Toy Manchester Terriers

    Over the years, we have received hundreds of photographs, letters, and emails, telling us how much Saint Lazar owners enjoy their dogs. I have been remiss in not having been more diligent in saving them. In the future, I am going to post many of them to this page.

Received 12-16-09 from Springboro, PA

Dear Charlie and Wanda,

Wow!  What an afternoon to remember.  Joe and I went to the airport ticket counter to pick up Duke.  Erie's airport is not a large one by any means, but there were enough travelers in the area that we soon scooted to the car where we put Duke's new sweater and soft harness on him.  He was shivering and I didn't want him to take a chill.  We didn't get pics at the airport.

Joe agreed to head back to my work where my coworkers were waiting in anticipation of seeing this wonderful puppy whose pictures are all over my office and computer desktop. Duke played and chased "ghosts" and entertained all of us.  He had a drink of water and some kibble.  Then the hugs and kisses started!  Several of my coworkers volunteered to "puppy sit" Duke.  Everyone commented on how beautiful he is and what a wonderful personality he has.  Then we left to go home - we didn't get pics at work.  I forgot.

After a 45 minute ride home, Duke went for a quick walk in the snow but decided it was too cold to do his business so we all went inside.  Duke met my husband who commented that he didn't realize how small he would be but look how cute he is! He was immediately in love when Duke headed over to our conure Monte's cage and barked at him while Monte squawked his head off. Monte was quiet after that and just watched while Duke bounced around the living room, then into the dining room, and kitchen.  Joe put out food and water and Duke was obviously hungry.  Twenty minutes later, Duke was looking "busy", so Joe dressed himself and Duke up and took another walk outside.  Success! 

The first evening is always the hardest.  Joe would much rather take Duke into bed with him at bedtime, but we are firm about crate training.  I don't think Duke is sure about the crate having spent several hours in it earlier today, but Joe is sleeping next to him tonight in his sleeping bag so he can comfort Duke in his new surroundings.  I wonder how much sleep they'll get?

Thank you again for such a beautiful dog with such a wonderful persona!  His personality is the best.  Duke loves to snuggle and it is obvious you have spent a good deal of time with him because he just loves people.  He is not shy at all.  He knows he is the center of attention and loves every minute of it.  He bounces when he walks and is so playful!  Your puppy made one young man very happy.  I can't say thank you enough for this wonderful boy!

I will send pics tomorrow.  Have a good evening.

Barbara Armour

Received 6-29-09 from Redwood City, CA

Hi Charlie &  Wanda, 

Congratulations Wanda on the American Kennel Club Medallion for Outstanding Sportsmanship for 2008! What a wonderful achievement and recognition!  

Just an update and to let you know Sophie (Saint Lazars Sapphire) is doing great, she was spayed and chipped a couple of months ago and all went well.  Sophie and Sasha are getting along so well together, although Sophie runs the show and usually gets her way.  She is completely house trained, even when it rains, she asks to go outside.  She is excellent on the leash and knows all the commands. She is so smart it is a little scary, she understands and learns very quickly.  Her favorite thing is to fetch the ball and bring it back about 100 times then fall asleep on Paul’s lap!  She also loves to steal socks!    

Thanks for such a wonderful creature!


Received 5-24-09 from Traralgon, Australia

Dear Charlie,

I met Renee for the first time this morning and I am extremely thrilled with her. She only has to spend 5 weeks in quarantine instead of 8. 

I am very grateful that you and Wanda have entrusted me with both Renee and JR. I hope to work with you again in the future.

There really are no better TMTs on planet Earth!


Received 3-26-09 from Traralgon, Australia

Photos of Australia's greatest TMT :) I didn't realize how long my grass was! I'll take him out onto a better surface and get some nice "show" shots.

I love him to bits Charlie. You and Wanda have made me so happy. I cannot wait to get Renee here.


Received 3-25-09 from South Carolina

Hello this is Kendall Beasley and we just wanted to give you an update on how Lady Guinness is doing.  We are training her to use a litter box and so far things are going great.  She loves to run around the house and torment the cat, but the cat loves it and gets on her back and plays with the dog.  Our kids love Guinness so much, they made us go out and buy her cloths to stay warm when we go outside.  My wife on the other hand purchased her a two piece bikini in preparation for the upcoming summer.  On that note we lost our camera and are looking at buying another one.  I know that you are a avid photographer, so I need to know if the Olympus Evolt E300 is a good camera.  I am looking at one that someone is selling and need to know if it is a good quality camera and how much it is worth.  Well I hope everything is well with the new pups.   Have a blessed day.
Kendall Beasley

Received 3-22-09 from Marion, Iowa

Just a quick note to let you know that Anakin (re-named Oliver) is just the smartest little guy EVER!! He kennels on command and house training is going so well!! He walks like a gentleman on leash and other than stealing an occasional slipper is SUPER in the house!! All our boys get along well and many times sleep together. Thank you so much; he is such a wonderful companion!!! Pictures soon, I promise! Dianne

Received 3-14-09 from Marion, Iowa

Anaakin moved into our house without a hitch!!  Too bad our dogs are socially inept-they were half afraid of him at first!!  Everyone has settled in well.  House training is going well as is collar and lead training.  He sleeps in a kennel in my daughter's room for now and has not made a peep!!  We may have to change his name as everyone else here prefers something other than Anakin but we are all in love with him!!  He is everything you said he was and MUCH more!! Truly a gorgeous boy with a huge personality!! I will send some pictures shortly!!  Thanks for your friendship and a beautiful little guy!!
Dianne Miller\

Received 10-10-08 from Tulsa, OK

Hi. This is the first time I've logged on my computer since she arrived in Tulsa.  I named her "jasmine" and she is wonderful!   Everyone who has seen her has said what a terrific personality she has and how friendly she is. She has been so much fun! I have a Bengal cat that was used to being the baby and he is having a great time with her too. They both try to get into my lap at the same time.  She is doing very well on potty training also.

