldn’t come up with a resolution, so we advised Ms Brown, if she wanted to pursue the matter, to file a charge with the AMTC Board. She has done so, and the Board has decided to review the charge. The AMTC Board decided to ask that you send the registration papers to Ms Brown, so that the AMTC Board would not to have to waste the time and money in a hearing.

I have, personally, been involved with the discussions to try to get this matter resolved. When Ms Brown submitted her charge against you, I did think that she had a valid charge, and agreed to hear the case along with others on the Board. Now, after reading and reviewing the case many times, and my being human, I have to admit that I don’t see a valid charge. My reasoning for this is:

  1. There was no formal contract between you and Ms Brown stating that if for some reason the bitch should be returned to her she would receive the registration papers.
  2. You have every right, having been owners of the dog, to decide whether or not registration papers should accompany the dog.
  3. You have not violated any AMTC Code of Ethics.

I am writing to admit that my judgment in hearing the case was wrong and I apologize to you for the inconvenience and stress that you have been through and will continue to go through until this is over. Rest assured that after much thought, I will support your not having to return the registration papers to Ms Brown.

Elud Archuleta-Cressler

Elud, I was told a couple of days ago by a fellow AMTC member who is supporting us, that she thought you were a "good man" and that you would do what is right and just. So ultimately you have, and Wanda and I appreciate your support. As I wrote to you, I have had occasion in life to "change my mind" for various reasons, and it is "big" of you to do so and be willing to do it pubically. We commend you, and our right hands of friendship are extended to you. Now we have to deal, one way or the other, with those left who directed Bradley to send the above letter. Maybe some of your "bigness" will rub off on them.

We made a serious mistake.

Those who regularly read this page know that we supported the election of the current Officers and Directors of the AMTC (Look further down this page under date of 1/2/07). What a grievous mistake that apparently was. If you have any doubt, then read the next section below, "When good men do nothing". Just as Elud has admitted to a mistake, and this happens in life without any evil intent, so have we made a big time error. We now have written evidence that is simply mind blowing concerning how Brown's allegation was twisted by one of the AMTC Officers. As one told us, "no one could be that dumb, the only interpretation is that this person is out to do you terrible harm". We are cautiously hopeful that Elud Archuleta-Creesler will go back and look at the capricious actions of the AMTC Board, and upon review realize what a terrible wrong has been perpetrated upon us. I confess, I can not yet pray for my enemies when I look at what they are doing to a fine Christian woman who has never done anything to them, and even supported their election to office. I am well aware though, that GOD has "never left us, nor forsaken us", even though the Devil would have us think so. To HIM be the Glory!

When good men do nothing.

For eleven years I have had a lot of fun with our web site. Part of this fun is proclaiming our position as the #1 breeder of Toy Manchester Terriers, about which I am deadly serious. I don't say we are the #1 exhibitor, or that we have the #1 dog, because dog shows have not been a "sport" for several decades, but they are a business where the #1 dog is widely advertised and taken in the ring by a Professional Handler who will be well know to all licensed Judges. These are "purchased" positions which require nothing but money. That is not to say that many ranked dogs are not of superior quality, but that there are many who do not deserve to be where they are in the ratings if their respective Breed Standard were correctly interpreted. No one who has any dog showing experience can rationally dispute this. Saint Lazar shows their own dogs, and we make a "big deal" out of this.

So, Saint Lazar now finds itself in the position of being attacked on a bogus "ethics charge" by a fellow AMTC member. The allegations are very simple, and incorrect, but are smothered in a very verbose prose that has nothing to do with the false allegation. No matter to certain members of the AMTC Board of Directors. These are people who have been "offended" for years with the show wins that GOD has blessed us with, and the fact that they are constantly reminded by me that they have no breeding plan, or any breeding expertise, or use Professional Handlers. Also I am well aware that certain AMTC Members, Board & individual, are extremely "convicted" by our giving our LORD & SAVIOR the full credit for any showing and breeding success we enjoy. May I digress a moment. Yesterday, 9/10/08, I was going through Dixie Dempsey's book published in 1950, "THE TOY MANCHESTER TERRIER". Shame on me, I had never read her comments on "breeding", although I have had 2 copies of this book for over 3 decades. She supports everything I have had to say on this web site about "planned breeding" and Mr. Lloyd Brackett's principles. I will be posting some of her shared experience in the near future.

But back to the matter at hand. Some of those AMTC members who don't like to be reminded of their purchased wins, or that they have no consistent success in breeding quality TMT's, other than the occasional "topper" as Mr. Brackett used to put it, are now in a position of "power" on the AMTC Board of Directors. Believe me, they are going to use this position of power to diminish and demean us in every way they can, and one way will be by throwing Charlie Walker, a 33 year member of the AMTC, out of the Club. When a rational decent person looks at the hard cold facts, and reads the AMTC Code of Ethics, they can easily see what nonsense is going on in respect to the false allegations. These people are "in control", so "when good men (and women) do nothing" guess what, they "get" us. Who are these "good men and women", the average AMTC member who loves the breed, but probably rarely participates in voting, showing, or attending annual meetings. We hope you will do something, and that "something" will be to write or call every AMTC Board Member and tell them you are not going to put up with a Clintonesque interpretation of the wording of the AMTC Code of Ethics. GOD Bless you!

