Charles A. Walker, Jr.

1815 Gaissert Road – Newborn, GA 30056-2896

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September 30, 2009



The American Manchester Terrier Club,

1516 East Dalton Ave

Spokane, WA 99207


Subject: A Charge of Failure to Properly Execute the Office of Secretary


Dear Madam Secretary and Members of the Board of Directors:


As some of you are well aware, the American Manchester Terrier Club Constitution and By-Laws In Article IV, Club Year, Voting, Nominations, Elections, Section 1. Club Year, specifically state “Each retiring Officer shall turn over to his successor in office all Club properties and records relating to that office within 30 days after the election”. This is not an option; this is not when you feel like it, but an absolute requirement in not more than thirty days. The thirty days begins, as stated in the By-Laws, immediately upon the counting of the ballots as that is when the By-Laws state that the new Officers take office.


Our Secretary, Zandi Spicer, informs me that numerous requests have been made to the former Secretary, who was then known as Kathy Bradley, for the ballots from the last election. These ballots were missing from the meager inventory that was sent by Bradley to Zandi. According to our Secretary, each time a request was made, a different excuse or “story” was put forth. Please confirm this with Zandi Spicer, your fellow Board Member, who has meticulous documentation concerning Bradley’s deliberate flaunting of the By-Laws.


Further, it is should be patently obvious from written evidence, copy attached, from a previous election, that Bradley has a record of, or at the very least, has conspired to previously tamper with AMTC Election ballots. Bradley may try to pass this unspeakable crime against the membership, off as a “joke”. But I submit to you that adults do not joke about matters of this nature. This is like “joking” about hijacking an airplane in one of our nation’s airports, and you know the well publicized consequences of that. Besides, the content of the attached evidence speaks for itself. This certainly was no “joke”. I therefore enter a formal charge against Kathy Bradley (or whatever her name may be at this time) of a deliberate, and premeditated violation of the AMTC Constitution and By-Laws by failing to turn over all required properties and records, specifically the past election ballots.


Many of our members are convinced that Bradley, seeing that the election did not go “her way”, or that of her “cronies”, mishandled the ballots to make it appear that some of her choices were elected. Do the five members of the Board who were nominated by the membership at large not think it odd that the five of you were elected, yet no one else on the slate was? It is obvious by your election that new management of the AMTC was desired by the majority of our members, but Bradley has done her utmost to thwart that mandate. You now have the opportunity to rectify this flagrant, “in your face”, flaunting of the By-Laws by recommending the expulsion of Bradley from our membership. I urge you to do this promptly, it is long overdue.


Thank you for your consideration.




Charles A. Walker, Jr.

Member in Good Standing

The American Manchester Terrier Club