I'll send some updated photos soon.  Thanks again so much!!  She is exactly what I was hoping for.

Received 9-24-08 from Atlanta, GA

Hi Charlie,

I wanted to let you know we got home fine with Sammy- “Orange Boy”. He is adjusting well to the “family”. My other dog, Riley, is a little intimidated by all that puppy energy. He is 15 and though he will walk with me every day about ¾ of a mile, he isn’t going to be doing any wrestling and bouncing. The cat is more playful. Thanks to you and Wanda for giving us another blessing. I have enjoyed every minute we have had Riley, and I am so glad that we can continue to enjoy the best of the TMT’s in the world. I am not an expert on show dogs, but I know that you have given us the best companion we could have asked for. I hope you will continue to do what you love, because the world is better for it. Leigh and Ed Chambley

Received 9-22-08 from Fairbault, MN

Hi Charlie,

She is just a delight! She was very quiet at the airport and in the pet food
store but she perked right up as soon as I put her on the floor and let her
run around. I've even had several kisses from her already. Here's a quick
picture. She's outside right now in an x-pen. Need to start the house
training! It's suppose to rain and thunder tomorrow so not much hope of
training then :)

I simply love her!


Received 9-22-08 from Los Angeles, CA

Hi Charlie, 

She arrived safe and sound.  I didn’t call because I wanted to send a photo along with the acknowledgement.  Her flight was delayed an hour but she arrived fresh as a daisy and in great spirits.  She is so tiny that neither of us can get over it.  She has a wonderful temperament (as you promised) and is cute as a button.  She has the house cat on the run and is currently sleeping on my lap here at the office.  We aren’t letting her out into the world until she gets her last shot but she has just loved running and playing out on the front yard.  She has already been out to a restaurant and shopping – her new life is one of running around with me.  She is very smart and learns quickly.  She is almost 100% housebroken (thanks) and would be 100% if I paid closer attention to her signals.  She hasn’t made a peep until this morning when she barked at the cat.  All in all we are very pleased with her and working with you and Wanda was a dream.  We really can see the “breeding” in this little dog so all of your hard work has paid off.  I will keep in touch and let you know how she continues to develop.  Wednesday she is getting chipped and then her next booster then her rabies.  Once we get the rabies I will start the process of getting her set to travel to Hawaii as I go several times a year.  My Petunia was my “comfort pet” and now little Tulip (not sure if that is what we will name her) will take on that post.  Have a great day and I hope Wanda is feeling better.  Thanks for everything. 


Received 7-27-08 from Redwood City, CA

Hi Charlie & Wanda, 

Just an update to let you know how much we are enjoying Sophie.  She is very smart and learns quickly.  I have started her in obedience classes and hope to be showing in obedience eventually.  We really adore her, she is such a love!  I have attached some pictures and just feel the need to thank you again for your all the work you do to get such wonderful results for such a wonderful breed!  Sophie and Sasha get along so well, they are best buddies!

Thank you,


Received 5-19-08 from Kingsport, TN

Hi Charlie, just wanted to check in and let you know we got green-girl home safely last night. She did wonderful with the long ride! She whimpered maybe a minute right after we pulled out then settled down in my lap. Five minutes later she was asleep. The rest of the trip she spent either napping, looking at cars or nuzzling her head under my chin. She never fussed at all.
Since then she has been a dream of a pup. Last night we put her in her bed that's in a wire crate in our bedroom. We got in bed ourselves and after about 10 minutes she started the common new puppy/separation anxiety whining. I simply told her "NO" firmly, never getting out of bed myself, and she stopped (it's excellent that you guys teach them the meaning of that word before giving them out by the way). I could tell that my voice caught her attention so then in a very soothing voice I said things like "It's ok, we're right here", then quiet. This settled her but 5 minutes later she started again and I repeated the "NO", then giving soothing affirmations once she got quiet. It happened only 3 more times and she went to sleep for the night. We slept like a log the entire night on the fist night of a new pup... we were amazed! So far so good.
Today she has totally come out of her shell. She trots around the house with her tail and ears up like she has lived here for years. The cats all seem to accept her so far, each is curious and calmly watches her from safe spots up high. When she's quiet and still, they will venture a close sniff to check things out. She hasn't caught on to them doing that yet.
The house training is working way better than we expected at this early point. This morning I was having to carry her out while she was shaking like a Chihuahua, she finally did her business after about 15-20 minutes of cowering by my foot. On the last one about 20 min ago, she followed me out by herself, tail and ears up, to her spot and did it in about 1 minute, then came back to sit by my shoe as if to say she's done. 
We also bought her a ton of toys today. I had no idea TMT's were such natural fetchers! The very first time I threw out her first toy about 10 feet she brought it back and dropped it! I tried it again and she did it over and over (and over). I've owned a few Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers and while I expected this inherant behavior from them, I thought I would have had to teach fetching to a TMT, not so! 
Suffice it to say we are thrilled with our little girl, so far we have named here Chloe (pronounced Klo-E). We are going to see if that sticks for the next day or so. We already love her and we can't wait to see how her personality develops. I'll be sending pics as she grows!

Rob Derouen

Received 4-7-08 from Wayne, NJ

Dear Wanda & Charlie:

I finally realized why you have not responded -- it was because I NEVER sent my last email -- it's been waiting here in "my saved file" to be sent... I am so sorry -- you are probably wondering how she is doing??
Well, she is sleeping at my feet and she is JUST PERFECT!!  There's more but..

My first question was regarding her additional paper work and the $20.00 for the registration, etc.
I will be happy to send it to you this week.  Please note -- we changed her name the night before we picked her up ( and it was unanimous!) -- I asked my children for their thoughts and LOVED this name (plus I picked it because it started with an "M" -- like Morganite):

"Saint Lazar's IT'S ALL ABOUT MiMi"  so we just call her "MiMi" for short.  Isn't that adorable??  Everyone says that she "is such a MiMi!!"

