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The Saint Lazar Kennel is the continuation of the Walker family tradition of Toy Manchester Terriers, and is operated by Charles and Wanda Walker of Newborn, Georgia. A Toy Manchester was a member of the Walker family when Charles Jr. was born in 1940. Charlie received his first personal Toy male in 1950, Shull's Mr. Wu, which Charlie Sr. obtained from Mr. "Shorty" Schull of Chattanooga, TN. Charlie Sr. and Naomi were active in showing Toy Manchesters at the Birmingham, Alabama Kennel Club shows in the mid to late Fifties. Charlie Jr. gained his first show experience during that time.

In 1967, Charlie and Wanda were residing in Indianapolis, Indiana and desired to obtain a Companion Toy Manchester. The Sr. Walkers had retired from active breeding, and had nothing to offer. Charlie obtained a copy of DOG WORLD magazine and contacted Carla Chrisman of McHenry, Illinois, who had an advertisement there. On July 4th, 1967, Charlie, Wanda and their three young children traveled to McHenry, where they purchased a young Toy female from Carla. This nifty little gal was promptly named "Georgia Girl". This was the beginning of what ultimately became Saint Lazar Manchesters.

Charlie and Wanda's real dog show experience began with a trip to the American Manchester Terrier Club (AMTC) National Specialty Show and Annual Meeting in Vallejo, CA in July of 1975. Combining a vacation trip with a couple of dog shows, the new club members entered a very young male Toy, which they had just acquired from Leland Lamb of Lincoln, AR, in the Puppy Class. Wanda, never having shown a dog in her life, and only having even been to a couple of dog shows, promptly went Winners Dog for a 5 point Major, the best possible. It was a long dry spell before the Walkers achieved a win of that magnitude again.

While attending a dog show in Athens, GA in 1977, the Walkers met a fellow by the name of Bill Becker. Bill was showing a very nice Toy Manchester, Champion Golden Scoops Patrick Henry. "Patrick" way outclassed the Walker dogs in quality. In talking with Bill, he very graciously offered to have his partner, Mrs. Ellie Puleo of Golden Scoops fame, contact the Walkers with the thought of perhaps assisting them in their breeding program.

As a result of this meeting with Bill, and subsequent conversations with Ellie, an eight week old female Toy pup came to the Walkers in December, 1978. They named her Golden Scoops Kassandra, and she became the all time winning Toy Manchester in history. This accomplishment was particularly noteworthy because she did it "on her own", i.e., she was not extensively advertised in all the dog show tabloids sent free to dog show judges, and all of her Best In Show wins came under judges who had never held judgment on her previously. She was not flown all over the country to show under "favorite" judges as is now the custom.

Kassandra was bred to the Walker's Ch. Golden Scoops Calypso and produced the litter that made her AMTC Brood Bitch of the Year, the first of many Brood Bitch and Stud Dog of the Year awards, way more than any other breeder as of 2010. This was the foundation that led to the domination of the Toy Variety, during the decade of the Eighties, by Saint Lazar Manchesters, and has kept Saint Lazar the number one TMT breeder in the world to this day.

The Saint Lazar breeding program produced littermates Ch. Saint Lazar's Monterey Jack, and Ch. Saint Lazar's Romano. These barely seven month pups went Winners Dog and Winners Bitch, from the Puppy Class, consecutive days, against a huge entry, under esteemed Judges William Kendrick and Frank Sabella, at the two largest dog shows ever held at that time. This was at the American Kennel Club Centennial Anniversary Show weekend in Philadelphia in 1984. (Billy Kendrick judged at both the Fiftieth and One Hundredth anniversary shows.) Seven month old "Jack" went on to Best of Opposite Sex at the Centennial Show. The Walker's had five invitations of the only twenty available for the first of the now popular “Invitation” shows, the Purina Invitational show in Saint Louis in 1986. Jack prevailed over the Toys, and Ch. Saint Lazar's Paula, flying in from Reno, NV, where she had just won the 1986 AMTC National Specialty, beat the Standards at this very prestigious show.

In the early Eighties, the Walkers obtained a Standard Bitch, "Millie" from Ann Schock of Spartanburg, SC. Millie, Ch. Car-O-Mys Gentle Amelia, who produced Ch. Saint Lazar's Paula, National Specialty Winner, and littermate, Ch. Saint Lazar's Patton, Best of Opposite Sex at the National Specialty of 1988. Ch. Saint Lazar's Patricia, daughter of Paula, went Best of Winners (Standard) from the Novice Class at this same Specialty. A feat never equaled! The Walkers are no longer active in Standard Manchesters.

