Toy Manchester Terriers

Note: Cory is being shown in Europe by our friend Ilona Cerna of the Czech Republic. We will update Cory's progress as we receive information from Ilona.

We are informed that Cory is now a "Champion of Poland"

Champion Saint Lazar's Cory ChSM ChP,
shown above with our good friend and Co-owner of Cory, Ilona Cerna from the Czech Republic, at a show in Austria on September 30th. Cory and Ilona continue to do very well in the European show rings, and Wanda and I are so grateful for Ilona's interest in Cory and her excellent handling ability. Ilona is a highly experienced West Highland White Terrier breeder and exhibitor, and we are keen to get her a good Saint Lazar female to own. See her note below.

Dear Wanda and Charlie,

here are Cory's news from Europe shows. Cory has first two expetancys for Austria Champion. This is his results: 30.09. - ex.1, CACA ( expetance for Austria champion), CACIB ( expetance for International champion), Bundessieger = Federal winner, Cruft's qualifying, BOB = Best of breed. Judge was Mrs Sylvia Radnetter from Austria club and confirmed Airedale terrier breeder and judge. 01.10. - ex.1, CACA, BOB ( he has no titular Club winner, because I'm not Austrian clubman ). Judge was Mr Reinhard Jacobs from Germany (1st charmain of Thueringen), they was suprised from Cory, his perfect presentation although was late time ( at 3 PM and Cory was one last in ring ). Many people was suprised of Cory, his lovely expression and presentation. In Austria is no one Toy. And I have new terrier persons on the waiting list from this country. I send you very nice picture from Club show, who is Cory, me and Judge Reinhard Jacobs.

My computer is totally past, so I can't up date my web site.

I'm waiting for your news and thanks for Cory,

Warmest regards

Ilona and Cory

 We received this photo from Ilona today (11/6/06) showing Cory's destitute condition in the Czech Republic. Maybe if I am a good boy, when I die I   will go to live as a dog in Ilona's home.


Here is a note from Ilona received 5-29-06

    Dear Charlie and Wanda,
          Before two hours we came back from San Marino. Both days was very hot weather ( more than 30C, in the Czech is about 15C ). But Cory liked this temperature.
Cory is very good boy, I didn't have any problem aboard a bus. He changes now his coat ( the older coat is light brown  ). 
Here are his show results from San Marino :
   27.5. - Excellent 1, CAC ( certificate for San Marino champion ), CACIB ( certificate for Interchampion ), B.O.B.
   28.5. - Excellent 1, CAC ( certificate for San Marino champion ), CACIB ( certificate for Interchampion ), Medirranean winner,
                  With the both two CAC is Cory now Champion of San Marino!!!!! Cory was the first Toy in Italy and San Marino...
     Best regards,
        Ilona & Cory


Champion Saint Lazar's Cory ChSM


In spite of the gross incompetence of Air France, and their Atlanta Agent, Sky Team, Our Cory finally arrived safely in Prague, Czech Republic on 4/26/06 AM. The trip took two days instead of the approximately 14 hrs. that it should have. Our good friend, Ilona Cerna, who will be showing Cory in Europe, says he "took to her" right off, ate well, and promptly took a nap. See photos below. We now look forward to Cory entering the show rings of Europe. Ilona has been breeding and showing West Highland Whites since 1989, so she knows and loves Terriers. You can see her web site here Wanda and I greatly appreciate her friendship and willingness to show Cory in Europe.

Ilona Cerna at the Prague, Czech Republic airport with Cory fresh from the Air France/Sky Team fiasco. As you can see, he is very fortunately non the "worse for ware", and bonded immediately with Ilona. Thanks one more time LORD, and thank you Ilona for these nifty pictures.

Cory promptly made himself at home on Ilona's sofa. An example of the wonderful Saint Lazar temperament, plus the warmth and friendliness of Ilona's home. We know this pair is going to do very well.

Ch. Saint Lazar's Cory, ChSM and our friend and Co-Owner, Ilona Cerna of Prague, Czech Republic at the St. Gallen, Switzerland Internation Dog Show May 20th and 21st. Cory is 75% on the way to his International Championship, in only two weekends.

Note: San Marino is the oldest Republic in Europe, the 3rd smallest (after the Vatican and Monaco), and is completely surrounded by Italy. Population is about 26,000.

Regular visitors to our web page will know that we recently sent Ch. Saint Lazar's Cory to Prague, Czech Republic to visit with our friend Ilona Cerna, and to be shown by her in some European shows. We have received Ilona's report of Cory's first show in St. Gallen, Switzerland. It just so happens that we sent a Cory littermate brother to Elisabeth Lang in Switzerland back in 2003. Ilona is pictured above left holding Cory, and Elisabeth has Saint Lazar's Orion on the right. We had let Elisabeth know Ilona's show calendar, and it is obvious that they were able to get together. Orion is a good bit larger than his littermates, and is a "Standard" Manchester. I have copied Ilona's email of 5/22 below. Not a bad start for an unsocialized, puppy mill dog! See Orion photos a little further below.

Dear Wanda and Charlie,
Cory had his first show premiere in Europe - St. Gallen - Switzerland with this results:
20.5. Judge Mr Lauber / CH - CAC, CACIB
21.5.  Judge Mrs Picenardi / I - CAC, CACIB, BOB, Cruft's qualification !!
Cory is really show dog!!! He like dogs all breeds and on the honor ring he runs like the wind. I enjoy showing Cory!!!  
The judge Mr Lauber is judge for pincher too and Cory was too big for the judge. BOB on 20.5. was young female imported from Germany, cca 5cm higher than Cory. Her owner is the pincher breeder in Switzerland too. Unfortunately this judge was for the terrier group on the honor ring . Cory don't has chance for placing....
 The Italian judge have like Cory very much.
                                        Your Ilona and Cory

Cory Qualifies for Cruft's in his first European Weekend!


Our friend, Jessica Kemp, translated the above, at least the handwriting she could read as follows;

Very typey for the breed.
Good Head.
Beautiful neck.
Good color, well placed
Good topline
Beautiful movement

Unlike American Judges, many of who I wonder how they ever got an AKC license to judge Manchester Terrier's, European Judges really have to know their "stuff". One may not always agree with them of course, and they have their "politics" too, but it appears to me that they are way ahead of AKC Judges, generally speaking. You get a written "critique" when you show your dog there. Naturally, Cory being a result of "planned breeding", got an "Excellent" rating, the highest possible. Way to go Ilona and Cory!

Ilona has a beautiful garden, and Cory is obviously enjoying it.

Well, if there are no MinPin's around to eat, then I guess a tender young Westie will do.

I kid you not, and I thought I was retired (I love this garden!)

I sure hope this guy gets caught up on his rest.

Man, if he's not sleeping, he is playing or eating, what a life!

And we though Ilona Cerna was taking him to dog shows. I should have such a tough life.