She has adjusted so well to our busy lifestyle and is always at every soccer and lacrosse game.  There are other Mom's there that insist on holding her throughout the games.  She stops traffic when we are walking thru the neighborhood or at school  - everyone has to say "hello" to her. 

Her house-breaking is going "OKAY" -- she sometimes wonders why we keep taking her outside -- only so she can  "let-go" when she gets inside.  But she USUALLY goes on her Training Pads.  I am hoping she will understand the concept soon of outside vs. inside.

She saw "Dr. Pam" and she was in very good health and we had her "micro-chipped" I will send you that information as well.  She hasn't had/ or seen a TMT in her office in a long time.

Believe me, she has every amenity that a dog could want -- she is very well cared for and very much loved -- and MiMi KNOWS IT!!

Well let me know what I have to fill out and I will send you the check this week.

I hope all is well .... Hope to hear from you soon...


Susan L. Enderly-Peracchio
Owner of:   Saint Lazar's It's All About MiMi

Received 3-30-08 from Redwood City, CA)

Hi Charlie and Wanda,

Just a note to let you know how much we are enjoying Sophie!  She is such a sweetheart!  Everyone who meets her falls in love with her.  We just want you and Wanda to know how greatful we are to have contacted you and have sent us this wonderful Manchester.  By the way, do all Manchesters smile (see pic #Sophie2 3-8)?  Sometimes she gives us this 'grill' of a smile.  It is pretty cute.
We are going to start obedience classes in a couple of weeks with our old trainer, (maybe you have heard of her) Rosalie Alvarez.  We are thinking of possibly showing in obedience in the future as we used to with the dobies.
Anyway, thanks for all your work with the breed, it really shows. 
Hope all is well with the both of you.
Warm regards,
Paul & Helen

Received 2-14-08 from Redwood City, CA)

Hi Charlie and Wanda, 

Congratulations!  We were watching the show.  You really put out the champions!        

I just wanted to update you on ‘Sophie’, St. Lazars Sapphire. Sophie seems to be adjusting well and in the routine of things.  I have attached a picture of her.  She is such a cutie with a great personality!  She is more vocal than Katie was but she seems to be calming down a bit.  She gets along really well with Sasha, and wants to play with her, but I don’t think Sophie realizes her size! 

Hopefully you have received your kennel, please let me know if you haven’t as we sent it by FedEx a day or two after we picked up Sophie. 

Thank you for the shot record and she has already received one shot.  She passed the vets with flying colors, interestingly, our vet who has owned a few dobies has also owned a Manchester as well.  I will be giving her the heartworm as soon as I receive it in the mail (petmeds).   

Paul and I feel very fortunate to have a puppy from your kennel and to have your support. 

Warm regards,



Received 5-23-07 from Enosburg Falls, VT)

Good morning.  I hope this letter finds you all in good health.  It has been a while since we've written and I just thought I'd give you an update.  Titan turned one a the end of March and he's still doing very well.  Looking at the way I live now, I don't know how I ever got along without him in my life.  He's quite the little character with a serious tough guy attitude.  Now that the long winter is  almost over (trees are just starting to bloom up here in the great white north and this morning I awoke to 34 degree F temperatures) we are able to spend much more time outside.  Does Titan ever love to run.  When I first let him out after I get home from work he'll run loops around the yard at top speed just to show off. 
He has also developed a new little character trait and I'm not sure if it's common to the breed or not.  When he's being a tough guy and he thinks someone is encroaching on his territory he stands his ground and barks, with his super deep voice, but he also kicks his back feet one after the other.  His front feet remain completely stationary and he doesn't move, but his back feet take turns kicking backward once with each bark.  This results in a little shower of grass coming down all around him.  It's absolutely hilaroius to watch, but he seems to take it pretty seriously.   
I just recently replaced my digital camera with a digital SLR.  It is a Nikon D40x with an 18mm to 55mm and a 55mm to 200mm zoom.  I am having so much fun with this new camera.  I have a great picture of Titan that I'll send soon.  I want to burn it to a disk and send it by mail so you can get all of the resolution.  He's developed into quite a dashing young man, if I must say so myself, and I'll try to get the CD out by the weekend.
Warmest Regards
Titan and Tim

Received 5-1-07 from North Carolina)

(Note: Lee adopted a 3 yr old retired Champion male)

Charlie, thanks for the pedigree and the info.  I printed it off to show the vet when I take him next week.  We will probably get him neutered by July, I’m thinking.

By the way, my friends and neighbors love MoJo so much, I wouldn’t be surprised if a few people contact you in the future for dogs of their own.  And you know when my Maltese goes, I’ll be contacting you myself for a new puppy.  Love this breed! 

Y’all take care. 

Elizabeth Olsen Landers, "Lee"

(Received 3-20-07 from New Hampshire)

Pate and I are the couple that purchased one of your beautiful gals back in early September.  We named her Lilly.  She is absolutely GORGEOUS!  I cannot begin to thank you enough for such a lovely dog, she has fast become my most loved treasure.  She is doing quite well with us up here in the North (New Hampshire) and had her first taste of snow yesterday when the lord blessed us with a white Thanksgiving day.  She truly is an angel and I am feel every day is a blessing that she is here. 

 I’m hoping that your Thanksgiving was a wonderful one, that Wanda is recovering nicely, and that each day brings you more joy than the next.

 Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


 Kelly Verge

 P.S.  I do need to get some photos down to you guys so you can see what a beauty she is.  Her personality represents the perfect companion.  She’s warm, comical, loving, affectionate, sturdy and protective.

 P.P.S  She is the talk of the office (Pete and I bring her to work every day).  Don’t be surprised if a co-worker or friend contacts you hoping to get one of their own.  (Not to mention, don’t be surprised if by the spring We’re looking to get a second playmate for Lilly !).

 Best Wishes Always!!!

(Received 3-2-07 from Radford, Virginia)

Mr. Walker: 

It has been some time since I’ve written to you and I thought I would send you this quick note to give you and Wanda much thanks for the precious little boy, “Gunny”.  I cannot begin to tell you what this little guy has meant to Amy and to our family.  He is such a great addition.

