Toy Manchester Terriers
Saint Lazar's Betty Boop
Photos & email text courtesy of Owner, Karen Bristol, Burkburnett, TX


Thank you Karen and Boop, we are most proud of you both!
Wanda & Charlie -Saint Lazar


We have just received this outstanding portrait of Ch. Saint Lazar's Betty Boop from her owner, Karen Bristol of Burkburnett, TX. Once again, we have to say to Karen, very well done!

Champion Saint Lazar's Betty Boop - Owned by Karen & Rex Bristol of Burkburnett, TX. The photograph above was taken 10/06 by Rex at the Lincoln, NE motel where we all attended the AMTC Annual Meeting and National Specialty show.

Betty Boop wins Toy Group in her first puppy match 10/29 - See further below

A Saint Lazar Champion in the making! Saint Lazar's Betty Boop (see below), owned & shown by Karen Bristol of Burkburnett, TX, is pictured above wining Best of Variety 4/15/06 over a nice entry, including a Champion, at Claremore, OK. As is so often the case, one of the competitors failed to show up the next day knowing a Saint Lazar dog was entered. Ms. Boop, sired by Ch. Saint Lazar Strikes Back, "Striker", one of our premier stud dogs, is another product of "planned breeding", a virtual Saint Lazar exclusive.


In spite of our careful interview process, and investigation procedure, we have made a horrible mistake and let a pup go where the conditions are deplorable. This unfortunate event has happened to a Tara/Striker girl who went to a show home with a lady named Karen Bristol in Burkburnett, Texas. I post the following photos, forwarded to us by our "Private Detective", as a warning to other breeders. You must always be vigilant!

This poor dog, hardly off the plane and she gets a massive transfer of germs!

Well, every cloud has a silver lining, if there are no MinPins available to eat, then Paps will do. The only trouble is getting the hair out of your teeth.

Finally a little rest after putting a few Paps in place. Could be worse, I could be in a crate.

If I have to stay here, at least you could get me some decent toys that don't have Pap goosh on them.

Whoa, your nose is cold!

Mrs. Bristol, tell this wooly mammoth that this is mine!

Ate em every bit, teeth, hair, and eyeballs, now this is my place.

See more photos further down the page.



A minor disturbance today at the home Saint Lazar’s Betty Boop.

Miss Boop has taken up permanent residence at the home of her Body Guard in Burkburnett, TX. It was at this residence where protesters from an animal rights activist group gathered to picket. Their information led them to believed that Miss Boop was the owner of a rare and endangered fur.

Miss Boop had no comments at this time, she was too busy parading and posing after scaring away the protesters. We did get a statement from (Papillon) Miss Belle. “It was a big misunderstanding that got quiet ugly. In truth Miss Boop does have a fur but prefers her ‘fur’ ‘on the paw‘. It was cool this morning, and Miss Boop covered herself with the coat of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. When the protesters arrived they were warned that bodily harm could be inflicted if they disturbed Miss Boop from her nap.. They did not leave until Miss Boop herself took charge of this situation by striking a threatening pose, which sent them scattering in all directions. We are still trying to get an interview with the ‘Diva’ and will go to print immediately when this occurs.




From our affiliates in Oklahoma. Today in Oklahoma City sighting of the rare Toy Manchester Terrier were confirmed. Saint Lazar’s Betty Boop was seen disembarking from Delta Flight 629 at 9.04 am. Her entourage, of her personal bodyguard and part time chauffer were seen accompanying her to the nearest grassy spot for emergency relief after her 2 hours flight from Atlanta, GA. Betty Boop was then taken in the arms of her personal bodyguard to her transportation, a white Ford Expedition and once in the privacy of her vehicle she was adorned in a pink, fur lined, diamond encrusted collar.

The paparazzi were seen following her vehicle out of the airport parking, trying to get exclusive photos, but she was being held close, wrapped in a lilac blanket with her bodyguard, as the vehicle headed south to Texas.

Our sources in Texas confirmed that she is indeed in Texas at this time. She is in seclusion at the home of her Body guard in Burkburnett, Texas. No persons answered the door but a loud ruckus was heard from the resident Papillons. We did confirm over the phone that the ‘Diva’ is resting and not available for interviews,

We will keep our readers informed of any breaking news as it happens


News Update on Saint Lazar’s Betty Boop.

Our ‘in the field’ reporter caught sight of a Toy Manchester Terrier in the play yard at Pyseas Papillons. Saint Lazar’s Betty Boop was exercising with a young male Papillon by the name of Fast Eddy (aka Pyseas P T Cruiser) She appears to be well rested, and well fed after her great adventure. Her tongue looks a little worn, apparently caused by too much kissey face with her bodyguard. We have an investigator looking into this overly affectionate affliction. According to our sources Betty Boop and Fast Eddy will be appearing together at some AKC Dogs Shows in the future. Rumor has it that they will be given insight and instruction by (Papillon) AKC Ch. ‘Belle‘, who has been there and done that. Conversations were overheard in the play yard, Fast Eddy was reported to say ‘beep beep get out of my way’ and Betty Boop reportedly answered ‘boop boop de boop’.

We will keep you posted of any late braking news as we try to get an interview with this elusive puppy..



