Montages by Gene Caron - A Great Friend!

Chase Iris photo

Ch. Saint Lazar's Chase - our oldest boy, shown above running with his prey on March 27, 2010. That's Iris doing her best to catch him and grab the toy. Not bad for an "old boy".

Chase - Photos & Montage by Gene Caron

Ch. Saint Lazar's Indiana Jones MCOM- A winner of Multiple Certificates of Merit for the production of Champions. Top at age six months - bottom Summer of 2009 (Montage & bottom photo provided by Gene Caron)

Derby Pie photo

Ch. Saint Lazar's Kentucky Derby Pie - Another Cherry Pie boy, sired by Luke. While being mentored by our good friend, Patricia Hall of Warminster, PA, Derby became an AKC Champion May 7, 2010. At the same show where our Topaz went Best in Show last year, also under Pat's mentorship. The Delaware Valley Toy Dog Assoc. Derby was Winners Dog & Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Variety, who was Topaz again. Derby went BOS over Specials, and he also went 4th Place in a very large Toy Puppy Group competition. Well known Judge Peter Green was the Breed Judge. Judge Green knows Terriers, and he Judged Standard Manchesters at Westminster Kennel Club this year, Where Ch. Saint Lazar's Ring of Fire was Best of Variety.

Ch. Saint Lazar Strikes Back - "Striker" HOF MSDY MCOM. A Hall of Fame member at an early age, and another one of the many Saint Lazar American Manchester Terrier Club Stud Dog of the Year winners. He is the only dog in the history of the breed to be a 3 time Stud Dog of the Year. He was SDY in 2005, 2006, and 2009. Plus he is Multiple Certificate of Merit Winner. Sire of Topaz, the only Manchester puppy, Toy or Standard, to win a Best in Show, and that from the Puppy Class! He has a sweet nature, and minds perfectly, a great boy.

Zander photos

Ch. Saint Lazar's Alexandrite COM - An AMTC Certificate of Merit boy whelped by "Jade" and his sire is our Ch. Saint Lazar's Raisin Alex COM. I have predicted he wil be a Stud Dog of the Year one day. He produces magnificent pups, and being a "Jade" dog, of course he has a super great temperament. There are no TMT genetics equal to what is behind this superb boy and his sister Amethyst.

Ch. Saint Lazar's Morganite - Morgan - The 305th Saint Lazar Champion. In over 40 years, we have not produced a male TMT superior to this boy, equal yes, but not better. His head is 100% to the written Breed Standard of perfection, and the best I have ever seen. But that is not all, he is producing outstanding pups. The definitive example of "planned breeding".

Ch. Saint Lazar's Zorro COM - A fine boy, who is in person, one of the prettiest males we have ever produced, just a delight to the eye. He easily attained his Championship, taking a five point "major" win at the AMTC National Specialty shows in Lincoln, NE in 2006 against the toughest competition there is at barely 6 months of age. One of these days, I will get a photo that does him justice. A great Gene Caron Montage.

Zorro Morgan Photo

Saint Lazar's Morganite (Morgan) and Ch. Saint Lazar's Zorro COM (right) having a quite conversation. Zorro is another AMTC Certificate of Merit winner for the production of Champions. Nothing but the best from Saint Lazar Stud Dogs because they are " Line Bred" using the principles of "Planned Breeding" (see "Our Secret" Page). Morgan is just like his Sire, Zander, great temperament and attitude. He should be a Champ soon.



Serena photo

Ch. Saint Lazar's Serena BBY - An American Manchester Terrier Club Brood Bitch of the Year - Dam of our Ch. Diamonds R Forever and her full sister, different litter, Saint Lazar's Sahara. One can look at her and think "she looks like a proper terrier". Well, I assure you she is, an "alpha" Bitch, I sometimes call her "Notch".