 I’ve had several pets in my lifetime but I can honestly say that this little guy is the most precious by far.  I did not know a lot about the breed and was a little concerned since he was a terrier.  I can honestly say he is the most loveable little fellow.  He took right away to our Grand-Daughter Mackenzie and has been the best companion to Amy that we could have ever hoped for.  I truly believe God lead you and Wanda to us and that we were meant to have this precious addition.

 When we first got him I could not believe that he didn’t bark all the time.  He was so pleasant, loving and kind-hearted.  He loves to play tag with my husband, late in the evening.  My husband is really the only person that he actually barks at – and it is always playful.  Gunny still has difficulty being alone.  I’m not sure if this is characteristic of this breed or the fact that he really isn’t left by himself very often.  He has doggie daycare during the day with my husband, who works from home.  In the evening, of course, he has us all for his amusement.

 Again, thanks is not enough!  Gunny has meant the world to Amy and has helped her through a very difficult time.  He has been the light at a rather dark time in her life.  I, as well, have been touched by the little loveable soul.  Although I’m definitely not his favorite, he does allow me to hold him and love on him.  I believe if I ever thought about having a pet again, a Manchester Toy Terrier would definitely be the breed I’d have.

 Once again, may God bless you and Wanda and much thanks for our precious baby boy.

 Sherry Parsons

(Received 12-92-06 from New York City)

Hi Charlie!! 
I have been meaning to write you another note because I have to tell you, each day we are so grateful to have Cocoa.  She is so much fun now and such a sweet girl, we just can't tell you how happy we are to have her.  It's really a great time now because she's still a very curious puppy, but the "hassles" of getting her housebroken and crate trained are over.  She's EXCELLENT about going to the bathroom both inside (on her wee-pad) AND outside.  She also sleeps on the bed now (no accidents) and she can even find her way to the wee-pad in the middle of the night if she needs to go.  It's really funny.  Fortunately for Cocoa, the weather in NY has been relatively mild for this time of year, so she is still spending a fair amount of time outside.  She gets several walks a day, and her socialization in the dog runs has been outstanding.  You would not believe the number of compliments we get about her. . .she's just about the friendliest pup in the city.  She stops to greet just about every person and dog that she runs into.  It's really quite amusing to watch her socialize.  Not a fear or worry in the world for her. 
And as far as pictures are concerned, you may want to hold up a day or so.  We took Cocoa to Florida for Thanksgiving (she had a blast) so I have even more recent pictures that I can send you.  I can take care of that this weekend.
So, another New Yorker is interested in a pup?  We'd be delighted to show her off.  I can give Mille a call, no problem.  You can also give them my cell phone number and they can try me as well.
Again, I'll get you the Florida photos this weekend.  In the meantime, send Wanda our regards and have a wonderful new year.

(Received 11-2-06 from Hamden, CT)

Hi Charlie and Wanda,
  Just wanted to touch base with you and say hello. Sorry it's been so long since we've emailed you, we've been extremely busy. Snoop is doing great! We have been taking him to his puppy socials ( boy, he really gives those dogs a one can keep up with him ) and today he went to doggie daycare for the first time. He seemed to love it. It's held at the same facility where he goes for puppy socialization. Absolutely everyone who sees him is very impressed with his temperament and beauty. We attached a few more pictures so you can see how much he's grown. We plan on doing an agility class with him since he is so swift on his feet. He's really a member of our family. Thank you for the work you put into him, he's a real treasure.        

Muriel and Arian Deutsch (11-2-06)

(Received 9-25-06 from Hamden, CT)

    We picked up our puppy on Thursday and he was so calm and loving despite the plane ride and not knowing who we were. He slept a lot the first day but then his personality kicked into gear. We are enjoying him extremely! He's is an absolutely beautiful Manchester. We named him Snoop. He has learned his name and responds to it quite well.  He's already learned to sit on command and when he's trying to suck up to you :) He's very eager to please. But what has impressed us the most is that he's using a litter box on a regular basis with very few mishaps after only 4 days. It's hard to keep in mind that he's only 12 weeks old. We've been playing with him a lot and it's amazing how much energy is packed into that tiny body. We go walking at least twice a day and he does so good on a leash. Tomorrow will be his first "puppy social" so we can't wait for him to be able to play with other pups. In November he'll be attending a 6 week Puppy Kindergarten. He has discovered his reflection and it's just about the only time he feels the need to bark. This experience thus far is better than we could have imagined. Thank you very much for all your help and a wonderful addition to our family! We've attached a few pictures out of the 70+ that we've taken so far. Keep up the good work!
Muriel and Arian (9-25-06)

(Received 9-29-06 from Virginia)

This is what happens to you when you have been a bad dog! Seriously, this is Saint Lazar's Gunny with his owner, Amy Alderman. GOD intervened so that Amy could get this fine, show quality boy, and Wanda and I are so happy for Amy and Gunny. Below is what Amy has to say about Gunny. (Click on photo for larger view)

Charlie and Wanda,
Well we have now had Gunny for going on 3 weeks, and he is wonderful.  His ears as you can see are now standing up and stong.  He is a wonderful addition to our home.  He is my shadow around that house and does not like to be without me.  He got to meet my 5 year old niece yesterday and he did wonderfully.  He chased her through the house and they had a wonderful time together.  He now has a little space in the basement with my dad all day so he isn't up in his crate all day.  The only time he barks or howls is when he first gets put in the crate or space in the basement and when he sees his reflection in the mirror oh and when the phone rings and wakes him up.  He loves to bark at himself in the mirror.  He will get up in the middle of the night just to see if that puppy is still in fact in the mirror.  Other than that he is very quiet.  He went to the new vet yesterday to get the last and final shot for the year and of course he was wonderful, prancing around the vet's office with his ears up and showing off for everyone.  The vet bragged about what a wonderful looking TMT he was and that she could tell that his parents were show dogs.   He showed off for everyone in the vet's office including the little kitten they had in the cage up for adoption.  He has the greatest personality.  He is an absolute wonderful addition to out home and family.  Everyone he comes in contact with loves him.  Well I just wanted to let you know how Gunny was doing and thankful we are to have him in our home.  More updates  and pictures to come. 
Thank you again for such a wonderful little guy,
Amy B. Alderman