In response to the many, many requests, we have added below, the summation of this mess;

I received an apology from Elud Archuleta-Creesler, AMTC Ethics Committee Chairman, and AMTC Director, via email 9/16/08, for not acknowledging our letters to him dated 8/20/07 and 10/3/07. We accept Elud's apology. It takes a "big" man to admit a mistake. I have reminded Elud that we supported and voted for him when he ran for Director of the AMTC, look further down this page. Elud has written that "he has much respect" for Wanda. He does not know me personally. I have challenged Elud to do what we elected him for, and that is to stand up "publicly and boldly" for our rights as members in good standing of the AMTC. Elud, you must take a public stand against our being "convicted" without one shred of evidence being presented of any wrongdoing. It can be "intimidating" sometimes to serve on the AMTC Board, I know, I did once. How about it Elud, are you for what our founding fathers gave their lives for?


Donna Brown, a member of the American Manchester Terrier Club (AMTC), has alleged that Charles & Wanda Walker are in violation of the Code of Ethics (COE) of the AMTC and lodged a formal complaint in July 2007 against Charlie & Wanda. Donna incorrectly alleges that Charlie & Wanda are in violation of the COE by their failure to provide AKC registration papers to her for a dog, a female named “Aurora” sent to her at her request to live with her in retirement from breeding and showing. There is a great deal of verbosity accompanying the allegation that has nothing to do with the fundamental accusation.

Here is the section cut and pasted from the COE that Donna is alleging that Charlie & Wanda have violated.

I pledge:
1) To in no way misrepresent any Manchester Terrier for sale.
2) To provide all buyers with:
A. AKC individual registration application or certificate properly filled out by seller.
B. Minimum three-generation pedigree.
C. Record of inoculations, wormings, etc.
D. Provide instructions for feeding and care.
E. Be available for guidance and questions.
3) Not to sell, give, trade, abandon or in any manner transfer litters or individual Manchester Terriers to pet dealers, pet wholesalers, auctions, laboratories, raffles, pet stores, puppy mills, animal shelters, or any source for resale. I will not knowingly transfer ownership or provide stud service to anyone who intends to breed Manchester Terriers for any of the above listed purposes.
4) To take back any Manchester Terrier I bred if the current owner of the dog can no longer keep him or her. I will evaluate the dog as to whether or not s/he is suitable for placing in a new home. In the very unfortunate circumstance that the dog is not suitable, I will either keep the dog myself or provide proper veterinary euthanasia. In the rare event that I cannot take back a dog due to current personal circumstances, I will place the dog in AMTC rescue . I, the breeder, will reimburse any and all reasonable expenses incurred on behalf of a dog in this unusual situation to AMTC rescue

The allegation is fallacious in that Aurora was not “sold” to Donna, and Donna has presented no proof of a sale, a cancelled check or cash receipt, or any other evidence that a sale took place. In any event, Donna states in her written allegation that she learned from Aurora’s co-owner, Jim Burrows, that Aurora was available to a retirement home. As she goes on to state, she contacted us and requested that we let her have her. We agreed to do so, and there was no financial charge involved. In the allegation, there is a great deal of verbosity about heat cycles, breeding, etcetera that have nothing to do with Aurora being sent to Donna. By the way, I emphasize sent, at Donna’s request, not “returned”. The reasons we retired Aurora are not pertinent to the allegation, which is, I repeat, that we failed to send AKC Registration documents to Donna.

If one is reasonably educated in the English language, it is clear in the COE that it speaks only to “sales” as shown in the above COE paragraph, “Selling”. Donna was not asked to take back Aurora, and she admits in her allegation to contacting us when she saw she was available to a retirement home on our web site. Now retirement to a reasonable person means that Aurora became a companion dog, and that she was retired from breeding and showing. If any mistake was made by Charlie & Wanda, it would be thinking that Donna was experienced in owning TMT’s to the extent that she understood that. It is not reasonable that Saint Lazar would give away a Champion dog worth conservatively $2000, and who produced some of the best pups on the North American continent, for nothing. We were only interested in finding Aurora a loving home for her retirement years, as we have with most of our retired boys and girls. It is now the firm opinion of Charlie Walker that Donna Brown thought she would get an intact, high caliber, Saint Lazar Brood Bitch for no cost. When she learned that we never provide AKC Registration with retirees, nor are we required to when no sale takes place, Donna vented her frustration by filing a fallacious allegation in an attempt to intimidate us. Unfortunately for us, there are members of the AMCT Board of Directors who seem to be doing everything Clintonesque to change the meaning/wording of the AMTC COE. To this end, we have received a letter from the Secretary of the AMTC, telling us that we need to provide Donna with the AKC paperwork. This is not going to happen. There is a possibility our “enemies” on the Board will prevail, and to glee of a certain element of the AMTC Board and membership, Charlie at least, will be “tossed out” of the AMTC. That is “if good men and women do nothing”.

It should be noted that the original allegation was made in July of 2007. I responded in a letter dated 8/20/08 to the Chairman of the Ethics Committee immediately upon receiving his letter about the allegations. I asked for proof. I received no response. I wrote again on October 3, 2007, enclosing a copy of the letter of 8/20/08, asking for a response, I received nothing. Now, over a year later, we get a letter from the Secretary of the AMTC telling us to that we must send AKC registration to Donna Brown. What has precipitated this ill treatment? Is it vindictiveness, is it a lack of understanding of basic English, or is it simple incompetence? Why has the American jurisprudence principle that one persons veracity is equal to another’s in the absence of proof, not been followed here? What makes Donna Brown’s false and unproven allegations superior to Charlie’s & Wanda’s refutations, people who are recognized as truthful and honest by the Fancy, their community, and their Church?  Something stinks very badly in this terrible act by the AMTC Board of Directors. But if the “good men and women” of the AMTC membership do not contact each member of the Board and hold them to accountability, then GOD help us all, and please remember these Board members at the next AMTC election.