Ch. Saint Lazar's Diamonds R Forever - "Diamond" - A beautiful example of a correct Toy Manchester Terrier female. She was not our best show dog, she really didn't care much for it, but her opening win, and her win that gave her an AKC Championship were both over "Specials" (champions) being shown by professional handlers. She is about to enter motherhood, and we are excited about what she will produce.

Amethyst photo

Ch. Saint Lazar's Amethyst - A magnificent girl out of our finest genes, she is a "Jade" daughter and Zander is her littermate. She produced several Champions from her first litter, and we are very pleased with her 2nd. We have never produced a gal with a better head piece than Ame. Zander's littermate sister, and another "Jade" dog.

Ch. Saint Lazar's Sahara - A magnificent Serena and Zander girl. Shown by our friend, Madonna Lee of Cocoa, FL who fell in love with her as a young pup. Wanda lucked out at the end though as Sahara won Winners Bitch at the Atlanta Classic and Madonna couldn't show her since her "Macy" was entered as a Special. Wanda took her in for the BOV competition and Sahara defeated 16 dogs, including 7 Champions, for BOV under an extremely knowledgable Terrier Judge. The Fancy has not seen the last of Sahara.

Ch. Saint Lazar's Raisinette (Raisin) - "Sorry Dog" became a Champion 6/2/11 after finally getting an opportunity to get back in the ring and show her "stuff". The last time Wanda was in a show ring was to show this great gal. As I type this, her pup, GCh Saint Lazar's Amazin Raisin, "Macy" is the #1 TMT in the USA. Her Sire has set so many records there is insufficient room to recount them here. There is not a sweeter, or more obedient TMT than this great gal. Thank you LORD!


Brandy photo

Saint Lazar's Brandy Pie is such an active gal when she is out of her kennel run that I never seem to be able to catch her with one of the cameras in a decent photo. However, I finally got a couple and Gene has worked his magic, and here she is. 6/9/10

BISS GCh Ch. Saint Lazar's Topaz - The only Manchester Puppy to ever win a Best in Show, Toy or Standard. Her Dam is our Ch. Saint Lazar's Diamond Lil AOM, and her sire is Ch. Saint Lazar Srikes Back MSDY COM, an American Manchester Terrier Club 3 Time Stud Dog of the Year. With this pedigree, no wonder she was easily designated a "Grand Champion". Presented above by Roxanne Sutton, PH.

Garnet photo

Ch. Saint Lazar's Garnet - Her Dam is our super nice gal, Ch. Saint Lazar's Amethyst, and her Sire is Spiceisle Star Wars, "Luke". I picked her up and petted her when I fed her this afternoon, 6/3/10, and her muscle tone is like tempered steel. She mostly gets along with everyone, but I would class her as an "alpha" bitch. Powerful is not the word!

Ch. Saint Lazar's Diamond Lil AOM - Retired - I can't say enough about this fabulous gal, she went Best of Opposite Sex at the AMTC 2006 National Specialty in Lincoln, NE. She comes from a litter of all Champions, and her sister is a Westminster Best of Breed winner. She is the Dam of our Morganite, and Errol Flynn who was part of the "Fabulous Five litter. But most of all, Lil is the Dam of Topaz, the only Manchester Puppy to win a Best in Show.

Opal photos

Saint Lazar's Black Opal is sister to Ch. Saint Lazar's Diamond Jim who is now with the famous Witchstone Kennel in England. She is also a sister to Diamond Lil, but a different litter. She is now five years old, and has been away on an extended visit until last week. Now she's back and we will be breeding her at the next heat cycle. In the meantime, maybe we will show her a bit. She got left out when she was younger as she was overshadowed by some other guys and gals. She is the best of the very best, that is she is a Ch. Saint Lazar's Jade dog, and she is the spitting image of Jade to my eye. There is not a more affectionate dog on this place. Man do I love her "Ace" coat and markings. Her Sire is a Stud Dog of the Year, her GrandSire is a Stud Dog of the Year, and her Great-grandsire is a Stud Dog of the Year. Not another breeder on this planet has anything even a tiny bit close to this pedigree. THANK YOU LORD!