(Received 8-30-06 from Manhattan, NYC, NY)

Dear Charlie and Wanda,
Here are a few shots of Saint Lazar's Cocoa Bean (call name Cocoa).  As you know, it's difficult to express just how sweet this little girl is.  She's become an instant member of the family and we're just thrilled at how well she's adapting to her new environment.  She's really comfortable in the apartment and is also doing real well out and about in our neighborhood here in downtown Manhattan. 
She's taking real well to the crate training and after we let her run around a bit to release her energy she has no problem stretching out on the ultra suede couch.  As you can tell from the pictures, she absolutely hates the couch.  No use for it whatsoever.
While we have her closed off in the kitchen, she likes to antagonize the stuffed beagle that keeps her company during the day.  That poor beagle doesn't stand a chance.
We took her in for her first vet visit today, and she was a fantastic patient.  Her temperament is extraordinary and she was really well behaved the whole time.  She's not phased by much.  She got a clean bill of health and more than her fair share of compliments from the vet and the rest of the staff.  I think she was probably showing off. 
I'll work on getting some shots of her outside soon so you can see how she struts her stuff around the city.  People are getting a kick out of her.
Thanks again for introducing us to this little gal.  The job you guys have done with your dogs is really self evident. . .she's just great.  We feel lucky to have her.  I'll be in touch soon with more updates.  Feel free to check in with us at any time.
Jill and Jorge  

(Received 7-20-06 from Enosburg Falls, VT)

Just thought I'd drop a quick note.  Titan is doing wonderfully.  He is
incredibly loving, has a super temperament and gets along with any dog he
meets.  Everyone who meets him instantly falls in love.  My brother is not a
dog person, and he's completely taken by the new addition to my family.

He's such a handsome dog, with graceful lines and that show-offish prance
that everyone we meet on the street makes some comment about how cute he is.
  Of course he eats this right up and just puts on more of a show.  I
realize it's only been three weeks, but I can't imagine how things would be
without him around.

He had his first vet visit in VT earlier this week and weighs in at a
whopping 5.2 pounds.  As soon as I get my computer set up I'll send some
pictures.  I still haven't organized that part of my life since the big

I read an article on Manchester Terriers that mentioned that many people
trim their nails almost weekly because they grow so quickly.  I've done
Titan's twice without incident.  I was wondering if you could send some pics
as to how long you normally leave them.  I'd hate to over or under do it.

Thanks again.  Titan sends his regards from VT.


(Received 7-5-06 from Enosburg Falls, VT)

We had a great first few days.  He's a riot.

With the holiday weekend things were a little crazy, but he came through
like a trooper.

Trimmed his nails last night without a hitch.  His nails are very soft, and
cut without breaking at all.  They look very nice.  I picked up some
styptic but hardly needed it.  He then proceeded to prance around the
living room to show them off.  I'm hooked.  My heart melted the first time
I saw him at the airport and we've been bonding more and more ever since.

Today is my first day at work, so he's in his kennel, with lots of toys.
I'll probably leave work early a few hours to give him an easier first day

He has been officially named Titan.  Although his body size doesn't fit his
name, his attitude definitely does.  Yesterday he was out in the yard
playing with my brother's 2 year old yellow lab, and holding his own pretty
well.  Everyone was amazed.

Thanks a bunch.  Just had time for this quick note.  He's well loved and

Tim Valley

(Received 4-20-06 from Weston, CT)

Hi Charlie and Wanda,
We are doing great!  Olive is having so much fun!  None of us slept much last night, but we played so hard today, that I think tonite should be more peaceful.  Olive had her "get-acquainted" check up with Dr. Noonan.  He was so impressed by her.   I was very proud of her prancing and entertaining the whole office.  Her personality is outstanding!  She can be such a lover girl one minute, and such a clown the next.  Watching her pounce on her toys warms my heart!  Although she seems to favor rocks over all her squeak toys. 
I hope that you received my photo with Olive.  It is my first shot at importing and sending photos.
Much love, Tammy

(Received 4-13-06 from Williston, VT)

Charlie & Wanda,

Bruce and I picked up the little guy (Cosmo) at the airport
yesterday and I want you all to know that he is
the sweetest, most awesome little dog that I have
met in my life time. He had jet lag and in between
sleeping and gong potty outside he tried to get
comfortable with us and his surroundings. He
slept all night as Bruce put a hot water bottle in
his crate.  I am working so I must go, but I want
to thank you so much for such a wonderful little
dog. We will keep in touch.

Ellen Beaudoin

(Received 1-29-06 from Greenville, SC) Wow what a nice note!

