Toy Manchester Terriers

Many folks have expressed an interest in our photos of just born and very young pups. Therefore, from time to time, we will update this page with new photos of various litters.


Here is the first Cherry/Luke puppy, a nice vigorous female, shown at age 8 minutes. The pups are a bit early, so it is great to see her so active.


Another girl, about 35 min after the first shown at 3 min of age. Cherry is so quite, we can't tell she is even having them. But something is wrong, TMT's at Saint Lazar always have their pups from 1 AM to 6 AM, I can't figure this out (joke).


Now a boy, a handsome fellow with gorgeous correct mahogany color. About 4 min of age. Cherry is having these pups so easy, Isn't GOD great!


We were pretty sure we felt a fourth pup, but she took quite a while to come. Cherry did not strain with any of these pups, I have never seen an easier delivery in the over 40 years I have been involved with whelping puppies. They are five days early for dead certain, which would be a most definite worry, except they are very active. The last one really squealed for a minute, but the first 3 never uttered a peep. You can see them below, and later this evening after Cherry rests up, we will get a photo of the four with her. She is approximately 5 min old above.


First Diamond Lil/Zander pup born Monday, 2/23/09, about 12:15 PM. A little female, shown at approximately 90 seconds of age.

Here are the Diamond Lil babies at 48 hous of age, 3:00 PM, 2/25. Beautiful little creatures!

The pups born 2/23/09 are growing nicely, you can tell the pup second from the left is a male by his size. This photo was taken 3/10 at age 2 weeks, and they have just got their eyes open. I heard a grrrrr 2 days ago, the earliest I ever remember hearing a growl. Mama is doing a great job and has plenty of milk.

Montage by Gene Caron


Wanda made us a light lunch right after we got home from Church and then she said she would go get the Diamond Lil - Zander pups from the kennel and help me get some photos. They will be seven weeks old tomorrow, 4/13. We normally keep pups in the house to about 8 to 9 weeks of age, but we have had to be away from home so much lately that we have kept them in the kennel. We have plenty of room and they are perfectly safe and comfortable. Plus they are eating like horses and the "cleanup" task is much easier in the kennel. Anyway, she started out to get the pups and she discovered they had figured out how to get out the "door" into their concrete exterior run. They were enjoying the sun and having a good time, but I think this is the earliest that we remember pups coming out on their own. Wanda couldn't resist taking them to the front yard for their first yard play time . You can see the result above. For years I have bragged on the temperament of our guys and gals and how much of it is attributed to genetics, but there is no doubt we have outdone ourselves with this litter, they are very exuberant. I can't remember a more outgoing litter than this in the past forty years. They are brothers and sisters to our Morgan who took a big show win in Perry, GA yesterday, but a different litter of course.  Thank you LORD for this fine bunch, The Fabulous Five!