Saint Lazar's reputation for the finest Toy Manchester Terriers on Planet Earth is truly International. We have shipped both show and companion dogs to France, Switzerland, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Finland, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, and Japan. As I type this we have folks waiting on show dogs in Hong Kong, France, Canada, and Switzerland. We are very appreciative for all of our friends in the Nations listed above who have taken time to send us nice photos to share with you, and for writing us from time to time to bring us up to date on how their Saint Lazar TMT's are faring. Enjoy!


Gerard photo

Gerard Maurice with Saint Lazar's Affinity in his arm, and Saint Lazar's Charlie on his neck. We sent Affinity to Gerard in late 2005, and Charlie in mid 2007. These Saint Lazar dogs produced a very nice litter for Gerard and his family in 2008. I believe one is now in Switzerland and they are on our waiting list for another.

Affinity pups photo

Here is Affinity with her pups sired by Saint Lazar's Charlie. Look at that guy chowing down on her leg. Man he's all Saint Lazar!

M Marchand photo

Captain Mike Marchand, Retired Air France International Pilot with Saint Lazar's Duke. We sent Duke to Mike and his family in 2008. Mike has called and said he is ready for a nice show quality female now. It will be our pleasure Mike, to send you a gal that will match nicely with Duke.

Pascale photo

This lovely lady is Pascale Marchand, Mike's wife. As you can see, Duke is in good hands in this fine family.

Solene photo

This pretty young lady is Solene Marchand, Mike and Pascale's daughter. LORD help you Duke for having to suffer such a fate!


Cory Austria Photo

Ilona Cerna with our Ch. Saint Lazar's Cory, Intl. Ch., Ch. of Poland, Ch. of San Marino, Ch. of Czech Republic, Ch. of Luxembourg. Ilona originally contacted us about getting a show quality bitch. Due to reasons out of our control we were slow coming up with a gal. Ilona asked to borrow a good dog and we sent her Cory. These two obviously clicked, just look at all the Champion titles Ilona put on Cory. We felt the least we could do is put her on him as a co-owner, which we did. She has used him successfully with a TMT from Norway since we still have not sent her a female. Hopefully one of these days we can get a good show girl to Ilona, she certainly deserves one. The above photo is when Cory was being shown in Austria.

Cory Westie Photo

Ilona Cerna has West Highland White Terriers in addition to her TMT's. Cory has one for dessert every day. Yummy!


Elisabeth Ilona photo

Most of us know Europe is no small place, but it's like me running into an old high school classmate on the streets of NYC in 1967, interesting things happen. Here it's Ilona Cerna in Switzerland showing Cory and she runs into Elisabeth Lang who has Saint Lazar's Orion, who is Cory's littermate brother. Here they are above, is that not neat!

We sent Saint Lazar's Orion to Elisabeth Lang in Switzerland in 2003. He is over 12 lbs so he would be shown as a Standard in the USA. The excellent photo above is Elisabeth running with Orion in the Agility ring. Manchesters of either variety do great in Agility. I just wish I had the knees to do it. Thanks to Elisabeth for sending us nice photos thru the years and she is now on our waiting list again.


Elphin photo

Kiyomi Hamaguchi in Japan, holding her Saint Lazar's Elphin. Kiyomi waited patiently several months to get Elphin in December of 2003. In those days he had to be quarantined for 14 days before he could go home with Kiyomi. She wrote that she visited with him at the quarantine facility for 9 hours upon his arrival, and that he made the trip just fine. We are so pleased that Elphin is in this fine home, and we are hopeful that Kiyomi will be showing him, he certainly should do well in Japanese dog shows.

Elphin2 photo

After 14 Days in quarantine, Kiyomi and Elphin get to head for his new home in Nango, Chigasaki-shi, Kanagawa Ken, Japan. Here is what Kiyomi said in an email to us, "I think Elphin had good training, as he offen sit down propery when he want something. He is kindly and little playful. Thanks for offering that sweet baby to us."

Shinji photo

Our friend in Japan, and fellow Breeder of high quality Toy Manchester Terriers is Shinji Odaka. He is shown above with Saint Lazar's Wald. In 2006 we sent Shinji Saint Lazar's Sakura (cherry blossom) and Saint Lazar's Sonya who only lacked one point having an AKC Championship title, but Shinji wanted us to send her on.

Shinji wife photo

Our friend, Shinji Odaka, sent us this very nice photo of his wife with her parents. It is such a blessing to become friends with good folks all over the world due to GOD's blessing us with quality TMT's.

Shinji Son photo

This is Shinji Odaka's Son and Daughter with some our their TMT's. I hope Wanda and I can visit Japan when we win the lottery.


JR photo

We sent Ch. Saint Lazar's J.R. Ewing to Paige Saunders in Australia in 2009 and he proceeded to do very well in their dog shows. But more especially J.R. has produced some very nice pups for Paige who have really tore up the competition. J.R. is a "line bred" dog, which means one can usually expect his genes to dominate, and they did. See the fine pup he produced below.

top billing photo

This super boy is "Top Billing" who was sired by Ch. Saint Lazar's J.R. Ewing. There is no question Saint Lazar genes dominated. It's up to Paige now to use Brackett's principles of Planned Breeding if she wants to continue to get this kind of quality. See Top Billing's mother below.

Jazz photo

Paige Saunder's "Jazz", pictured above, is an English Toy Terrier, which in the USA is a Toy Manchester Terrier. Looking at Top Billing, Jazz's pup from J.R. Ewing, there is no question Saint Lazar genes dominated. The other pups from Jazz's litter are equally as nice, and I have told Paige if we were still working and had a decent income, I would talk her out of one. It is very, very difficult for breeders to understand the principles of planned line breeding. Using Brackett's principles, there are two choices with the pups from J.R. & Jazz, breed back into Jazz's gene pool, or breed back into J.R.'s gene pool, depending on which type one prefers. That's the way we do it here.


Jeff photo

I am here to tell you there is no more enthusiastic Toy Manchester Fancier than Jeff Yeung of Hong Kong. Jeff obtained Ch. Saint Lazar's Biggdog Snoop from us in 2009 and has done wonderfully in Hong Kong shows which are some of the most competitive on the Planet. Snoop is still just a baby in the photo above, but he has matured into a very nice and correct Toy Manchester. Wanda & I appreciate our very good friend, Jeff Yeung!

Snoop ring photo

Jeff has sent us a number of excellent photographs which we showed prominently on our old web site. This is an early one, but it shows the super ring attentiveness that Snoop gives his Handler, Chui Wai Ching.

Snoop magazine photo

Snoop has been the 'Darling" of several Asian dog fancier magazines, and one example is pictured above. A number of inside pages have been devoted to this fine boy. Jeff we promise we are going to get you a gal to go with your boy that is just as good, and hopefully better.



Saint Lazar's Nopsannallen - Call name "King", brother to Pris arrived safely in Finland 7/4/06 and his new owners, Sirpa & Markku Hyvarinen, have sent us an report 7/5, on his progress, along with photos of their ETT's (European name for Toy Manchesters) and their home. Thanks Sirpa & Markku!


King is the handsome boy on the right, and Lola is the ETT on the left.