Dear Wanda and Charles,


With only 10 minutes or so of whimpering, and a long nap -- we made it back to Greenville.  Caron and the pup greeted each other like long-lost old friends!  The dog took to her, and I might add, the other way around too -- like white-on-rice!
We set up the master-bathroom as a temporary nighttime holding area -- figuring we could keep a eye on him, and he would know that we were there too.  Caron left the room to do one last thing before turning in for the night, and I snuck him over to our soft bed.  Of course he plopped down and went silent immediately, just like it was natural and he owned the whole bed!  No investigation, no sniffing, just plop!  Once Caron returned she was appalled the pup was in our bed --  however she melted, and in short, the three of us went to sleep immediately like we've been doing it all our lives. 
At 2 AM Caron said she thought the dog had to go outside, so I took him out, and we were back to bed in short order, good dog!  Now however, he thought it was play time & chew time.  Well lets just say the crate is not nearly as comfortable, and the sounds he made for the next two hours would break your heart!  We both look like hell due to lack of sleep, but we don't mind.
The puppy so far has been such a great success.  The score card reads like this: 2 poopies, and 5 wee-wees outside in the grass (some in the rain!) and one wee- wee in the house which was my mistake.  I let him reload on plenty of water, a nap, and failed to take him out immediately upon his wake-up.  Oh well, I learned. 
In under 24 hours he has become a huge part of our family without question.  What ever we do -- he wants to be part of it. In addition, today was Petsmart. He was greeted by many dog lovers, and several other pets as well.  What a crowd pleaser!  We just love him!  Our whole family across the Nation is entering their name suggestions.  One name which came close was THOR, suggested by my mother-in-law, but we are still working on it
Of Course Caron and I got absolutely nothing done today that was on our agenda -- which puts both of us behind for Monday morning.  But that makes no difference, WE HAVE SUCH A WONDERFUL PUPPY, and wouldn't trade him for the World!  Separation anxiety? Nope -- he hasn't had time to think about it!
My sister who lives on Coronado Island (San Diego) is now thinking of getting a dog since we have been talking about it so much.  I'll be sure to encourage the idea of you guys shipping a TMT to her!
More later, I have to get back into the action,
Charles, and Wanda -- thank you so very much for the hard work, detail, and dedication you put into your work.  The rest of us are reaping the spoils.
Best regards,
Barry Bettenhausen
P.S.  Before I could get this sent, add one more outdoor success to the score card!

(Received 1-29-06 from Murray, Utah)

Here is a picture of the rotten brat Manchester named "Basil" with my 12 year old Lindsey. Actually they are both spoiled rotten. I have been out of town since Thursday morning and the women in this house have poisoned her against me already. I will send more pictures as I take them.
Thanks for sending us an exceptionally nice dog. I can tell she is loaded with quality. 
Kyle Christensen

(Received 1-26-06 from Murray, Utah)

Dear Charlie and Wanda...
Our baby girl has arrived!!!! We are so excited!  She is so adorable, and is so much fun to watch in the snow, etc.!  We can't put her down!!  Thank you so much!  We have already fallen in love with her!  We will send pics as soon as Kyle gets back in town with the camera!!! Until then, our most sincere "Thanks"!!!
Kyle and Brenda Christensen
and family!

(Received 12-20-05 from Valentigny, France)


Affinity is here, yaouh !!!
It was a hard day : at the airport we had to go there and there, to fill
papers, to pay a tax to the cutom-house officer, to pay another tax to
the company which took Affinity from the plane to the repository... 
(french administration is boring !) so we met Affinity only at 12:30 !
She was so happy to get out of her crate (wich one was clean !). The
travel back to home was hard too, because of a heavy fog, and we just
arrived at 19:00.
Happily Affinity was kind in the car, not sick at all, et she slept a
lot and played with my daughter. She ate at 13 a little, and more at
home, and she waited to be in the yard to make... what she had to make.
Now she is playing with Nine (our shetland) and discovers the house,
she  likes the Christmas tree !
We think she is beautifull and lovely, and she is not afraid of anything.
I shall take some pictures for you very soon. (I should like send to you
a photo of Affinity with the eiffel tower, but we didn't have time to
make that...)
Thank you, we are so happy, she is my best Christmas ' gift i ever had !
Soon fot more news of Affinity,

Gérard Maurice

(Received 10-28-05 from Tulsa, OK)

Charlie and Wanda,
   Three years ago we purchased a male pup (Juno/Lance) from you.
Winston brings us so much joy and happiness.  He is so smart and good
looking.  In fact, the entire neighborhood knows and likes Winston. 
   I just finished looking at your web site.  Have to admit that I had
not looked at your site in a while.  I understand your frustration with
some judges and with some jealous competitors.  Please remember that
there are hundreds of people like the Dobson's (Jim, Jeanne, Kendall and
James) who never write but are thrilled to have a Saint Lazar dog in
their family.  Thanks so much for improving the breed.


Jim Dobson

(Received 9/21/05 from Boston, MA)

Hey Charlie,

 What an adorable pup! J   I finally managed to get my hands off him hehe…  He’s very playful!   And very outgoing like you said.   Lovely dog. 

Pixel is doing OK so far.  He gets a little aggressive when there’s food or treats involved so I have to watch carefully until they get used to each other. 

I am still thinking about a name for the new pup, so many choices I can’t decide.   

Thank you again for this wonderful Toy Manchester.  We are a very happy family here J



(Received 9/18/05 from Orillia, Ontario, Canada)

Dear Charlie and Wanda 
Good Morning 
I can not begin to Thank you for this wee lad. Jacob is wonderful. He has only been here two days and he is already training us. He is sleeping with us in our bed but he wakes us up when he has to go to the bathroom. He is as smart and loving as ever a puppy I have had before. He loves to be on the grooming table and Oh how he watches a squeakier. He walks right into a stack and holds it. He is not fond of Roll Over for a treat but prefers chicken, he has good taste. His tail never stops waging. Jacob is a very loving  puppy he just wants to go where you go and is not afraid of new people or things. He is a cuddle bunny. When you sit down he is right there to be picked up and he wants to be on you  shoulder and curl around your neck.. Ah that feels so good he is very warm.
I Thank the Lord and both of you for this gift of love. He is full of himself and he behaves as if he was born here. He  brings tears to my eyes, a shortness to my breathing, and put a flock of butterflies into my heart.
  Wanda, I can not Thank you enough really he was meant to be here with us.
Love always The Niece you never knew you had


(Received 9/15/05 from Saint Louis Park, MN)

Charlie and Wanda:

You know, the photo you had on your web page didn’t do this little guy justice.  He is so much more handsome than the photo gave him credit for.  And what an angel!  I was so excited to pick him up this afternoon.  When I got him out of his crate and took him to a grassy area, he rolled onto his back and thoroughly enjoyed a belly scratching, of course after lots of hugs and kisses.  Since Pete was working, we drove out to his job site so he could meet his new daddy.  And as for Lem, well, those two have taken to each other like two peas in a pod.  They are quite an adorable pair.  It’s such a riot to see them running about together in the back yard.  I tried to get a photo but they wouldn’t have any part of that.  They were way too busy.  He has certainly made himself at home – laying about in the dog pillows, helping himself to the toy bin, running in and out onto the deck – busy, busy, busy.  We want to thank again you so much for bringing another fabulous St. Lazar Chester into our lives and our home.  For now, our family is complete … until the next St. Lazar Chester. 