The Walker's have "eased up" in respect to Dog Shows in recent years, concentrating now on the breeding of quality Toy Manchester Terriers. The Walker’s are frequently asked how they manage to produce the highest quality TMT’s available on such a consistent basis. The answer is twofold. First and foremost, the LORD GOD has chosen to bless our breeding program, and it is to him we owe our success. Second, HE lead us discover the articles written in 1958 for DOG WORLD Magazine by the eminent Mr. Lloyd C. Brackett about Planned Breeding using inbreeding and line breeding principles. Once we began to utilize Mr. Brackett’s principles, the quality and consistency of our TMT litters took a quantum leap, and we have never looked back. Saint Lazar has produced more Champions than any TMT breeder, and Wanda Walker is the “brains” behind these many years of success.

Toy Manchesters have been the dog of choice by "prominent" people for many years. Some years ago, Governor Earl of Pennsylvania had Toy Manchesters. A current prominent owner of a Saint Lazar Toy is multi-billionaire Microsoft Co-Founder, Mr. Paul Allen of Bellevue, Washington, and his mother Faye. The Walker's were pleased to have Paul and his very gracious Mom, Faye, visit with them during the Atlanta Olympic Trials. Faye made a special trip to Atlanta to choose a Saint Lazar pup and naturally it was a Kassandra Grandson. Paul and Faye have subsequently obtained their second Toy Manchester from Saint Lazar, and this pup was easily shown to an AKC Championship title. These folks, who obviously can afford the very best, continue to choose Saint Lazar for outstanding Toy Manchester Terriers.

Yes, in response to the many questions, that is Wanda holding the late great Ch. Saint Lazar's Action Jackson and his sister, Ch. Saint Lazar's Amber, at the end of the AKC Manchester Terrier Video. (Page Updated 8/2/10)


Ultrasound photo

The blessings continue to just pour on Saint Lazar. We believe that Saint Lazar is the only hobby kennel in the world to have it's own Ultrasound machine. We give our most heartfelt thanks to the Cassidy Foundation and to our LORD for the placing with Saint Lazar one of the finest Ultrasound/Sonogram machines available for small animals. The one we have is "pre-owned" but it is in flawless condition, and there is not much we can't do with the 3 probes provided with it, but not shown in the above photo. We have a super great relationship with our Vet Clinic, and we have offered it for their use too. They were just as ecstatic as we are about the new capabilities this excellent device will bring to the Saint Lazar Planned Breeding Program. For instance we now know that Raisin probably has at least 5 pups due around the 4th. I can not tell you how neat it is to see these little creatures of GOD in their mother's womb. If we have been "tough " to beat in the breeding game previously, wow, what does the future hold? Stay tuned.


Generator photo

It is not uncommon in our rural area to lose power from time to time. One January we lost power for over 5 days. Needless to say dogs and people got uncomfortable for a while. Well thanks to the wonderful Trustees of the Cassidy Foundation, when we lose power, we will be able to maintain essential needs, water, refrigeration, some heat, and other power served needs. We have a generator serving the kennel, and in a few days, the house and water system will also be served by a generator. We pray GOD'S continued blessing on these fine folks!


Ninty-Five (95) degrees outside and this wonderful LG Cool/Heat unit is just loafing, and the kennel is nice and comfy. Raisin particularly appreciates it because our new Hewlett-Packard Sonos 1000 Ultrasound/Sonogram machine provided by the Cassidy Foundation shows five pups as best we can tell, so she is already getting a bit "portly ". A million thanks to the Trustees for their confidence in Saint Lazar's Planned Breeding Program. Oh yes, the new washer and dryer to the left came from the Foundation! MORE IMPROVEMENTS SHOWN FURTHER DOWN.

our children photo

The three above are our children, left to right, Charlotte (45), Martin (44) and Dawn (51).  Dawn had Alex for over 8 years, and he is the Sire of Amethyst and Alexandrite. Charlotte and Marty don't have pets, I guess they got enough of TMT's growing up and being hauled all over the South to dog shows. Actually their family situation is not currently conducive to having a Chester under foot. Dawn is Samantha's Mom, and Sam is pictured here further down. Martin is Lauren's Dad, and you can see her in a nifty Gene Caron montage further down also. Charlotte is Joel's Mom, and I believe there is a photo of him, much younger, further down this page. Wanda and I could not ask for better than these kids, they are fine Christ Centered parents, are close to each other affectionately, and in these terrible times in our Nation, and in the AMTC, they give us comfort and hope for the future. Martin is 6'3", well over 200#, was a pretty good left Guard at one time, you don't mess with him!


