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September 14, 2009



The American Manchester Terrier Club,

1516 East Dalton Ave

Spokane, WA 99207


Subject: A Charge of Abuse of Office of President of The AMTC


Dear Madam Secretary and Members of the Board of Directors:


As Board members of the American Manchester Terrier Club you are no doubt aware of the serious breach of protocol and procedures of the AMTC pertaining to the listing of personal web site Internet links on the AMTC web site Breeder Referral Page (BRP). Kelly McClellan, who has specific knowledge of, and participated in the development of rules and procedures pertaining to the Breeder Referral Page, did in a unconscionable act of self interest and abuse of the office of President, direct the AMTC Web Master, Donna Young to place a link to McClellan’s personal web page from the Breeder Referral Page. This link was then removed without authority and legitimate access to the AMTC web page by member Aiko Shenseki at McClellan’s behest when she realized she was “found out”. Aiko has admitted to this on the AMTC forum.


The flagrant abuse of office by McClellan flies in the face of those of us who have paid the appropriate fee to have a listing on the BRP, and yet we had no access to Donna Young’s ability to make a link to our respective personal web sites. We have been seriously damaged by McClellan’s diverting those web visitors who may have been interested in obtaining Manchester Terriers, and there can be absolutely no question that McClellan knew exactly what she was about. I honestly believe that the AMTC could be held accountable for financial damages should the Board fail to take prompt and stern action, and thereby prove to the membership that this serious breach of ethics will not be “swept under the carpet”. McClellan cannot plead ignorance when she was a part of the development of the rules and procedures. There is no excuse that makes rational sense, and McClellan should resign from the office of President. Failing the resignation of McClellan, pursuant to Article VI, Discipline, Section 2, AMTC By-Laws, I hereby file a charge of conduct prejudicial the best interests of the American Manchester Terrier Club against Kelly McClellan for misuse of the Office of President of the AMTC for purposes of personal benefit.


Pursuant to Article VI, Discipline, Section 3 of the By-Laws, if the charge is sustained by the Board and/or Committee, I am not asking that a recommendation of expulsion be made to the membership unless McClellan will not relinquish the office of President.  It is my personal observation for almost twenty years, that McClellan is not at heart a “bad person”, but one who sadly suffers from an inability to know what is appropriate, and what is inappropriate. However, this time that frequently demonstrated inability has severely harmed the membership at large, and specifically those who paid their listing fee in good faith, and did not to expect to find that another member was “more equal” than they.


Thank you for your consideration.




Charles A. Walker, Jr.

Member in Good Standing

The American Manchester Terrier Club