We solicit your prayers that GOD will intervene and cause our apparent “enemies” on the Board of Directors to dismiss the fallacious allegation.

Charlie & Wanda Walker

September, 11, 2008


Toy Manchester Terriers On Sale, $3000

Quick, you need to jump on this before they are all gone! (Note: This was still there on 3/19/08) I was browsing the Internet a couple of days ago looking for info on RSS feeds and I wound up on site. Just for grins, I accessed their search engine and typed in "Toy Manchester Terriers". I looked at several links, but this one really grabbed me, , and as a public service I wanted to bring it to the attention of our many visitors. I feel like an absolute idiot in that it is obvious as the premier Toy Manchester Breeder in North America, and probably on Planet Earth, we have been way, way under pricing our TMT's. We are going to immediately have a "board" meeting, and review our pricing policies. I expect we will have a significant price increase since we have been leaving so much "on the table", even if we are not "commercial for profit" breeders. Of course this is hard to admit, but maybe the quality of the listed dogs demands a $5000 price. Now if there is anyone out there that doesn't understand this editorial, please give me a call and I will "splain" it to you. But you would do well to remember that there are a large group of folks who operate under the premise that if they price their offering at a high price, they will attract the "quality" oriented prospects. In reality they attract those that P.T. Barnum referred to being born every minute (I would be happy to explain this also, or you can "Google" P.T. Barnum quotes).


A conversation with Peter Rank - Error Correction

For the first time in quite some time, I had a chance to talk with Peter Rank, longtime AMTC member and TMT Fancier, at the Perry, GA shows during 4/11,12 &13. First let me state that I had heard that Peter remarked that "Charlie doesn't like me" to a mutual acquaintance in CA. I have been distressed about that and I wanted to correct this misconception. Peter took it personal when I took issue with a glaring fault in the male he is advertising in the free publications mailed to AKC Judges. As it turns out, the photograph run in the magazine (see 8-31-06 below) was a poor picture in that it presented the dog with an extremely "light eye", which is a serious fault, in the opinion of many TMT fanciers.  The boy does not have as light an eye when seen in person and as is mis-represented in the free publication, Top Notch Toys. I am happy to make this correction, and hopefully better photos can be run in the future. (Peter got to observe close up the five dogs we had entered, all of whom have very dark correct to the breed standard eyes) I have told Peter that I do not want any issues to be between us that would prevent our friendship of many years to continue. Naturally, this does not mean we have to agree on every issue in "dogdom", but we don't have to be "disagreeable" in expressing our opinion. Peter does not feel I should criticize his dog. I disagree in that when one chooses to publicly advertise their dog as being an outstanding example of the breed, etc., then one has automatically opened to door to comments. And of course I don't hear of anyone denying that advertising serves only one purpose, and that is to "influence" Judges. In any case, Peter and I don't agree on advertising and using "Professional Handlers", and Peter reminded me that Bill Pace "handled Golden Scoops Kasandra for Wanda and I 27 years ago. Yes, he did, without charging us a nickel. However, praise GOD I have continued to learn and mature over the years (I haven't aged physically a bit), and like most normal people, my thinking has changed. I am a "purist" of the old dog show school. I think the only real determination of who has the best is to let a highly experienced and qualified Judge who has never Judged your dog previously, render Judgment with the owner handling his own dog. No advertising, no "Professional Handlers", no following, quoting Peter, "the Judges are good for me in Perry", favorite Judges, just letting the best dog win. This is not going to happen, and personally I can't take pleasure in "purchased" wins. But folks, I am not naive enough to think it's going to change in my lifetime. Wanda and I may not always have the current "top dog", but no one can approach our GOD GIVEN breeding success, which is the acid test. In the meantime, Peter I regret offending you, and although we may not agree in some areas of dogdom, I value our friendship, and I hope you will call or write me personally if I get too much off base with you. You sure do know how to present a dog, and when I was watching my folks in the ring with Toy Manchesters at the time, you had already finished your first Champion in 1952. I can't top this Pal!

Let's all us AMTC members support the commercial breeders now.

There are no secrets in Manchesterdom. It's pretty well known throughout the fancy now that the commercial breeder in TN has AMTC clientele. I guess that relationships have reached the point that AMTC members can't/won't deal with each other in order to improve their kennel. I reckon the next time the TN woman approaches us for breeding stock, we may as well sell her. At least she would have the best to peddle. In case that's lost on you, the previous two sentences are sarcasm and is in no way going to happen. I am appalled that AMTC members are supporting this woman, but what else is new?

Not a very auspicious start.

For those who may not know, Muriel Henkel of Lake Forest Park, WA, has been around Manchesters for probably longer than Wanda and I, and she is extremely knowledgeable about the breed and the operations of the American Manchester Terrier Club. In fact the description "Expert" would not be inappropriate in respect to Muriel's knowledge of the rules, and I for one have great respect for this. It will be interesting to see how the current regime responds to their obvious mistakes. Looking at the committee appointments, I am not optimistic. Plus, I have noticed it is very difficult for most people to admit to errors, mistakes, and lack of knowledge, including me. See Muriel's email pasted below.

Charles & Wanda Walker                
1815 Gaissert Road
, GA 30056-2835

Dear AMTC Members, 

As  members of AMTC, I am sure you know that Standing Rules can only be proposed  by the Board of Directors…not enacted. 