Our very good friend, Gene Caron, put together this fine montage of Grandchild #5, Lauren Walker, age 15 as of September 5th. Lauren is shown on her 15th birthday last Saturday in the lower right. The photo of her in the lower left was taken here in October 1999, and that is probably Ch. Saint Lazar's Jade MCOM. she is holding. Jade retired and lived with our very good friends, Margie & Ron Ferguson until her death 2/12/10. When I particularly like a puppy, I will refer to it as a "Jade" puppy, the absolute highest compliment Charlie Walker can apply to a Toy Manchester. The middle photo is with Raisin and was taken April 4, 2008. Gracious what a difference 17 months makes in a young lady's maturity. Wanda and I are so proud of Lauren, her brother & sister, and her parents, Vicki & Marty, particularly their family commitment to our LORD.

Samantha photo

The problem with Grandchildren is that they grow up. Samantha (19) #4 Grandchild, used to come see or stay with us frequently, but now she is out of school and working, we don't see her too often. So I don't get take photos of her and pups much anymore. She is here today with her mother, our Daughter, Dawn, to bring Wanda a birthday present. Some things never change though, she went straight to the puppies in the house and started petting each of them. I happened to have my background muslin and studio strobes set up, so I persuaded her to pose for me. Are not these two pretty young gals? (12-14-08) (Camera Canon EOS 40D, 3  Alien Bee 800 strobes, Exposure set to manual 1/125 second at f/11, ISO 100, color balance 5900 Kelvin manually set, with a Amvona provided 10' x 12' "Tempanillo" muslin backdrop.)

Joel puppy photo

Joel Rogers is Grandchild #3, Charlotte is his Mom. This photo is from 1997, a year before we moved out here to the country. Joel is 12 years old here, and those are 8 week old pups. I don't remember whose they were. Joel is a grown man now and even if I don't see him often, I talk to him frequently, if fact as I type this, he is in Huntsville, AL on a construction job, and will be there a while. He hunts here in the Fall, and he still loves the dogs. His Dad, Bryan, is a great guy.


generator photo

Once again the Cassidy Foundation has provided improvement to the Saint Lazar Kennel facility that will enable us, GOD willing, to continue to produce the finest Toy Manchester Terriers on Planet Earth, even long after Charlie & Wanda are pushing up daisies. Saint Lazar is now fully protected against electrical power outages. There will be continued heat and air conditioning provided to the kennel building during any outage. This latest improvement, pictured above, will insure that water is available. The 420 ft. deep well pump is powered thru the house, and now we have a generator that keeps it going if we lose power. Of course this generator will also keep the essentials, refrigerator and lights, going for us homo sapiens that live here.


kennel photo

Here is the kennel July 15, 2010, which is way better than when new nearly 12 years ago. Jonathan Wilson has done a great job installing the new AC/Heating unit, ceiling fan, Power Transfer Switch, and painting the walls, ceiling and wire. Thanks to the Cassidy Foundation Trustees, there can be no more comfortable TMT's anywhere. Saint Lazar pups start off with the very best in nutrition, and they are raised in the house until they go to their new homes or transition to the kennel. Here they live in Air Conditioned comfort year round, and they spend much time running in the 2 acre + fenced area around the house and kennel. The older dogs continue to receive the very best food, and that coupled with the great exercise and sunshine they get, is why we continue to get unsolicited raves from Judges world wide. All of this is the result of very carefully " planned breeding", not just rolling the genetic dice and hoping for a half way decent pup once in a while. But none of this would happen without GOD'S continued blessing, and we PRAISE HIS NAME. (MONTAGE BY GENE CARON)


transfer switch photo

Our next door neighbor, and good friend, is Lisa Downey. She helps us with the kennel and gives great care to the dogs when we are out of town. Her Son is Jonathan Wilson, who has done most of the recent maintenance and new installation work at Saint Lazar. He is very conscientious in his work, and the above Transfer Switch (right) is a good example. When the power goes off, we roll out the generators just like the wheelbarrow, connect the power cord to the inlet boxes on the house and kennel, and then flip the breakers and switches up, and viola, we have power. I doubt there is a kennel in America that has been blessed like Saint Lazar has been by the good folks at the Cassidy Foundation.