This all started a month ago when our next door neighbor, and good friend, was over for a visit. We were out in the back yard and Wanda let the Lil pups out for a romp. Flynn promptly ran between Lisa's legs and she couldn't avoid stepping on him. So he wound up with a broken leg and a cast for a modest 3 weeks. I took some photos of him and posted them on the home page and titled them "peg leg". As regular visitors here know, our good friend, Gene Caron, is always on the prowl for new photo to turn into masterpiece montages. Although I can do montages, I learned months ago I can't equal Gene when it come to design. But he can't equal me when it comes to "political" satire concerning the American Manchester Terrier Club. A GOD given talent to both of us. In any event, Gene went hog wild when we mentioned we might name peg leg, "Errol Flynn". He has bombed us with montages centering on Errol Flynn. At 68 years of age, I remember many Flynn movies, and they were some of my parents favorites. I  particularly remember Captain Blood. But Gene is pretty expert about the real life Errol Flynn, and pirates in general, and the montages below represent his expertise. We hope you enjoy his work, we sure do. (Charlie May 21, 2009)


Here is Flynn on May 3rd, man is he glad to be free of this.


 I felt so sorry for Saint Lazar's Erroll Flynn yesterday, 5/14, that I put him my lap with his cast resting on my leg to get some petting. I let him spar a bit with Berry who, as usual, was tucked up under my left arm while I had my morning coffee and surfed my favorite web sites on the laptop. I had to put the coffee down of course because they really got to going at each other playing hard. Next thing I knew, his cast was lying in my lap. So off we went to the Vet to get a new cast. Ah, but lo and behold, Dr. Brown comes out and she tells me, "no cast needed, x-ray shows he is all healed up". This is miraculous as it was only 3 weeks to the day since he got injured. So he needs a week of "light duty", and then he can resume his normal play with his siblings, so says Dr. Brown. However, we will take a more conservative approach, and continue to keep him in the house, and then only gently introduce him to the yard. He is definite show quality, and we are not going to take any chances. He has the beautiful head piece that his brother Morgan is blessed with, and "attitude" to die for.


Above - The looting of the sloop "Kennel Packer"

We understand "Gracie" is this weeks name, and these no nonsense guys are about to lay their hand on the ballots.

The real Grace O'Malley meets Captain Flynn

I am now letting Flynn run up and down our large deck. This is what I get in return. You will notice that lower right puppy canine tooth buried in my ankle. It is just like a super sharpened ice pick. We buy lots of Neosporin around here. I don't care, he is so so pretty to just look at. Thank you once again LORD! (5-22-09)

Try this sometime and you will find out how difficult it is. I can do it, but I don't nearly have Gene's patience or talent.