Thus, the petition of March 19, 2007, requesting that the printing and mailing of the 66 page Standing Rule booklet be suspended until such time as it is properly approved by the general membership. 

During the past three months, the newly elected officers and board have made new rules and revised others that the membership, todate, have never seen in print.  Some are superfluous or do not belong in Standing Rules – but instead in a procedures manual. 

Therefore, I would hope that members participate in this petition to show support for conducting  this Club in a business-like manner.  Monday, April 2, will be fourteen days from the initial petition mailing.   The American Kennel Club has been made aware of this issue. 

I would appreciate your prompt attention to this matter.  It has nothing to do with me …. just The American Manchester Terrier Club. 

Thank you! 

s/Muriel S. Henkel


A New Beginning I Hope (Unfortunately see above 4/2/07)

As regular readers of this page know, I have been extremely critical of the leadership, or lack thereof, of the American Manchester Terrier Club for several years. I have not seen anything that might help improve Manchester Terriers come out the leadership in a long, long, time. They seemed to be more focused on throwing people out of the club, rather than trying heal, and yes forgive mistakes, and also preventing others from joining the club. Wanda and I have known several of the newly elected officers, listed below, for several years. They are decent, level headed folks, and we are trusting that we will see from them a new iniative to try to heal breeches in the membership, and to deal with areas where our breed needs help, such as dentition. As I say on this web site, I don't have to like you to respect that you love Manchesters, and to extend help to you any way I/we can. That's pretty blunt, but it's the truth. So JoAnn it's in your, and your fellow officer's hands, to lead us to a "new beginning". Wanda and I are all for you!

President JoAnn Emrick
1st Vice President Sue Webb
2nd Vice President Alvedia Viles
Secretary Kathy Bradly

Jim Burrows


Elud Archuleta Cressler Director
Linda Hazen Lewin Director
Patricia Reid Director
Charles Williams Director
Roberta Berman AKC Delegate

Thank you folks!

From time to time various friends send me copies of "untruths" posted on some of the Internet forums, knowing I never look at that stuff. I don't recall hearing of anyone ever setting the record straight, but recently this has happened, and Saint Lazar wishes to thank Lucy Moye, Amanda Kelly, and John Marvin for their graciousness and objectivity.

A Refreshing Cool Breeze! AMTC National 06

We have just returned from the American Manchester Terrier Club National Specialty Show and annual meeting held in Lincoln, NE 10-5 thru 10-8-06. We had a great time and made some excellent new friendships. We are very grateful for the many compliments on our pups, particularly Zorro. We thank our LORD for his goodness and mercy, and for our new friends.

Thank you Marla Zoz for the terrific job you did putting together the AMTC 06 National!

I was so pleased to be able to see and chat with Jo Ann Emrick, who served on the AMTC nominating committee for the upcoming elections, and who has agreed to the nomination for President. Wanda and I have known Jo Ann for many years, and we are convinced she will be a "refreshing cool breeze" in the management of the AMTC, and we urge your support for her. The balance of the slate, we believe, along with Jo Ann, will bring healing back to the AMTC after a long period of incompetence and mean spiritedness.

We have been attending AMTC Nationals and annual meetings since 1975, and it is our opinion that the quality of the dogs this year ranks as one of the highest quality entries we have ever seen, especially the toys, and specifically the toy bitches. The Standards were good, but suffered from several dogs who carried their tails "straight up" rather than the tip of the tail even with the top of the back as specified in the Breed Standard. Personally, Saint Lazar would be too embarrassed to take a dog like this in the ring. However, if this is the best you can do, so be it. 

Many readers of this page who have followed LANCE'S career, and in some cases have used him, may be interested to know that he was awarded the coveted AMTC STUD DOG OF THE YEAR CERTIFICATE OF MERIT for calendar year 2005, with a record of seven of his get achieving their Championships. This feat, plus the fact that not less than three individuals approached us in Lincoln for possible stud service from Lance, was a wonderful sign of encouragement from our LORD, and we thank HIM for this. Also, one of our friends on the West Coast has expressed an interest in obtaining a female show quality pup. We will do our best to see that she gets as good as we can produce, and I am sure our friend will ultimately "cream" the competition.

Last, I can't help but note that the dog on which many thousands of advertising dollars were spent in an effort to "influence" Judges, which dollars were spent in vain for the AMTC District VI show, and the National itself where "correct" dogs were put up. However, the dog did prevail at the two All Breed Shows, so I am sure these "purchased" wins were mighty sweet and satisfying.

Let The Buyer Beware
caveat emptor ( ) n. The axiom or principle in commerce that the buyer alone is responsible for assessing the quality of a purchase before buying.)

Probably because we offer to help anyone who is legitimately concerned about Toy Manchester quality, we have recently received several emails from pet owners asking different questions, and for advice, etc. In every case, each of the writers express their love and appreciation for the breed, and their specific dog. Here is an extract, printed with permission by the writer, that is interesting; "I can see where the breeder I purchased him from hasn’t worried about the details of the breed.  Caesar is a handsome fellow but I saw his mother and grandmother and they weren’t very good quality". This statement is so telling about the current state of affairs in the breeding of Toy Manchester's. This is what I constantly write about, breeder ignorance, lack of experience, or just plain don't give a flip "about the details of the breed". We see people producing and showing grossly "incorrect" dogs, with light eyes, "gay" tails, horrible movement, ears off the sides of their head, ad infinitum. I honestly think I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of "competent" TMT breeders on the North American continent. If you are a prospective puppy buyer, and you want a quality TMT, which meets the American Manchester Terrier Club Standard for excellence (click here to read it), then I would be very, very careful who you buy from. There are some very pretty web sites around, with some very smooth, great sounding verbiage, but many of these don't have a clue about planned breeding, much less a consistent record of excellence, or dozens of glowing testimonials. We are not the only good kennel of course, just be careful, and always remember, Caveat Emptor.

