(Note the chronology is from the bottom up - I apologize for the length, but it is important to see McClellan's culpability in this mess)

FLASH - 9:06 PM - Sorry, but no other face can be put on it, the "lying" has begun. McClellan has usurped her position by having her website put up in front of prospective Manchester Terrier purchasers unfairly over members who paid to be listed on the AMTC Breeder Referral page, and she was very careful to do so thinking she would not be caught. If you think otherwise, then you know the Earth is flat. This is nothing more than the continuation of a pattern of misconduct that I have observed from McClellan for many years. There is the issue of buying dogs from a notorious puppy mill. There is the issue of the missing ballots, there is the issue of closing a blind eye to the flagrant and well documented kennel packing by Jim Burrows, and the list goes on. Then she enlisted the complicity of Aiko Shinseki, who has no business, nor authority, to modify the AMTC web site. Now she is whining that she, the AMTC President did not read the newsletters, "is too busy", and she, the President "doesn't know". God, Kelly this is pathetic and embarrassing, even if we were sure you were legitimately elected, this is utter incompetence and you must get out to the way and let someone who has some sense, and the time to do the job, take over the Presidency. "I apologize for jumping the gun". What nonsense, she sneaked around and knew full well what she was doing. This is not "ugliness" this is being called to account for your conduct. You got caught and you have to pay the price. You can not palm this off on the Board, you did this dirty deed. By the way, as I repeatedly pointed out during the past election campaign, there is no reason for secrecy in any part of the business of the AMTC and that includes email. This is another smokescreen from McClellan which is printed below. See the "FACTS" not the smokescreen, sent by Zandi Spicer below McClellan's diatribe.

First, I want to apologize to all the folks on this list for the ugly things that erupts from time to time. I too wish that this could be a loving group of people that only speaks of our breed and the fun things that we do in our lives. Never in my life (even among children) have I seen so much vicious personalities.
Website listed on the Breeder Referral Page:
The board voted for members to add their websites if they wish to do so many months back. This was supposed to be listed in that next Newsletter from the board’s decision with a form for the members to send in if they wanted their website address added to their referral. What happened to this notice? I’m not sure. I apologize for jumping the gun and getting mine out their before the membership was notified. I didn’t check the last two newsletters. As you can see from today’s chain of events being what I deal with ongoing along with my job/shows/home/etc… – my mind was never back on this topic until I started seeing the ugliness today. I had my website taken off the AMTC website until the membership gets a chance to add theirs. Maybe the board’s decision of putting a form in the Newsletter to add membership’s websites can now be put in the Newsletter as it was supposed to happen many months back. It was suppose to be an instant change as people returned their forms.

Today’s emails are an example of what goes on within the board’s yahoo group list. You can see from these emails how the arguments usually start and end up. I have been checking with legal, AKC, and parliamentary law to see if I could open the board emails to the membership just to make the Board be accountable for everything that is said and done. So far, I haven’t found anyone who can show me that legally this can be done. I will continue to search so I can give membership a constant look into what the board is doing and how it is spending their time.

Unless a meeting (in person) is “Executive Order,” members are welcome to attend according to Parliamentary law. Why can membership not be allowed access to the Board emails?

I will not respond to any nasty emails. This is a volunteer job, and I continue to attempt to do the right thing and have fun in spite of the ugliness.

Have a GREAT WEEKEND, and Good Luck in "all things great and small"!!!



To all,
The Breeder Web Link issue was addressed 3 months ago, by the Board at the May 7th, 2009 Board Teleconference Meeting. When the renewal notices go out, there will be a box added, to check,  "yes or no", so a breeder can indicate if he/she wishes to add their web site to their Breeder Referral listing. You might recall that our May 2009 NL did not arrive until the middle of June. Footnote: the May 7th Board Teleconference Meeting minutes were not approved until the next Board meeting, which was June 4th.  One does not need to be a mathematical genius to understand why the May 7th, Board Teleconference Meeting, have not been published. There was no "notice" to be sent out except as outlined below, so "nothing happened to any notice," as Kelly phrases it.