Pete, Tracy and Lemmy Anagnost



(Received 9/13/05 from Santa Cruz, CA)

Hi Charles & Wanda-
We just wanted to thank you so much for sending us the best puppy ever!  We are absolutely in LOVE with him.  His name is Zeppo and he is smart & adorable.  He almost seems paper trained already.  Last night he barked like crazy at his reflection in the window...It was the cutest thing, he sounded so ferocious.

Well, take care & keep breeding these outstanding dogs.  You are doing the world a great service by keeping this breed alive.

Robin & Lee

(Received from Karen Bristol 9/8/05 from Burkburnett, TX)

Hi Charlie and Wanda, I have been trying all day to find the words to express how I feel, and without waffling on for hours I'll do it as concisely as I can.  To hold this exquisite creature, to watch her move, to see her stand still, takes my breath away.  I am enamored with her total being.  We will have so much fun in the ring, we will have fun learning for a few months and then will knock their socks off!!  Thank you seems a small thing to say, but it comes from the heart.

See the Betty Boop page - Click here.

(Received 8/31/05 from Costa Mesa, CA)

Hi Charlie & Wanda:

Disco is here, safe & sound.  We are so in love with him.  He immediately came to me and nibbled my fingers.  It was like the Rudolph as he looked, he was jumping up & down and SO excited… You your right he is AWESOME… I can’t believe how good he is. 

We brought a little doggie bed and had it in the car to get him out to stretch and brought along some towels, he went out of his bed and straight to the towel and tinkled.   WHAT A GOOD BOY!!  Then when we got him home, he checked out his new home and was jumping and rearing up and prancing like the little prince that he is..  We have mirrors in our dining area Wall to Ceiling and he stopped dead is in tracks and looked at his “friend”.  He is SO CUTE.  Then, he found the Wee, Wee pad we laid out, just in case, and bam when right to it and did his business.  Amazing, we were shocked twice is less than an hour.

 Anyway, wanted to let you know your boy is safe, sound and very HAPPY…..

 THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH… you have brought us such joy already….

 Lots of love…….

 Steve, Margie & Disco

(Received 8/17/05 from Matthews, NC)

It was so nice talking with you.  Thank you so much for your faith in me and my husband in raising this fabulous pet.  He truly is a companion that I could not do without. Here are a few pics for your owner page.  April 28 011 is my favorite!  Of course this is where he loves to sleep.   May 9 050 he is sleeping in a lounge chair in the backyard. Mother's Day 007 is me and Maverick.
Pics dog14 and 1010018 is of Max at my mom and dad's house, Joe and Paula Talley in Memphis, TN
Please put me on the list for a female and just keep me updated.
Susan & Kevin Braswell
Matthews, NC  28105

(Received 7/22/05 from Detroit, Mi)

 Hi Charlie!  Scout is doing great!  He has really bonded with our 13 year old daughter.  He sleeps every night under the covers at her feet.  He will only pay attention to the rest of us when she is not around!  He follows her every step! 

He enjoys harassing our lazy fat cat, and the cat enjoys playing back with him about 25% of the time!  He has made several canine friends in the neighborhood as well as with our relatives.  He is becoming more comfortable with coming in contact with new people. 
The kids insisted that we throw a birthday party for him on the 14th when he turned 2.  He liked his presents! 
No one around here seems to be familiar with Manchester Terriers, he is always mistaken for a Miniature Pincher!
I will attach a couple of photos of last Halloween when he was dressed up as a racehorse pictured with our 5 year old son Joey & one of him lounging with our 13 year old Ashley & 1 1/2 year old, Justin.
I have a really good professional photo of Scout and Ashley, but I will have to put that one in the mail, as we do not have a scanner. 
Nice to hear from you,
Take care,
Dean & Cynthia Sacco

(Received 6/22/05 from Tennessee)

So glad to hear from you!!
Tini is great, we just love her to death.  She is such a well mannered and beautiful pup.  We take her almost everywhere with us and people stop and comment how pretty she is.   She now weighs 8 lbs. 8 oz. and still on Eukenuba!   Marshall and I work out of our home office, so she is very rarely alone!
We have a travel carrier for dogs that looks like a duffle bag, so we take her on erronds.  Pet Smart is still her most favorite place to go.
I took her to obedience school for 8 weeks in March/April .  She is such a fast learner, and was the hit of the class.  She can sit, stand, down, shake, leave it (leave things she should not eat or dig up), fetch, come, and stay.  We are still leash training but that takes a while. 
We have a place in Myrtle Beach on the ocean and took her there in April for her first beach vacation.  She just loved it.  She travels so well, pretty much just sleeps in her travel carrier the whole time, except for bathroom breaks. 
She is completely potty trained to go outside and also crate trained for when we have to leave her at home.  We take her out as we have not fenced in our yard yet, but will do the fencing this fall.  She is so used to us taking her out, not sure if she'll get used to going out by herself, but we'll try it.
Marshall's mom and dad live in VA, and we've taken her there once, and will again for the 4th of July weekend.  His parents live on a farm, Tini just loves it.  She is free to run, with supervision of course. 
Marshall and I are so glad to have her and we thank you for breeding such good pups. 
We have many pictures, just none of them are scanned right now.  I've asked Marshall to scan a few and then well send to you.
We hope you are having a nice summer!
Judy Craig

(Received 5/21/05 from Richmond, VA)