Simply unable to breed a correct eye.

I am constantly amazed at the traffic our modest web site generates. Like most domain owners, I can view the statistics, and in many instances, the origination of our visitors. The "Internet pundits" seem to be wearing out our host provider's servers looking at our site, which is fine with me, as there is an extreme chance they might learn something useful. In any event, I have some friends who for unknown reasons read the "pundit" stuff and sometimes send me bits and pieces knowing I don't waste any time there. I received an email from a friend today containing some stuff from one of the forums about my insistence on adherence to the Manchester breed standard concerning light eyes. To cut to the chase,  the forum stuff is a bunch of verbiage that amounts to a "smoke screen", worthy of any good politician bent on obfuscation.

My Georgia Driver's License lists that I have brown eyes, Wanda's list hers as "blue", and we have a daughter that is listed as "green" eyes. Here is the definition for "eye" from

the organ of sight, in vertebrates typically one of a pair of spherical bodies contained in an orbit of the skull and in humans appearing externally as a dense, white, curved membrane, or sclera, surrounding a circular, colored portion, or iris, that is covered by a clear, curved membrane, or cornea, and in the center of which is an opening, or pupil, through which light passes to the retina.

This is pretty simple English, a "circular colored portion". The breed standard is simple English, and it says nearly black, and the pigmentation must be black. The dictionary says for pigment, "deposition of pigment by cells", so how can a "light eye" be correct, light is the opposite of black.

The simple indisputable fact is that many Manchester people don't have a clue as to how to properly breed Toys and/or Standards with a correct eye, they will not admit it, and they would never "demean" themselves and ask for advice or assistance with this, and the other areas where their stock sorely needs improvement. So those with more money than breeding ability "advertise" their incorrect dogs in the slick free publications mailed to AKC Judges in an attempt to influence their decisions. Others attempt to give English words new meaning. I do have to admit, there are a number of Judges who can be "bought".  It is so sad that attempts are made to defend lack of breeding ability, whereas the time could be better spent getting "educated", or obtaining help from someone with a consistent breeding record. I'm not aware that anyone else has finished 29 non kennel packed TMT Champions since December of 2004 (over 200 the past 3 decades). Not a light eye in the 29, tails carried correct, ears properly set, and not off the side of their head, wonderful temperaments, fine movement, ad infinitum. However, there can not be any other human endeavor that has more "experts" than the breeding of Manchester Terriers, what do I know with our piddly record of success.

Conformation to the Manchester Terrier Breed Standard for Judging, or not.

This past three show weekend, we were fortunate to show under one of the "old timer" Judges on Saturday who Judges the dog, and not who is "handling" or "advertising" the dog. We tend to fare pretty well with our "Specials" (Champions) under these Judges. Of course I am quite proud when one of our dogs is put up by one of these knowledgeable and objective Judges, particularly when it is a six month old puppy, and I so state on our web page. Especially when we prevail against a dog that is advertised as being #1 in the slick magazines that are sent free to all licensed AKC Judges in order to influence their decision.

 While at the shows, I was given a free copy of Top Notch Toys (TNT) magazine, and looking through it, I noticed there is another Toy Manchester being advertised therein as also being #1. I was told that there are different "rating" systems, so it depends on the rating system as to who is supposed to be #1. In any event, I have never previously seen the Toy being advertised in the August issue of TNT, and I was amazed to see that this dog has an extremely "light" eye. I was amazed for several reasons; First being that the official Breed Standard (description) for Judging is very clear in that it states, eye "pigmentation must be black". Not should be, but must be black. gives this definition of "must": to be obliged or bound to by an imperative requirement. Read the Standard for yourself here.

Second, I was amazed that the level of AKC Judging has deteriorated to where Judges are so influenced by "advertising", or that they are so ignorant of our Breed Standard, that they apparently regularly put up a dog that without question does not meet the Breed Standard imperative. Must means must, it is not an option. Of course this is a commentary, as expressed in previous editorials, on the sad state of affairs at the American Kennel Club concerning it's procedures for licensing Judges.

Third: I am amazed that an exhibitor would be so shameless as to advertise and show a dog that simply does not meet the Breed Standard. I will not apologize for pointing this out. Take a close look at our dogs pictured on our web pages, there is not a "light eye" in the bunch. Many years ago, we obtained some dogs with light eyes as part of our foundation stock from Ellie Puleo of Golden Scoops fame. It took quite an effort and significant expertise to remove this from our gene pool, and Wanda is to be commended for her accomplishments in steadily improving our genes. We don't show "perfect" dogs, but at least we don't enter those that do not meet the imperative must requirement.

Last: My attitude concerning advertising is that one that chooses to do so, simply does not have the confidence in the quality of their dog to meet others on a "level" playing field. Those that do spend bunches of bucks on advertising, in my personal opinion, should not "bow up" when called to account concerning the lack of merit of their publicly advertised dog. I trust these "purchased" wins give great satisfaction, especially seeing the prices these magazines charge, wow! 

Attacks Against Our Faith Now

Addendum 7-26-06: I have received an email in which the writer mentioned being friends with us. Yet in the many months that the vicious slander and lies have been promulgated against Saint Lazar on the "forums", in which that writer is a regular participant, not one time has that writer contacted us and expressed their concern, nor come to our defense.  If you haven't  had the decency to contact us offering your support, and/or expressing your concern for the continuing attacks on Saint Lazar, then you are no different than "Saul", who stood around and held the coats, while Stephen was stoned. You are no friend of ours.