Our investigators have uncovered a little known, very exclusive spa retreat. We have learned that Saint Lazor’s Betty Boop is a patron of this spa called Kamp Karen. Unable to gain access, we interviewed a famous canine who was leaving the spa, but wishes to remain anonymous. At this spa, canines of certain breeds are treated to warm baths that include a full body massage, and soothing whispers and kisses. Large warm fluffy towels are used for drying and alternate massages, along with a soft warm air flow. Pedicures are always complimentary and are pain and stress free. An array of canine coat enhancers for those who are blowing coat are available along with the finishing touch of a select assortment of canine perfumes. We will follow up on this report when we can replenish our bag of doggy treat bribes



Hi Charlie and Wanda, I have been trying all day to find the words to express how I feel, and without waffeling on for hours I'll do it as concisely as I can.  To hold this exquisite creature, to watch her move, to see her stand still, takes my breath away.  I am enamored with her total being.  We will have so much fun in the ring, we will have fun learning for a few months and then will knock their socks off!!  Thank you seems a small thing to say, but it comes from the heart.


Karen - We are so grateful for the wonderful home you have provided Betty.
Wanda & Charlie

Betty Boops Last Christmas
Being the season of giving, the Diva, Miss Betty Boop, gave an exclusive interview with our intrepid reporter.
Our sleuth reports sadly, that this will be the Diva’s one and only Christmas celebration ever.
According to Miss Boop, her bodyguard is the reason for this season’s cessation. She did not appreciate the Diva’s re-decoration efforts, or her desire to taste each and every ornament, ribbon, wrapping paper or the Christmas Tree - Oh the Christmas Tree. The final declaration of no more Christmas - ever - came after the 5th and final fall, against all efforts to keep the tree upright, including nailing it to the wall. The Diva does not see herself at fault. This was not a real tree, this one was made of some weird ‘stuff’ that didn’t even taste good. She wanted a real tree, and was just making a statement by trying to remove it.
The Diva said she did enjoy her Christmas gifts, including everyone else’s seeing as she was the first to investigate them all and has become proficient in detecting the food items first.
The Diva will be conferencing with her body guard regarding the possibility of another Christmas, but is not willing to give an inch unless there will be a real tree to eat.



Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum, I smell the blood of a Activist....Yummm

Nothing like a Cavalier King Charles for heat in the winter, and shade in the summer. Castlemar's Braveheart, call name "Wallace", providing the heat/shade.

What do you mean that little piece of liver is all I get for winning the Toy Group in my very first Puppy Match?

October 30, 2005

Hi Charlie and Wanda, well Girrrrrls rule!!!  Boopie is a natural, she had so much fun and was admired by so many people. AKC Judge Kathy Bucher Sawyer, judged the whole match to get more breeds under her belt.  Boopie was the only Manchester there, but went on to win the Toy Group. Yeah!!   We had high hopes for Best Puppy in Match but was pipped at the post by a spotty Dalmation !!  Oh well.

Waiting for Best Puppy to start, Boopie visited with lots of spectators and gained many fans, then had to have a power nap.

She moved out with confidence and grace, her eyes sparkled and her black coat glistened under the lights, we had many supporters clapping and cheering for her, to see her you would have thought she was a seasoned pro, and at only 4 months old. 

As soon as I can get Rex out of the garden, we will get the photos downloaded and sent them on.

I am a very happy and proud owner, and now scrating my itch waiting for her to grow up and really kick butt !!

The Fiasco and A Life Changing Event. June 8th 2006
Our intrepid reporter was asked to start out with a statement from Miss Boop’s Bodyguard, that she is only human and on occasion she does not always get things right!
This day started out at 4 am, the Diva was most displeased to be disturbed at this hour and had to be dragged bodily out from between the sheet of the bed. The Diva, Miss Boop was to make an appearance at the Dallas/Ft. Worth Toy Dog Club Show at 8 30 am. Mr.Rex the Chauffer stayed out of the way of the bumbling Bodyguard, as she is not at her best at this hour either. Eventually, after a lot of mumbling from both the Diva and the Bodyguard, all were seat belted in and set to go. The route was set, as was the timing - not. The Bodyguard had made an error in the timing and a two hour trip turned into three. The roads in Dallas are not the smoothest, in fact, the word smooth is never used in the same sentence as Dallas and road ! Mr. Rex was forced to lead foot it for the last part of the journey when the realization came about that the 8:30 ring time just might be missed. The Diva was quiet miffed at being bounced around, and the Bodyguard was almost physically ill, a growl of suckitup was heard from the drivers seat, but thanks to Mr. Rex’s superior driving skills all arrived safely with 10 minutes to spare. The day took a much lighter note from that point. The Diva held court with her arch rivals Ms. Bree and Ms.Cleo, and her friend Ms Champion Julie and also met some new young and handsome males.
The judging began promptly, and the stress of the journey melted away to be taken over by the intense rivalry between the Diva, Ms. Bree, and Ms. Cleo. “You could cut the air with a knife” as the tension was felt by all, competitors and spectators alike, and the crowd grew very quiet. A major is so hard to come by, and every one entered wanted it for themselves, of course. The fight was soon over, there was clapping and cheering, and there was only one bitch winner - the Diva herself, and she graciously accepted her ribbon and the five point major.
Miss Boop is now exalted to the status of AKC CH. Saint Lazar’s Betty Boop at the tender age of 1 year and 1 week old and is also so very very proud to become Saint Lazar Manchester Terriers’ 21st Champion since Dec of 2004. Her Bodyguard and Chauffer are pretty darn happy too!!