Our good friend and master of "montages", Gene Caron, has been sending us images of his latest creation, "Don Patootie" for several days now. However, due to respiratory illness, I have just got around to posting this page 3/24. I think they are pretty cute and original and our hat's off to Gene. AMTC (American Manchester Terrier Club) remarks are, as usual, by yours truly, C. Augustus Walker, Jr. and will only have meaning to members. But, as most now know, there is virtually no hope for the AMTC ever returning to traditional American mores, values, and ethics. Zandi Spicer & Patricia Hall are brilliant lights in a sea of AMTC darkness. Enjoy.

Speaking of certain "Board" members

You had your chance to send the ballots Kathy, it doesn't pay to give the "Don" the extended middle finger

There are absolutely no AMTC secrets Madame President, try as you might

Live by misdeed, die by misdeed

Don Patootie bubble head, call for pricing and availability

You wanna mess with me?

Those that thumbed their nose at the code of ethics are upstairs meeting in 2C

I am here to make you a deal you can not refuse

The Don and retinue at the wedding of a friend

This "treasurer" look familiar?

The "revision" committee may run for cover, but I know where to find them

The Don sends Quinc to deal with the kennel packing

It is done, they sleep with the fishes

I do so love my work

Elud, you surprise the Don by doing the "right" thing, the Don will remember

For the AKC Judges license department