The LORD warns us in his scriptures that when we acknowledge him as LORD, we can expect to be reviled for our faith. Well, this is happening to us now on the various Manchester "venting" places on the "Web". Only in America would this happen, where our forefathers came for religious freedom, and where tens of thousands have given their lives to maintain it. However, we interpret these increasing attacks as an affirmation that we are on the right path in our walk with HIM. We will never apologize for being Christians, and acknowledging  that our many blessing come from GOD, and not from our own efforts. I solicit your prayers that I humble myself and pray for those who revile us. I continue to find this extremely difficult to do. It does not help a bit, that we know these continuing attacks come from those who have absolutely no consistent record of accomplishment in Manchesters, be they Toys or Standards. Of course I knew we would ultimately be reviled for claiming to be #1 in Toy Manchesters. I say if you have a record of accomplishment in breeding consistency and/or showing that exceeds ours, then by all means publicize your record.

Not two hours after posting the above, the phone began to ring with words of encouragement and support from across the nation. May GOD bless you!  Wanda & Charlie

April 20, 2006 (Edited 6-12-06)
More Whining!

Well, we have been informed by some of our friends that there is a good bit of "carrying on" and "whining" on the forums and via emails, about our being blessed with our 19th Champion in only 18 months. We have taken many dozens of TMT's to their Championships in the past thirty years, but to prove that there is absolutely no substitute for "planned breeding", I started counting new Champions beginning December 2004. Of course it's the same old stuff, puppy mill, no socialization, ad infinitum. This is nothing but pure unadulterated jealousy, coupled with incompetence and just down right meanness of spirit. Of course it adds fuel to the fire when Wanda and I give complete credit to the LORD for any accomplishments we have had, and we mean it.

I am also informed that the "usual suspects" are also beside themselves because of the blessings the LORD is continuing to give us around the world in respect to puppy and stud requests. We are righteously proud of the fact we have folks waiting on show/foundation quality pups in Sweden, Finland, UK, Czech Republic, and Japan. All of these are deadly serious breeders committed to the continuing improvement of TMT/ETT's in their area. We will always remember Mrs. Ellie Puleo of New Jersey taking us under her wing many years ago and providing us with foundation quality TMT's. We state again, we will do the same for any legitimate Manchester Breeder anywhere, and we will be happy to keep it confidential if you so desire. You don't have to like us, and we don't have to like you, but you can be assured you will be treated with courtesy and respect if it's in your heart to try to improve your TMT gene pool.

Thanks again to those friends who continue to "stand with us", GOD bless you.

December 12, 2005
Finally, Good Judging!

Having taken on below about the sorry state of Manchester Terrier breed, and breed standard knowledge amongst many AKC licensed Judges, it was a delight to be under two outstanding Judges on December 10th and 11th. Mrs. Julie M. Holm of Yucalpa, CA judged the Toy Manchesters at the American Manchester Terrier District 2 Specialty on Saturday, the 10th, in Winston-Salem, NC. Mrs. Holm was quite, and very thorough in her examination of the 12 Toys entered. To the best of my knowledge, we have never been under her judging previously. However, it was obvious that she enjoyed what she was doing, and she was considerate of the exhibitors. Her selections as Class Winners, and for Best of Variety, were all of a "type", and consistent. Unlike many recent Judges we have suffered under, she apparently likes Manchesters, and it did not appear that Judging was a "chore" for her.

On Sunday, we had Edd E. Bivin of Fort Worth, TX for the Breed Judge. On Saturday, Edd Judged the Toy Group, in which our "Indy" had the good fortune to be. We have been showing under Edd for over 25 years, and we know he puts up what he likes, not the "noted" Professional Handler" or the highly advertised dog. Of course he puts up top winning dogs, but it's because they are, in his opinion, the best there that day. I would not consider Edd to be a "political" Judge. We have done well under him, and we have done poorly, but I have never felt slighted, he doesn't put up "junk". The uninitiated might think that just because Edd examined their dog in the Toy Group one day, that they had a win in the "bag" when he judged the breed the next day. Not with Edd Bivin. We know from experience that Edd likes smaller Toy Manchesters, provided they are correct to the breed standard. Such was the case Sunday, Edd put up Ch. Saint Lazar's Habibi Sagi for Best of Variety, and he put Indy up as Best of Opposite Sex. He clearly liked Sagi very much, and even gave Dr. Travis some "pointers" on showing her. He did the same for his Winners Bitch/Best of Winners on Sunday, Saint Lazar's Peaches. Edd engaged her owner, Tobby Jones in conversation during his table exam, and gave Tobby some sage advice. This is my kind of Judge. Edd enjoys Judging, and his knowledge is sound. Lord, I wish we had more like him and Mrs. Holm.

October 30, 2005
On Training Judges

We members of the American Manchester Terrier Club are very fortunate in that we have some AKC licensed Judges for Members, some of which are approved to Judge Manchesters. Prospective AKC Judges applying for approval to Judge Manchesters, or any other breed, will attend Breed Seminars sponsored by the parent Breed Club in order to get an in-depth exposure to a breed, and it's show qualities. In the past we have been fortunate to have Rod Herner conduct breed seminars around the country. Rod, a long time AMTC member, is licensed to Judge Manchesters, and has personally been involved as a breeder/exhibitor for several decades. In fact Rod was in the ring showing, when I was still standing outside watching my parents do it.