Dear Charlie,

Well, it's been more than a year since we've had Murry and we've learned so much, laughed so much. He has really been integrated into our lives more than any pet  I have ever owned. First credit goes to you. I'll never forget the first time I looked at him in that cage at the airport. He was reluctantly cowering at the back of the cage but he also had a look in his eye which said come get me out of here, which I did, and he settled into my lap as my son drove us home. The key was that he was very comfortable with people and we bonded immediately. Another thing I've learned from my wife is how much Murry likes soft toys. These toys mimic the prey manchester terriers were bred to hunt, I suppose, and Murry loves to fetch and shake these toys until he" breaks their neck". They are useful in the home because they don't break things when you throw them. As far as the diet problem is concerned we have been successful with Pedigree Easy Digestion (Hard) food in the morning and Pedigree Lamb and Vegetables Canned food about 1/3 of a large can mixed with the hard food for dinner. Murry jumps up and down every night for the canned food. Occasionally we give him treats from our table if it's not fatty food and he now tolerates these well. As far as the foot is concerned I've noticed he is favoring it less lately so no problem there.I never let Murry run free near a street. His instinct to chase moving objects is too strong to risk a horrible accident. Fortunately I have a fenced in backyard with plenty of room behind it as well with no car access. If  you think this information would be helpful to other future owners of toy manchester terriers, please share it with them.
In short, Murry is the dog  I've (we've) always wanted and we have you and your wife to thank for him.
bob Lazar

(Received 2/26/05 from California)

Hi Wanda & Charlie - well, she arrived on time last night and popped right out of the kennel to greet us!  She is so 'lovey' - just kissed us all over! I couldn't believe how friendly she was!  What great dogs you produce!  We went home and introduced her to TJ; of course he was all over her and a few little growls from the lady and he said OK!  I know it will take a little time for him to get used to her!  They came in the house and she took herself on a tour of the house going all over - too cute!  She is just perfect!!!  Thank you so much!  I will send photos soon.


I saw the note that you were feeding her 'senior' Eukanuba - is it OK to mix her food for a few days and then keep her on maintenance?  Just let me know how long she needs to be on 'senior'.  I can easily go and pick up some 'senior lamb & rice" - This morning I fed the two of them in separate bowls, she ate her  food really fast and then kicked TJ out of his bow!  Too funny!  I had to take her away so TJ could eat. 
We are going to have a lot of fun with these two!
Let me know about the food - I don't want to upset her system - she is going regular now.
Thanks, Karen Vivona

(Received 2/16/05 from Atlanta, GA)

Saint Lazar’s Georgia Belle is doing just fine. Her paper training is progressing as she doesn’t like cold weather and wet grass just yet! She has already attempted to jump up on the big dogs and we watch her carefully around them. All in all she’s wonderful and we’re madly in love with her!!   I’d also like to offer my congratulations: the Manchester that won best of breed at Westminster was sired by your Klay, and if I read the pedigree correctly, my precious Bell was his great grandmother. ( At least, my daughter and I  thought that’s what we read).  Anyway, the winner was descended from your kennel and that is so impressive. We always watch the Westminster Dog Show and marvel at all the  beauty in the ring.  Hope all is well with you. We’re crazy about our little girl!!

 Best wishes,

 Vickie Scaljon

(Received 11/2/05 from Michigan)

Hi Charlie & Wanda!

Chauncey and I just visited your website again this morning.  He is in the habit of joining me at the computer in the morning.  He jumps onto my lap and stares intently at the monitor.  I bring up your site and his ears prick up, maintaining the stare for a couple of minutes, almost every day.  It's the weirdest thing!

He lost a couple of puppy teeth last week.  I found them on the floor on two different occasions.  I taped them to a piece of paper, labeled and dated it and put it in his file
folder with his other documents.  I cooked him some beef spareribs last weekend just to get the bones for him.  He loved them of course and stalked off with them like he was taking away an ultimate prize.  He's been giving the bones and his teeth a good workout.

He's developing perfectly.  He's gotten a little bigger and is very lean, muscular, and athletic.  His coat is absolutely perfect.  He loves to run flat out but sometimes still has a little puppy clumsiness when it comes to cornering and stopping.  He's just a riot to play with.  There's nothing he likes better than hard playing.

He's very obedient with me.  He chased a cat in my folks' yard the other day but stopped dead in his tracks and came to me when I called him.  Not so with Cece, much to her chagrin. 

It's getting chilly in Michigan.  He's discovered the heat run and has a mild addiction to it when it's naptime or whenever he comes in from outside.

We trust this election day finds you both well.  I just wanted to drop you this update and thank you again for this joyful pup!


Jay Skalla

(Received 10/11/04 from Michigan)

Dear Charlie & Wanda,

"Chauncey" is just doing great! 

He did fine on the flights and was perfectly behaved, which I found remarkable.  He was carrying his tail low and was a little queasy when he first got home and vomited a couple of times but nothing severe.  I figure it was the new surroundings.  After a couple of hours the tail came back up and he's been fine ever since.

He's been meeting a lot of new people and of course he loves them all.  He's met all
3 children, and just about everybody on my side and on Cece's side.  The kids were all home for a long weekend and each was able "bond" with him.  They were as thrilled as can be and I know Chauncey was too.

He loves to play long and hard and when he's done, he's done; naptime!  Yesterday he discovered he can bark and has been enjoying hearing his own voice.  He's barking at "strangers" (people he hasn't met yet) just like you'd hope.

Our yard won't be totally fenced for another week, but he is so obedient about staying right with us when we're out.  Truly amazing for such a young dog. 

He's just a perfect dog and we are extremely pleased that you allowed us to have him!
We will always remember fondly our trip to Newborn and meeting Chauncey and you
wonderful people.  We will be forever grateful!

I'll write more from time to time to keep you updated on his latest.

Best regards,

Jay Skalla

(Received 8/20/04 from Canada, the French part!)(Sir Lancelot is now a Canadian Champion)

Sorry its very late but the baby arrive at 12.30 P.M and he was very happy to see us I would like to tank you for sending me this very good loocking guy he have a very nice temparment I am sure we gone to have fun showing him, he like to play allready,  he his in the house like he was born here.  I am sure that he will be happy whit us sending some picture for today arrival.
Diane and Sir Lancelot