4:56 PM Here is an email from Aiko Shinseki - Will the AMTC Board please explain to the membership how and why Aiko is accessing the AMTC web site and modifying it. I am told by our Secretary that Donna Young is the Web Master. I don't know Aiko personally, but in my 34 year AMTC membership, I have seen several AMTC members thrown out of the club for way less offenses than this. Aiko, I am not advocating throwing you out, but a public apology certainly needs to be made to the membership. This was extremely poor judgment at the very least. Oh yes folks, we know who the urgent call stemmed from.

Hello Everyone,

Personally I am not sure what is happening with reference to the paid breeder listing page and the whole topic around allowing/not allowing breeder website listing all together.  I understand in the early 90's the members (not the club) approved to NOT include web site information due to "???" and the club today is reviewing this to help out the breeders.

With this said I received an urgent call this morning from a breeder requesting to remove the link that was placed on her directory listing.  As an acting co-chair to the AMTC Website, it seemed there was a need to take immediate action to help a miss step/or delay with some club communications related to the breeder listing and web links.

Donna, I did remove the link this morning and also this afternoon I also did not notice the name was also hyperlinked to the site and I have now removed this as well.

Charlie, I too (and I think many other breeders) who have paid to be listed on the AMTC site would like to have their web sites listed but until we can all figure this out I think we will all need to be patient!  Personally I have now tried for 2 1/2 years to get this modified and still plugging away at it LOL!


4:08 PM See Pat Hall's note below. I can not believe the arrogance of McClellan that she thinks she is an exception. Like I say below, now the lying begins, McClellan will deny knowing how the membership voted, yet she "Chairs" the meetings. Just like in the old USSR, some are "more equal" than others.

In order to find out as much as I could about what went on with the web site listing I decided to double check my board notes, in doing so I found where the board did unanimously agree to add to the breeders referral form that you fill out each year the option of having your web site listed. That listing would have started in 2010.
However I have since come to realize that the membership voted no on such listings and only the membership can change that vote.
As it stands right now the only way to change this is to have a ballot sent or wait until next years annual meeting.
Pat Hall

1:59 PM- We now learn that McClellan made a quick telephone call now that she has been found out, and the link has been removed by somebody, not Donna. THIS IS DESPICABLE!!

1:06 PM -In response to my email to her, Donna Young has telephoned and told Wanda that McClellan "instructed" Donna to change McClellan's link. Members are you going to tolerate this tremendous abuse? McClellan has really shown her "true colors", she cares for no one but herself, she must go, this is the last straw!  Now that she had been caught, she will try to lie her way out of this, don't listen, enough is enough.

There are a number of AMTC members who have paid a fee to have their name and contact details listed on the official AMTC Breeder Referral page. For reasons I can not fathom, there are no listings/links for those who have web pages, with one EXCEPTION. This exception is Kelly McClellan, who claims to be President of the AMTC. No one knows for sure because the ballots have supposedly "disappeared" and I can assure you McClellan has not made the slightest effort to find them, or assist our AMTC Secretary in finding the ballots. There are a number of members who believe to the core of their being, that ballot fraud took place, and Kelly is not the legitimate President. It is public knowledge that the former AMTC Secretary has referred to "ballot tampering" in previous elections, see editorial below under date of 3/9/09. What has she done with the ballots? I have consistently warned the members of the AMTC about the kind of person McClellan is. One who will not face the truth, one who openly does business with well known puppy mills, one who is content to sit on the AMTC Board of Directors with a officer who is guilty of well documented and flagrant kennel packing, ad infinitum. Is in no wonder that she now singles herself out on the Breeder Referral Page to the detriment of every other listing there? I am told that McClellan is now talking of running again for AMTC President. This is beyond the pale, what McClellan ought to do now that she has been found out is to resign. Failing that, the membership should demand her resignation, what is it going to take for the members to do this? GOD help us!


Leadership is a process by which a person influences others to accomplish an objective and directs the organization in a way that makes it more cohesive and coherent. Leaders carry out this process by applying their leadership attributes, such as beliefs, values, ethics, character, knowledge, and skills. Although your position as a, manager, supervisor, lead, etc. gives you the authority to accomplish certain tasks and objectives in the organization, this power does not make you a leader, it simply makes you the boss. Leadership differs in that it makes the followers want to achieve high goals, rather than simply bossing people around.