Rod puts on a very objective seminar. If one were applying for Manchester approval, Rod would be high on the list to seek out. I have seen Rod actually show live Manchesters (not just a bunch of photos), good, bad, and indifferent, to prospective Judges in a hands on demonstration . Members bring their good and mediocre dogs to support Rod's teaching. This year in Mt. Pocono, PA, our friend Jerri Hobbs, formerly an active AKC licensed Judge, conducted the breed seminar. Jerri is a Manchester breeder/exhibitor, and is also very objective and knowledgeable when it comes to interpreting the breed standard for the benefit of the prospective Judges. Unfortunately, Jerri was not allowed to have a good cross section of live Manchesters to show the Judges in a "hands on" session. This was unconscionable by the people responsible for managing the show and related events.

The problem with not having a good cross section of Manchesters at a breed seminar, is that a prospective Judge maybe only gets to see one "type". If this type is not correct, then how is this poor person going to be able to easily recognize a dog that properly conforms to the official breed standard (description for show purposes). This is analogous to me trying to describe to an alien visitor that humans should all look like Caucasians.  This ignores Asians, Africans, etc., and various sub-types. To stretch this a little further, the alien visitor could easily think that the only correct "human" was white, and any other was without merit. Herein lies a great deal of the problem with the current state of AKC approved Manchester Terrier judges that I allude to in editorials below. It seems frequently, misguided persons are seeing to it that Judges only see "their type", at seminars, thus the entire Manchester Terrier fancy ultimately suffers from ignorant Judges. Ignorant Manchester judging has reached "epidemic" proportions. We used to look forward to showing under a new Judge, but now we "cringe", or skip the show. My answer to this is to nominate for AMTC management, those members who have shown a long term commitment to breeding and showing correct Manchester Terriers. Those who are interested in their fellow members regardless of their sex, skin color, religion or lack thereof, their sexual orientation, and who will rejoice whoever wins in the show ring instead of burning with jealousy. Also, they will be cognizant and supportive to the many folks who want a correct Manchester, and are not necessarily interested in dog showing. There are plenty who fit this bill, we just have to get them in place.

October 25, 2005
AMTC National Specialty

We returned on Sunday, Oct. 16th from our trip to Mt. Pocono, PA, and showing in three American Manchester Terrier Club specialty shows there. For those not familiar with dog showing, specialty shows are the same as any other American Kennel Club sanctioned dog show, except that only Manchester Terriers can be entered. Otherwise all the normal AKC dog show rules apply. Generally specialty shows attract a good entry of Manchester Terriers in the area in which they are being held, and it is considered by Manchester Breeders to be quite prestigious to win at these shows. Normally a great deal of thought and investigation is given to the selection of the Judges at these shows. Naturally a judge who has a record of impartiality, outstanding breed knowledge, and a courteous ring demeanor is chosen.

Unfortunately such was not the case, in my personal opinion, at the Mt. Pocono shows. How do "undesirable" judges get chosen? Simple, if they are chosen by ballot by the AMTC membership, then the responsibility lies with the nominating committee. If the committee does not do their job, for whatever reason, and you are only able to choose from "bad", "worse", and "indifferent", then many will not bother to vote. For instance, such was the case some years ago for we Southern Baptists. The "liberals" were in charge of the nominating committees, and we wound up with national leadership who did not accept the infallibility of 'GOD'S WORD, and even worse, and it took a number of years, and a lot of commitment from good people to eventually get these out though democratic means. So shall it be in the AMTC.

There were some outstanding dogs entered at the Mt. Pocono shows, both Toys and Standards. Unfortunately due to very poor judging, in my personal opinion based on over forty years of experience, only a very few were chosen to win anything. The "Specials" class (those dogs who are AKC Champions) was very strong in Toys. Again, the judges simply seemed unable to recognize a proper Manchester, as described by the AMTC Breed Standard (the official guide for judging), and put up dogs that are heavily advertised in the "free" publications that are sent to judges, or went "eny meny miny moe". It was sad to see excellent examples of a correct Manchester, both Toys and Standards, walk away empty handed.

For the first time in many years, Saint Lazar did not show any "Class" dogs (i.e., dogs not yet AKC Champions) at these National Specialty and associated AMTC District specialty shows. We took recent Champion Saint Lazar's Indiana Jones, "Indy", Ch. Saint Lazar's Diamond Lil ROM, and Ch. Saint Lazar's She's Ruthless. We only showed Ruthless two days as she was in the process of healing up from a bout of demodectic mange, and was in mediocre coat, so never in contention. Indy showed his heart out, and garnered a great number of complements from our friends from around the country and Canada. However, Indy was simply outclassed at this show (even though those that outclassed him were not chosen), his day is yet to come. He turned ten months old while we were there, so he is still immature. Diamond Lil showed beautifully, there was not a better moving dog present, or one more correct to the breed standard, but she is not "animated" in the ring, and does not attract the attention that I would wish, not that it would have made any difference to the first two days judges (sour grapes - I know). But the judge the third day did give her a modicum of recognition by awarding her a "Award of Merit", which we appreciate, in spite of the judge's other choices.

So what's ahead? Lincoln, NE is the location of next years AMTC meeting and Specialty shows, and the Judges are ones who know good Manchesters, and have so demonstrated on numerous occasions. If the LORD doesn't come, and time goes on, and we are able to make the trip, we will at least know that we have had a good look, win, loose, or draw.

August 28, 2005
Terrible Judging!

