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"Cash" #1 Standard Manchester in USA

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AMTC Board Forgery
Puppy Mill Horror
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Show Photos & Brags
Oklahoma City AMTC wins & awards
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Pups for Sale
Pricing - Shipping Info
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Best In Show at 9 mo.
A new Champion at National Specialty

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Saint Lazar's Errol Flynn Page
Cute Montages by Gene Caron
Find More Here

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Sweet Patootie Page
Fun with "Sweet Patootie" photos
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"Don Patootie" Page
She will make you a deal you can not refuse!
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New Murry Essay
After a hiatus, Murry's back!
Updated 2-9-09 

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Planned Breeding
The Saint Lazar "Secret"

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Our Guys
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Our Gals
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Bigg Dogg Snoop
The Darling of HONG KONG!
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Saint Lazar International
Finland - Switzerland - France - Czech Republic - Canada - Japan
Australia - Hong Kong

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Ch. Saint Lazar's Cory
International Champion,
A champion of San Marino, Poland,
Czech Republic & Luxembourg
New Cory photos from Ilona Cerna
 Updated 1-10-07

Puppy Photos
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Saint Lazar Story

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CH. Saint Lazar's Indiana Jones

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Our Home & Kennel
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Japanese Toy Manchesters
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The "Great Ones"
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