McRaney photo

Every now and then GOD in his infinite grace brings together folks who become very special friends. Such is the case with Karen and Dr. Tom McRaney of Picayune, MS. I will never forget the first time I talked with Tom, and the story he related of his and Karen's love for their recently deceased TMT gal, "Cassidy". Tom was particularly grief striken over loosing Cassidy, and those of us who have been there can easily relate, and even feel part of the burden. Our conversation revealed that Cassidy had Saint Lazar genes in her Grandparents, and needless to say I invited Tom and Karen to come visit. Ultimately that worked out, and Wanda and I have been so blessed that Karen & Tom have become our finest of friends. On their first visit on Oct. 9, 2009 it just providentially worked out that Saint Lazar's Sexy Sadie in Karen's arms, and Saint Lazar's Chance in Tom's hands, could go home with them. They could not be in a better home, or more loved. Thank you Karen & Tom!

Allen photo

For decades GOD has blessed Saint Lazar with the most discerning owners in the world. In 1994, Faye Allen, left above, traveled from Washington State to our then home in Stone Mountain, GA and purchased a show quality TMT male from us. In 1996, Faye and her Son, Paul Allen of Microsoft founding fame, came to Atlanta for the 96 Olympics, and stopped by for a visit. The couple on the right are Paul's Aunt & Uncle. We had a great visit, and Faye came again later in the week with her Daughter who had never seen Standard Manchesters. The Allens later got a show boy from us, and I can tell you that there are not nicer folks on this Planet than the Allens.

Wanda Sandy Photo

The gorgeous girls above, from the right, are Wanda Walker the genius behind Saint Lazar's Planned Breeding success, BISS Ch. Golden Scoops Kasandra BBY HOF - " Sandy", and our friend Jim Stanley's daughter, whose name i'm sorry to say that I can't recall. This is probably 1981 and Sandy's 13 Best in Shows put us solidly in the dog show game. Wanda showed her from time to time, but the great Handler, Bill Pace presented her for all her Best in Shows. She was not the most correct dog we have ever had, but none but Topaz have ever been able to equal her "ring presence". My gracious, looking at Wanda in her early 40's brings a lump to my throat, boy do I love her.

Lance etc photo

Above is an interesting photo from June 4, 2005. From the left, Ch. Saint Lazar's Lance HOF SDY COM, Ch. Saint Lazar's Jade MCOM, and two Jade/Lance pups, Ch. Saint Lazar's Diamond Lil AOM, and her sister, Ch. Saint Lazar's Habibi Sagi, BOV at Westminster KC. I have said for years that the ultimate compliment from Charlie Walker is that, "he or she, is a Jade dog", right Margie. It was just a year later on June 24, 2006 that Jade gave us her final litter sired by Ch. Saint Lazar's Raisin Alex, in which were our Ch. Saint Lazar's Amethyst, Ch. Saint Lazar's Alexandrite. Thank you LORD for all of these very magnificent creatures!

Sagi Scudder Photo

One of my favorite photos of Dr. Roger Travis's Ch. Saint Lazar's Habibi Sagi chasing Scudder, Roger's Dobe, thru the plains of South Dakota. Roger was in Residency there and Sagi was just a very young pup, but she had already acquired a taste for fresh Doberman. They, as least what's left of Scudder, now reside at Dr. Travis's home in VA. Photo take 9/29/04

The dog is Ch. Golden Scoops Calypso, who shortly after this photo was taken by me in June 1981 in St. Petersburg, FL became the #1 Standard Manchester in the USA, always owner handled. I could not walk a show site with him without being stopped by exhibitors and spectators, he had such superb "presence" and elegance of movement. He is like Cash is today, a magnificent natural ear Standard. And like today, the "Standard" people foamed at the mouth. The stunning woman holding him is none other than the great Grandmother I live with, Wanda Walker. She's having a tough time now health wise, but in her day she turned every head. Always a Lady too, the Southern kind! My favorite photo.

Walker fam photo

Charlie's family, from the left, my Grandmother - Dad's Mom, my mother Naomi, my Dad, Charles Sr., my sister Mary, and my Granddad. Plus two unknown Toy Manchester Terriers. This would have around 1954 or 55, and there have always been TMT's under my feet. Praise GOD for Christian parents.