Well it's happened again. We just completed three dog shows in Atlanta this past Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. On Friday, the presiding Judge amazingly announced to the exhibitors that he "didn't know the breed very well". Wanda actually had to explain to him what a correct "topline" was while Rebel was being examined on the table. Saturday, the Judge literally threw up her hands and picked the dogs in the order they came into the ring. Sunday, the Judge never changed her dour expression, and maybe took 20 seconds to examine each dog. This madness has to stop, but in reality there is nothing this piddly little kennel can do about it, except we will never waste an entry fee under these three sorry excuses again. Least it sound like "sour grapes", for the record, Saint Lazar completed Rebel's Championship on Friday, and Saint Lazar bloodlines dominated these three shows. (See additional "Judge" comments further down.)

August 26, 2005
Puppy prospects worldwide.

One of the great pleasures of being a "recognized" quality breeder of Toy Manchester Terriers, is that we get inquiries from all over the world. We corresponded with a teenage young lady in middle Russia last year whose English was impeccable. In fact she serves as an interpreter for visitors. Email is great for making new friends. Later we corresponded with another young woman in mainland China. She was interested in obtaining a pup from us, but the difference in Chinese currency and the US dollar just did not make it affordable for her. Of course air freight is quite expensive, even though I tried to price a pup where it would work for her.

Currently we have a lady in the Czech Republic on the waiting list. She has a really nice web site showing her West Highland White Terriers. We are going the make sure she gets a good "foundation" dog. But, what really encourages us is that we have an inquiry from a Captain in the U.S. Army currently serving as Executive Officer with an Armored Calvary Regiment in Iraq. If it works out, and he desires to do so, we will make sure he gets a pup that fits his unique requirements. However, the first order of business is to pray daily for his safe return, and that of his comrades in arms. Thank you LORD for these wonderful  men and women, all volunteers!

July 27, 2005
The Joys of Consistent Winning.

We have observed that folks who have achieved notable success in some aspect of life, such as winning an Olympic medal, being elected to an important office, etc., or as in our case, being the number one breeder of Toy Manchesters in North America, generally find there is a "down side" to their success. Usually this is manifested by extreme jealousy and "back biting" by those who have tried the endeavor with little, or very modest success (Witness the "Frogs" jumping on Lance Armstrong because he whipped their whining bewtocks 7 years in a row). Alas, Wanda and I have experienced the downside to our GOD given success with our Toy Manchester breeding program, and we continue to do so.

The latest to rear it's ugly head is an email, which was brought to our attention by a friend, and which is going around to the Manchester fancy alluding to the fact that we currently have 20 puppies (four litters). It states that we can't possibly have good homes for them all, and that we can't "socialize" them properly (see our Testimonial Page), and in the writers opinion, we are a "commercial" kennel.

Well, as usual the facts are all wrong. We do have 20 puppies, but at this writing, we are not expecting any additional litters. Second, a few days after getting a copy of this erroneous email, we have all of the June pups "spoken for" and they are going to folks who have patiently been on our waiting list. Fully half are going to show homes. Two are going to the top breeders in Japan who have been waiting for almost two years for their show quality Saint Lazar pups. These Japanese are the top show kennels in Japan.

I am informed that the author of the aforementioned email is a "pet" person in the breed. Now there is nothing wrong with not being interested in showing a Manchester, indeed most pups go to pet homes. However, in every recognized American Kennel Club breed, it is the show kennels who are the "keepers" of the breed. These are folks who have devoted their time, energy, and finances to becoming true experts in their breed, and you can judge their knowledge by their show successes. Most of these, by far, are "hobby" breeders, i.e., non-commercial. This is why a prospective owner is well served by going to a medium to large kennel for their pup, because this is where you get the healthy genes. One (Saint Lazar) does not produce twelve new Champions around the U.S. and Canada,  3 from one litter, in a modest 9 month period, unless they really have a great gene pool, and know what they are doing. Also, I would point out that these twelve wins all came at large shows, with large entries, and the Championships were not achieved by "kennel" packing (a procedure whereby a breeder competes only against his/her own stock, usually at an "obscure" show), as is the norm with many of the jealous.

It has been pointed out that the "jealous" are usually dried up old ladies, who are well past their prime in health/mental acuity, and who have had very modest breed success. As for Wanda and Charlie, we want to make it very clear, that our financial blessings, received prior to our retirement, which enable us to enjoy a large, wonderful, "paid for" kennel, and that our show successes, all stem from the Grace of the LORD JESUS CHRIST. PRAISE HIS NAME for his goodness and mercy, and his forgiveness when I find it very difficult to "pray for my enemies" as he commanded.


Another topic is the lack of knowledge of new AKC Judges about Manchester Terriers. Some are so bad, it is quite obvious they got their Judges license at Wal-Mart. Seriously, some recently have been so sour, that you wonder why they are even there. We certainly don't expect to win every time we go in a show ring, in spite of our outstanding "batting average", but we do expect a modicum of knowledge on the Judge's part. At one time, and perhaps it is still a requirement, a prospective AKC Judge was required to visit some kennels of the breed(s) he or she was applying for. In the almost two decades that Saint Lazar has been the number one Toy Manchester Kennel in the nation, not one Judge has ever visited our facility. Yet, there are Judges being licensed out of the Southeast, and one has to wonder where they get their required "experience". Beats me.


As noted, often being number one is not so hot in some respects. Wanda and I are very grateful for the very decent "Manchester people" who have befriended us, used our studs, purchased show pups, sold or traded us dogs, and have just generally been all around good friends. You know who you are, we appreciate you more than I can express.